1. Brian G says

    In all fairness, I’m sure Pat Buchanan would refer to Seneca Falls as “a bunch of whining women” and Selma as “a group of uppity colored people” so we’re in good company. The fact that the importance of Stonewall is lost on his narrow, closed mind should come as no surprise as the rest of society moves on.

  2. brian says

    i’m tired of jon stewart’s attacks on the media for covering light-hearted stories or stories he doesn’t care about. god forbid a 24/7 news network spend a few minutes talking about the fashion industry.

  3. Peter says

    Buchanan’s comment reminds me of the right-winger who saw no need to honor Harvey Milk in California’s schools because he was allegedly “just a local politician who got shot.”

  4. Patrick says

    let talk about CNN’s terrible coverage of the inaugural ball! horrendous. my favorite bands were playing in the background while they went on and on and on and and on in the same loop about the same things only to show 2 seconds at the tailend of a song. terrible.

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