1. bravo says

    Kate McKinnon is one of the bright lights in a so-so cast.

    Jodie Foster came out years ago. I still don’t know what her speech at the GGs was supposed to be. I think Mel Gibson’s insanity is rubbing off on her.

  2. Icebloo says

    All of this was pathetic. SNL needs to be ended. There is not an ounce of talent in this current bunch. Sad that such a cutting edge show has become so irrelevant and childish.

  3. Toto says

    Mocking is what immature ad campaigns from the right do to discourage marriage equality. This is a satirical comedy show that has always made levity of whatever is going on in culture and entertainment. Because this was an awkward, ambiguous coming out speech its above being able to find something funny in it??? People need to lighten up.

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