1. ryansson says

    If you’re an ancient, white, entitled fromunda stain it’s probably not ‘of paramount importance’to grant LGBT people legal equality. However if you are LGBT it is. Thanks John, you don’t recognize the world you’re living in do you?

  2. jlavoy says

    Not intending to troll, but the anger his statement made me feel must be reminiscient of how our trans sisters and brothers felt when many in our community suggested we pass a non inclusive ENDA for efficiency’s sake. Lets get this work done!

  3. Jack M says

    It’s nice that Senator McCain belives he can pick and choose what types of Americans can be afforded protection under the law. Liberty and justice for all?

  4. Sam says

    I believe the Senator is misinformed as to the definition of paramount. No one has argued that the immigration status of binational couples is of “paramount” (the most; supreme; preeiminent) importance.

  5. Rob says

    It may not be paramount for you Mr. McCain, but for the couples lives that are determined by a decision OTHER people make for them, i’m sure it is quite paramount. Blerg

  6. mike8787 says

    Under McCain’s logic, our rights are never paramount, because we are not the majority, nor a particularly sizable minority. It is this logic (“It’s just not a big problem”) that Republicans continually use to deny us our rights, simply because, well, there are “bigger” problems!

  7. Diogenes Arktos says

    McCain has one purpose in life: to remind us that torture during interrogations does not produce good intelligence, only bad. He should stick to that line and not preach on anything else.

    @Andrew: ROFLMAO

  8. Belthazar says

    IMO, it is political theatre and blackmail. Republicans [Senators] are playing what they believe is a political win-win:

    1) They threaten to kill all immigration reform if Democrats include bi-national gay couples [Democrats did not want to be seen as “killing” an ’golden’ opportunity for immigration reform],

    2) Cause internal fighting amongst Democratic coalitions [including Hispanics/LGBTQ groups],

    3) Reap the political capital with Hispanic groups so that Dems can no-longer use it as a hammer, and

    4) Play to their Evangelical Conservative Base.

    The Democratic Party has to anticipate these tactics — not like they haven’t been used before — and show some political courage, with a full-throated explanation as to why bi-national gay couples should be included. Conveying, inclusion only offer the rights (no more or less) currently enjoyed by opposite-sex couples.

  9. Francis says

    Notice McCain calling including same-sex spouses in the immigration bill a red flag.

    That is the problem we continue to face on the political front. We’re considered dangerous. Even with society clearly having progressed towards equality, most politicians don’t want to touch anything regarding gay. They don’t think we’re worth it, because we’re a “small minority”.

    That means it’s up to us to do as we have been doing, which is hold feet to the fire and make sure there are consequences for anyone who doesn’t stand up and fight for our rights.

  10. Mastik8 says

    If it’s not of paramount importance to him then I’m sure he’ll have no problem authorizing a bill that includes it. Since that’s not an area of concern for him, correct?

  11. says

    ………if it’s not of paramount importance then it can’t possibly be a massive issue of disagreement. so include LGBT people.

    or is this one of those republican excuses that they give when they have the time and energy to discriminate but not the time or energy to be inclusive?

  12. vwdavy says

    it is with great pleasure, to me, that this “man” continues to speak outloud. he is the most popular and well known politician from Arizona, ever. his legacy there, and abroad, will be best known for two things, to me, and hopefully others.
    1-he voted against the MLK holiday, spoke out quite vociferously until forced to retract and change his vote.
    2-he is compleatly responsible, and can blame no one else, for bringing Sarah Palin, and the Sarah Palin clones since, to the national and international forefront.

    This “man” is a primary example of what is wrong with the world today, and will not be missed by many when his number finally is called, bringing another story of a fear based life to an end.

  13. Doog says

    I agree with McCain. It isn’t worth the hassle of trying to force it into the immigration bill. Focus in killing DOMA instead. That takes care of the whole business.

  14. Jerry6 says

    When is someone close to this old senile nobody that was such a lousy pilot that the enemy pilot shot him down, going to tell him to get off the stage because the audience left years ago?

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