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San Francisco 49er Chris Culliver Faces Media After Anti-Gay Remarks: VIDEO


San Francisco 49er Chris Culliver faced members of the media this morning following outrage over remarks he made in an Artie Lange radio interview that a gay teammate would not be welcome on the 49ers or in the NFL, and a half-hearted apology that followed.

Asked how he is feeling, a sullen Culliver replied: "Just emotional, that's it...Apologetic."

Culliver was then asked what he was thinking when saying those things: "I was really just ... not thinking. It was something that I thought, but definitely not something I feel in my heart."

Culliver said he had spoken with Coach Jim Harbaugh, who earlier said he "rejected" the player's remarks: "We talked privately... about the whole situation...just to learn and grow from I said that's not what I feel in my heart, and he understands that."

Culliver was then asked if he would welcome a gay player, and gave this response: "If it is ... it is...everybody's treated equally in the locker room."

He said that he had not addressed his remarks with the team: "I'm not trying to bring anything trashy to the team."


UPDATE: Culliver also talked with SI, and says he has gay relatives:

“It’s been very difficult because I’m a little disappointed,” said Culliver of the past 24 hours or so. “(People think) that I don’t like homosexuals and I don’t support gay communities and things like that, which I do. I have gay relatives who I talk to, not on a daily basis, but I do and I support them.”

Culliver’s teammate, Donte Whitner, said that he had a brief talk with Culliver to tell him what to expect at Thursday’s media availability. Whitner also said that “I guarantee (Culliver) has learned his lesson now.”

While the 49ers have distanced themselves from the remarks, there has been no reaction from the NFL, which, at this point means they condone Culliver's homophobia.

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  1. Nullnaught, two things:
    1. Do you really believe that racist whites were not disgusted by sharing space – particularly nude in a lockerrom – with black men? I think you underestimate the depth of race hatred that existed in this country in the middle of the 20th century.
    2. We're in a transitional phase. Despite what you say, pro sports will not always be populated by homophobic straight men who are terrified that a gay guy might see their d!cks. In fact, we're in the process of creating a generation of athletes who won't freak out about that at all. That's part of what's going on with this Culliver case. It's a (sometimes clumsy and messy) process of communicating to younger people that homophobia is unacceptable.

    Posted by: RyanInWyo | Jan 31, 2013 1:20:37 PM

  2. So, gay men are good enough to serve in the military, but they can't be trusted in a locker room. These homophobic athletes are pampered, overpaid babies. They disgust me.

    I agree with Kevin 100%

    Posted by: disgusted american | Jan 31, 2013 1:22:38 PM

  3. Overpaid ego-driven bigot. Of course he "felt it in his heart." That is exactly what he felt. How lame of an "apology." He was talking from his bigoted heart, not from his head, obviously. Shame on him.
    I now hope the 49ers get their butts kicked on Sunday!

    Posted by: janice | Jan 31, 2013 1:25:11 PM

  4. The guy raised a valid concern whether you like it or not. These guys worry about the potential for sexual objectification, harrassment or even assault - clearly different from racial mingling! Agree to separate changing rooms and end this mess forever.

    Posted by: Moi | Jan 31, 2013 1:25:41 PM


    Why so quiet? Hmmmmmm?

    And yes, this is just another overpaid manchild with a 3rd grade education who is totally NOT sincere with this "apology" that he was forced to make. He can go to hell.

    Posted by: sean | Jan 31, 2013 1:29:51 PM

  6. Then instead of eliminating all sports, he should have said to suggest different changing rooms.

    Posted by: Post | Jan 31, 2013 1:31:22 PM

  7. OH COME ON NOW. Just because the NFL hasn't responded to this remark does not equate to "condoning" what this idiot said. The NFL has a history of dragging it's feet on all kinds of incendiary remarks and god knows they can't respond to every player's ignorant remarks/tweets/facebook posts.

    However, given the forum this was said in, I'm sure they're figuring out how to respond. ALSO, it falls upon the media to put the fire to the NFL to respond.

    I'm tickled that all these gay men, are incensed that a football player, modern day gladiator, would say such a thing, really, you're surprised! This is the status quo in the locker room. For all the talk of a gay player to come out, FIRST we need more straight allies like Chris Kluwe and Brendan Ayanbadejo to step up.

    I'm glad Chris Culliver said this. If anything, it will move this discussion further in the NFL and in the locker rooms.

    GO NINERS!! (says homo fan)

    Posted by: Eddy | Jan 31, 2013 1:31:48 PM

  8. @Ryaninwyo

    I believe you underestimate the degree to which sports figures depend on a masculine homophobic image. Nothing will happen to this fellow as it would be pointless because the rest of the straight athletes agree with him. What they may know in the back of their minds must stay there secret and unknown. It is one thing to think there may be a gay man checking you out. It is quite another thing to know that a specific player is gay. Again, a poor analogy. Sex and sports and homophobia are seen by everyone straight who watch sports in this culture as inseparable. Straight guys aren't going to watch gay players any more than they will watch women players. It doesn't fit the image the avid sports fan wishes to project. Sports will die of a general lack of interest once you force them to accept openly gay men into teams.

    Posted by: NullNaught | Jan 31, 2013 1:33:00 PM

  9. I would cut the guy some slack after watching the video of how the statement came about:

    And yes..the guy is ignorant and bigoted... But he was practically cornered into saying this...

    Still: it is great that such a casual homophobic statement gets so much publicity nowadays..A few years ago it would have totally been under the radar.

    Posted by: George F | Jan 31, 2013 1:40:45 PM

  10. NULLNAUGHT & MOI: guess what? There are already gay men in lockerooms in professional sports right NOW. I have not heard of a rash of attacks on straight athletes. Why do some straight guys think every gay guy is going to check them out or try and sexually attack them? Talk about egos! Oh, and the argument that one gay athlete is going to try and make a move on another guy in a lockeroom is laughable!Because you know a gay guy is just dumb enough to try to get it on with a 300 pound football player surrounded by a room full of 300 pound football players. As if. Give your head a shake.

    Posted by: MATTMAN | Jan 31, 2013 1:43:03 PM

  11. Nullnaught, what a dead-ender you are. I have two names for you to Google:
    Brendon Ayanbadejo
    Chris Kluwe

    They are the face of the future. Culliver and his ilk are the past. You can Debbie Downer yourself all day long if you want, but the trend is obvious and it's toward fairness and inclusiveness. If everyone had your attitude, gay men would still be getting arrested for sodomy, gays and lesbians would still be banned from military service, and there wouldn't be a single state or country where same-sex couples could get married. All of those issues were once seen as intractable, but change came anyway.

    I'm not sure if you just have a chip on your shoulder about sports – which, believe me, I can understand if you had the same experiences in high school sports as I did 20+ years ago – or if it's more of a general pessimism about progress. Either way, it's probably time to reevaluate your view of sports. Like it or not, it's an important social institution where change is vital and there are plenty of encouraging signs that it's coming. For example, have you seen anything from the You Can Play project?

    Posted by: RyanInWyo | Jan 31, 2013 1:44:37 PM

  12. @nullnaught This excessive fear of showering with naked gay men & guys checking them out was used against having gays in the military and now DADT has been repealed and I've yet to hear a peep about this.

    Women have put up with men checking them out since forever and most don't take to their fainting couches over it. I'm pretty sure the big macho NFL guys can handle it.

    Facts are there were gay men all along in the military and there are gay men right now in the NFL. The military hasn't collapsed after DADT repeal and sports will do just fine once they acknowledge the gay people already in sports.

    Posted by: sara | Jan 31, 2013 1:49:49 PM


    Why so quiet? Hmmmmmm?"

    I no feel like playing wit' you today. I only got a 3rd grade edumacation, but you got a fourth grade one. That aint fair.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Jan 31, 2013 2:02:12 PM

  14. Yeah, right. He acts like he's being punished...damn it! This is a creature filled with fear and hate. His 'team' bosses want the money. It's P.R. That's all. Bad P.R.

    Posted by: Geoff | Jan 31, 2013 2:03:38 PM

  15. @Sara

    The military is also a poor example. The involvement of the legislative branch made that possible; not education in the military. The homophobic people in the military are forced into their situation by Congress and their contracts with the government which they can't buy their way out of like athletes can. As for the rest of your argument, I believe you don't have very good reading comprehension because I covered those points already.


    I have no belief in "progress." Technologies come and go. New things aren't necessarily better; they are just different. You have avoided my point about the fact that avid sports fans aren't going to watch gay players any more than they watch women players. It doesn't matter whether you think I am a pessimist or not; my pessimism isn't an argument against the facts that I have pointed out. Chiefly that gays don't fit the masculine image necessary to keep an audience. Have you seen any success by the You Can Play project? Whoever those 2 fellows are, they make no difference as they are an insignificant percentage when compared with the total number of straight homophobic players. They haven't got a chance at changing any attitudes. They are much more likely to get injured because a team mate let them be. If they play a very dangerous sport, I'll bet they die of an "accident" very very soon.

    Posted by: NullNaught | Jan 31, 2013 2:04:52 PM

  16. This guy, and all of this homophobic friends disgust me! Ignorance and stupidity (both of which this a**hole can raise his hand to) are very sad personal traits, imo.

    Posted by: Oliver | Jan 31, 2013 2:10:58 PM

  17. NULLNAUGHT: on behalf of gay men everywhere, you can relax, we are not checking out your little penis. We are not going to jump you in the shower. Get over yourself. Your "accident" comment is the stupidest comment today.

    Posted by: MATTMAN | Jan 31, 2013 2:13:41 PM

  18. @Nullnaught

    You don't believe in progress?! That's as idiotic as people saying they don't believe in homosexuality. Just because you don't believe in reality doesn't make it not exist. Similarly just because you call things "facts" does not make them so. Quit talking out of your ass and eating your own sh%t.

    Posted by: Not that Rob | Jan 31, 2013 2:16:30 PM

  19. @NULLNAUGHT: I, for one, have never been interest in having sex with someone who is not interested in having sex with me. I'm pretty sure that's the case with most people (so don't flatter yourself)...

    Posted by: Oliver | Jan 31, 2013 2:16:59 PM

  20. Bigoted N word

    Posted by: Tom | Jan 31, 2013 2:17:53 PM

  21. @nullnaught

    Avid sports fans already watch gay players. They just don't know it.

    Posted by: gerry | Jan 31, 2013 2:22:38 PM

  22. @nullnaught

    Avid sports fans already watch gay players. They just don't know it.

    Posted by: gerry | Jan 31, 2013 2:22:38 PM

  23. @Mattman

    I am gay. I am not speaking for myself of my own feelings; I am referring to what straight homophobes claim to fear only. You don't seem to have read what I have written. Teammates have been known to let unpopular team mates get injured. In a dangerous sport, why not killed? You don't think they would have many players on the opposing team jumping at the chance to kill one of us?


    Uh, what exactly is your argument for progress? I haven't stated I positively believe progress does not exist. I am undecided about it. There are a lot of ways of looking at it and I haven't concluded yet. I simply state I have no strong belief in it; as a student of history, I speak mainly about progress in human culture. I see no evidence of progress. I see evidence of change only. If you want to stop committing the fallacy of ad hominem and come up with an argument for progress, I will consider it.

    Posted by: NullNaught | Jan 31, 2013 2:26:30 PM

  24. Fake apology under duress.

    Posted by: jason | Jan 31, 2013 2:28:33 PM

  25. NULLNAUGHT is Rick. Don't feed the troll.

    Posted by: MATTMAN | Jan 31, 2013 2:30:07 PM

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