If his head was any farther up his own ass, it would be coming out of his mouth. If only we could somehow harness his ego as a renewable energy source.

    He’s über-talented, but SUCH an ass.

  2. Matthew says

    LOL. Chris, my sentiments exactly.

    I loved JT’s albums but the video is a bit much. I guess he just wants us to be prepared for the masterpiece coming our way.

  3. stephen lucas says

    Justin Timberlake has no talent, I’m afraid. He started in a no-talent band of manufactured hacks who were promoted to stupid teenage girls who thought they had a chance of bedding him.

    Wasn’t he also complicit in hiding the sexuality of fellow N Sync members? Not very gay-friendly if you ask me.

    As for his collaboration with Jay Z and Beyonce, well, that’s just dandy. A man who calls women bitches in his songs (does the gay community condone this?) and a woman who accepted money from the Gaddafi family for an appearance at a private function.

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