1. Book says

    OMG – his FEET! And, pretty much everything else they are attached to! Brain included. Dayum.
    I have a thing for punters.
    Professional surrenderers. LOL

  2. Robbie says

    There can’t be interviews harder than going up against Colbert or Jon Stewart. Those two are funny, fast and smart and can twist anything that is said to them into a joke. I think Chris did a great job.

  3. Rick says

    “Sort of off topic, but I hope he and his team have a great game against the Broncos”

    Err, Mike, the Viking play in the NFC, not the AFC and lost their playoff game last weekend to the Packers and so have been eliminated from the playoffs.

    Is it just coincidence that a)you are unaware of this, at the same time that b) you are always defending effeminate behavior?


  4. Rick says

    Oh, and, I guess it was too much to ask, as well, that any of you comment on something, anything other than his body parts and physical appearance, wasn’t it?

  5. Rick says

    If more gay men were like Kluwe then the gay community would be seen differently, and perhaps my dad would have let me dress up in boys clothes when I blew him instead of making me always do it while in blackface drag. I hated that the only way he’d let me blow him is to lipsync for my life to old Donna Summer recordings in a pair of sensible heels and a tube top.

    The worst thing about this culture of effeminacy is that many men like me are forced to dress up in drag when we try to have sex with either straight males or our own family members.

  6. Mike in the Tundra says

    Rick, you little flamer, I had a brain fart. I’ve only been thinking of the Ravens since Sunday. My husband and I moved to the Twin Cities several years ago. We moved from Baltimore. We were there the year they won the Super Bowl.I have never really cheered on the Vikings. I might bleed purple, but it’s Raven’s purple. I just sort of knocked the Vikings out of my head and replaced it with the Raven’s. I’m certain I will only think about the Raven’s until Saturday. I would love if Kluwe played for the Raven’s, but our punter is great.

  7. Rocky says

    I can’t think of a quicker way of abruptly ending the practice among athletes of unselfconsciously slapping each other on the butt than for the media to start insinuating that men doing that is somehow gay.

  8. Sam says


    At least the Ravens were smart enough to get rid of Cundiff. I still rewatch that youtube video of him missing that nail biting kick. It’s right up there with the butt fumble and Brady punting on 3rd down for funny football videos.

    My Pats are looking forward to a rematch against your Ravens so beat Manning this weekend. I hope my Pats can crush the Titans again.

  9. Caliban says

    Kluwe handled himself well, which isn’t necessarily easy to do with Colbert, a liberal playing a conservative who asks obtuse, stupid questions. That he did well isn’t a huge surprise since Kluwe got a perfect score on the Verbal Section of his SATs (what’s now called the Critical Reading section).

    They probably got along well behind the scenes because both are huge fantasy (Middle Earth, etc) geeks.

  10. norseman says

    It was a GREAT interview, and I’m glad to see other folks commenting on his bare/flip flop clad feet. I don’t have a foot fetish at all, but I couldn’t get my eyes off of his feet. Maybe it was just that one doesn’t expect to see dudes wearing sandals in that context. Whatever the case it made the hot hetero jock even hotter.

  11. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Sam – well IMHO, we’re much better off with Tucker. I don’t know anyone who would argue with me about that, but …..

    The Pats? Really? I will admit they are a worthy opponent, and one has to admire Tom Brady. I really hope we’ll be playing them next weekend. However, I worked with a woman from Boston, and she was crazed. It gave us something to fight about.

  12. Rick says

    “Maybe it was just that one doesn’t expect to see dudes wearing sandals in that context”

    Chris is from southern California, where wearing sandals/flip-flops in ANY context is perfectly acceptable.

    @Mike OK, although I don’t really buy the “but they both wear purple uniforms” explanation (LOL), you will be pleased to know (or maybe not) that, since my Saints are not in the playoffs this year, my sentimental favorite is the Ravens, this being Ray Lewis’s last season and all. I hate the Patriots and don’t care for Peyton Manning–that said, I doubt the Ravens can beat either the Patriots or the Broncos as lame as their offense has been for much of the season.

    We will see.

  13. iban4yesu says

    A beautiful man inside out!
    I will pray that his smart brain wouldn’t get hurt in any way in a concussion which seems to be an epidemic in the (relatively) violent sports.

  14. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ iban4yesu – As a punter, he plays a position that is the least likely to have that type of injury.

    @ Rick – it’s not the colors that confused me, I was just in my normal morning fog. However, it’s really weird that the two shades of purple are the same. It won’t be the same without Ray. It would be nice if he gets another Super Bowl ring as a going away present.

  15. tom says

    alright…alright,yes, chis and i are getting married in the spring…it will be very private…sorry i can’t invite everybody…it wasn’t him i wanted a quiet ceramony

  16. tom says

    alright…alright,yes, chis and i are getting married in the spring…it will be very private…sorry i can’t invite everybody…it wasn’t him i wanted a quiet ceramony

  17. Markt says

    He gets nothing out of his public stance except the knowledge that he’s doing the right thing. We should vote him into a high office for that reason alone. Well I should correct that he did get a couple bucks from me through i-tunes when i bought a couple songs from his band Tripping Icarus.

  18. Diogenes Arktos says

    Kluwe has made clear he has no interest in politics. He knows his gifts are in other directions – such as being an outside commentator. His feelings about the November election were that he voted for the lesser of two evils, Obama. That’s not a good position for anyone interested in politics to take.

  19. HOCKEYJOCK says

    First, SKOL CHRIS!! and SKÁL VIKINGS!!!

    Can’t believe no Minnesotans posted that yet. Second, Mr. Kluwe / # 5 is an awesome.

    It almost makes you wonder what’s so hard about being an athlete who is vocally in support of gay rights – seems like there are just as many, if not more, who commend him for this than those who quietly judge him for it. But I guess he is the kind of example it takes, to break the ice and make that straight-up ‘yes I’m cool with gays’ kind of attitude acceptable before it can get rolling in any given sport. I’m glad he can not only work for our team on the field, but support gay Minnesotans and football fans off it. Top-notch guy.

  20. jamal49 says

    Dioegenes, it might not be a good position for anyone interested in politics to take (i.e. calling Obama the lesser of two evils this past election) but it’s an honest one. As we watch Obama stumble and bumble his way into his second term (e.g. choosing Pastor Giglio to give the “inaugural prayer”), I’m beginning to think Mr. Kluwe is 100% correct.

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