Uganda: Anti-Gay Evangelist Scott Lively Appears in Federal Court, and Facebook Takes Down ‘Outing’ Page

After hearings yesterday, a federal court is weighing a request for dismissal from anti-gay evangelical Scott Lively of a case brought against him by Pepe Onziema, a transgender gay rights activist and SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda) accusing Lively of crimes against humanity.

LivelyThe AP reports:

Following court arguments Monday, it is now up to U.S. District Judge Michael Ponsor to decide whether to grant Lively’s motion to dismiss a civil action that Sexual Minorities Uganda filed against him last year. The Uganda-based group for which Onziema serves as program director alleges that Lively waged a long campaign of persecution of gays in the East African country.

Lively’s lawyer, Horatio Mihet, called the case an attack on the U.S. Constitution and his client’s First Amendment right to free speech. Plaintiff’s attorney Pam Spees, from the Center for Constitutional Rights, said Lively conspired with others in Uganda to persecute gays.

With every courtroom seat filled, court officials broadcast the proceeding to two overflow rooms so spectators could watch the arguments live.

In related news, Facebook has taken down an anti-gay user page aimed at outing Ugandans which Andrew posted about over the weekend, thanks to some exposure and outreach from GLAAD:

The page, called "Kampala Exposed: Facts and Rumors," was brought to wider attention by a petition started by the LGBT organization Freedom and Roam Uganda, and reported on by Towleroad. In the petition, Freedom and Roam Uganda cited a previous "outing" of Ugandans perceived to be gay in a local newspaper and the anti-gay bias believed to have led to the murder of prominent Ugandan LGBT advocate David Kato. GLAAD reached out to Facebook regarding the anti-gay page.


  1. says

    It’s not that Facebook or any social media is anti-gay.(Facebook’s co-founder is gay, of course.) They all have very few rules to censor their users. That can be good or bad, in this case bad.

  2. LOion says

    So has he broken this law here:’CCR SAYS: If #ScottLively were doing this in US w result that #LGBT groups were raided & staff arrested, those groups could sue under 42 U.S.C 1985(3)’
    …and I bet outing for Hate to another country is just MORE EVIDENCE TO BE USED against him during this trial.

    HERE is comment re LIVELY in 1990 from a KOS THREAD:”1990 when he worked for the OCA (Oregon Citizen’s Alliance) trying to pass statewide and local ballot measures which would have mandated the firing of gay doctors, teachers etc… I was there when he beat up a female photographer from Just Out, who later sued him and won. He’s a horrible person who’s absolutely beyond redemption – while many of his anti-gay compatriots in the right-wing extremist movement have moved on or changed their positions he never has – he’s just become more awful.”

    PSYCHOLOGICALLY we all know why he is doing this, for the same reason the Pope is, SELF-DENIAL is a hateful feeling that must be spread around to defuse at all.

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