One-Half Of Gay Superhero Couple Comes Out In ‘Supurbia #4′


There is truly no rest for the weary in comic book-cum-soap opera Supurbia, Grace Randolph’s consistently entertaining monthly title from Boom! Studios. The poor heroes get home from fighting crime only to find an endless labyrinth of personal problems. It’s terrible for them, but great for readers.

I finally just caught up on the latest two issues, numbers 3 and 4 in the ongoing series (not to be confused with last year’s limited 4-issue run), and it seems Agent Twilight, one of the two gay heroes in a closeted affair, has decided to come out.

This does not please his lover, fellow super-powered crime fighter Night Fox, who is also in a relationship with a woman.

It’s all very complicated and gripping and just one of the elements that makes Supurbia a truly great title.

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  1. Christopher I says

    I love this book! It’s so interesting…better than anything DC is publishing right now, and just as good as X-Factor.

  2. Brian L says

    It’s more or less Desperate Super Spouses, or Real Housewives of the Faux!Justice League. Decent series if a bit derivative (The Batman/Robin analogs being GAY!! As if that’s never been done before…)

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  4. bohemian says

    This particular sub-plot is my favourite in the series, but I’m really loving all of them.