1. cdubois says

    Uncle Karl is a ball of contradiction and kookiness… the best designers always are. He is a genius and credit to the artistic community!

  2. keating says

    That’s so typical of Herr Lagerfeld: he does something wonderful (ending the show with lesbian brides) and then something annoying (saying’s he not very keen on gays adopting). Makes me think of the gay couples who adopted HIV babies back in the day when nobody else wanted them. And that thought made me wish somebody would shove a pie in Karl’s face.

  3. Stefan says

    I tried to read this story, but I kept wondering why Lagerfeld thought Swan Lake was still on trend in 2013.

  4. stephen lucas says

    What about male couples? These gay male fashion designers seem obsessed with lesbians. I find it concerning. It also seems very fake.

  5. Jerry says

    Karl Lagerfeld has been on record as opposing gay marriage for at least a couple of years, so big effing deal.

  6. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    Pg170 – 183

    Gay Relationships (Blue-Red, Yellow-Green) are two halves of “single archetype” that seek

    There is the union of sames, the reunion of the vertical axis which would heal the split spirit.
    The split between the puer and senex calls for a particular type of restoration

    the union of:
    -possibility with attainability,
    -aspiration with perspective,
    -imagination with realization,
    -phantasy with phenomena,
    -The Divine Child and Paternal Saturn.

    “Clinging to my hero as to a tall, protective, good-natured elder brother in a rough place.”

    Healing the Split.
    1. Longing for brother
    2. Twinship Transference
    3. Transmuting Anima
    4. Character Synthesis

  7. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    The Double Archetype
    Visionary Love by Mitch Walker (, google, and youtube)

    Have you ever been in love, had any lovers? Every lover contains a spirit. This spirit-being can be a potentially great ally for each of us in our quest. He can become your soul-guide, leading you to personal wholeness.

    You can find him when ever you’re strongly turned-on by another man. He’s your Double, your exact reflection, your soul twin. Because reflection are always the reverse image, he’s also your complement;

    the inner form your exporter appearance, the sensuality to your intellect, the oldness to your youthfulness, the white your black, the other pole to each of your ego identified attributes, yet he’s all this as your twin, your identical copy.

    This is this magical form, “the secret sharer of my life, my second self” as the story-teller Joseph Conrad described him once (in his tale “The Secret Sharer”).

  8. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    If you’d like your Double to become an ally, you must first realizes his existence in you as a vital brain function. Every time you get that sexy loving urge for a man, this reveals the pull of your Double archetype. He has control of your ego, in that he make you attracted for somebody iiregardless of how you ego feels about it. He casts a spell over you.

    As long as he has control in this way, he won’t become your soul-guide. In face, he’ll keep you from fulfilling personal wholeness. This basic insight about the trap in juvenile romances is revealed in the many great stories about lovers, whether they be homo or hetero. In The Epic of Gilgamesh, Romeo and Juliet, The Iliad, Tristan and Isold, juvenile romances end in death.

    So you’ve got to pull free of your Double’s mesmeric spell. This doesn’t mean to stop loving others. Instead one must become more aware of the Double, having proper mediums and outlets for the Double to reveal his cerebral messages.

    There’s no need to rush it: just slowly and surely wake up to the fact that he exists. The best time to do this, of course, is when you’re projecting him onto another man. Romantic relationships can be the finest teachers.

  9. MateoM says

    What about Stephen Lucas? He uses the same “everyone hates gay men” language as notorious Towleroad troll Rick/Jason. I find it concerning. Stephen Lucas seems very fake.

    Let’s all ignore Stephen Lucas.

  10. Paul R says

    Everyone needs to start ignoring all the trolls.

    Anyone who can’t deduce that Lagerfeld was only showing a women’s line is a moron.

  11. Dynex says

    Uhhh… Someone who supports same sex couples half way aint all that worthy of applause.

    “Sure, get married… But y’all best better not be around no raising kids!”

    Uh no thanks. Equality is just that. Accepting ‘conditional’ equality means one leg on the back of the bus, but happy you got the other foot barely in the front.

  12. Greg-TX says

    I actually find having disdain toward same sex parenting to be MORE offensive than disdain toward same sex marriage. So this basically means nothing to me personally.