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Towleroad Talking Points: Happy Valentine's Day!



A look back at today's top stories


What with it being Valentines Day and all we have a couple of romantic stories to help you enjoy your February 14th. First of all you MUST check out our list of the 14 most adorable gay wedding videos! And if you think we've missed some, let us know. Home decor company John Saint-Denis has a new ad out in honor of St. Valentine that will make your heart all aflutter. The web series "My Gay Roommate" has a Valentines Day themed episode out that gives hope to all those straight boys who don't have a girl to love today. Get yourself ready to shed a few tears over the heartwarming love story of Audrey and Gail, who just got married after 12 years together.

And Illinois may be giving its residents the best Valentines Day present of all as the Senate has passed a marriage equality bill! We will now await a vote from that state's House. 



Rachel Maddow laid into Marco Rubio last night, not just for his cotton mouth but also for the content of his State of the Union rebuttal. By the way, Jon Stewart is also not too pleased with the state of our union. James Franco swung by Jimmy Kimmel last night and showed off some of the art in his show called "gay town", which apparently needs no explanation. 


Justin Timberlake has released the video to accompany his "Suit and Tie". Check out the David Fincher directed piece here. For the first time in 25 years Johnny Marr, guitarist from The Smiths, is recorded playing "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now". And bad news for Lady Gaga who has had to end her tour due to hip surgery



Wrestling is no longer in the Olympics and one Russian coach believes that the incredibly homoerotic sport got the axe because of the gays. Also the HRC reminds us that while gays are not allowed in the Boy Scouts, criminals are more than welcome!



So God made the gay man. And we are sure lucky he did because otherwise Valentines Day would be really boring!

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Valentine Celebrating the Illinois Senate's Passage of Marriage Equality: PHOTO


Created by the Mayor's office.

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A Super Cut of Goats Screaming Like Humans: VIDEO


Not sure what to say about this except that it's completely screamworthy. In a good way.


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NLGJA Pens Open Letter to AP, Finds Guidance on 'Husband' and 'Wife' Usage 'Troubling'

On Tuesday we reported on new guidelines sent out by the Associated Press, indicating that the words "husband" and "wife" should only be used to describe married gay couples if the couples themselves describe themselves that way, or if someone uses the term in a quote.

ApThey wrote:

SAME-SEX COUPLES: We were asked how to report about same-sex couples who call themselves “husband” and “wife.” Our view is that such terms may be used in AP content if those involved have regularly used those terms (“Smith is survived by his husband, John Jones”) or in quotes attributed to them. Generally AP uses couples or partners to describe people in civil unions or same-sex marriages.

The National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association published an open letter to the AP today, saying it finds the directive "troubling":

What is troubling is the final sentence in the memo: "Generally AP uses couples or partners to describe people in civil unions or same-sex marriages."

Such guidance may be appropriate for referring to people in civil unions, for which there are no established terms and the language is still evolving, but it suggests a double standard for same-sex individuals in legally recognized marriages. One has to assume that AP would never suggest that the default term should be "couples" or "partners" when describing people in opposite-sex marriages. We strongly encourage you to revise the style advisory to make it clear that writers should use the same terms for married individuals, whether they are in a same-sex or opposite-sex marriage.

Language choices like these have an impact. Such reporting can reinforce the idea that marriages between same-sex individuals are fundamentally different from marriages between a man and a woman.

Read the full letter HERE.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1307

THE WORLD: According to a puff pic on Dick Cheney.

GAY DOGS: Sniffin' around for some love.

JESSIE WARE: Covering Rihanna's "Diamonds".

SCAVENGER A HUNT: A romantic Doctor Who-style Valentine's date.

For recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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News: Singapore, Tim Tebow, Sarah Schulman, Brahim Zaibat

RoadFreedom to Marry: 14 couples share photos of their first day being married.

SchulmanRoadAuthor Sarah Schulman barred from reading at the New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center because book deals with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

RoadBrangelina launching their own brand of rosé.

RoadVatican: Pope hit his head during trip to Mexico. "Italy's La Stampa newspaper reported Thursday that Benedict hit his head and bled when he got up in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar bedroom in Leon, Mexico. The report said blood stained his hair and sheets."

RoadRetired French Roman Catholic priest goes both ways on same-sex marriage.

RoadBelarus Justice Ministry rejects registration of LGBT rights organization.

RoadSingapore gay couple seeks decriminalization of gay sex. "Peter Low and Choo Zheng Xi, the lawyers representing Lim and Chee, said the couple hopes to have the law banning gay sex declared unconstitutional. Singapore law criminalizes sex between mutually consenting adult men, and offenders can be jailed for up to two years."

RoadVIDEO: Britney Spears,, Diddy, Lil' Wayne, Waka Flocka, and Hit Boy in the Scream & Shout remix video.

ZaibatRoadMadonna boytoy Brahim Zaibat for Vman.

RoadTim Tebow to address anti-gay Texas megachurch. "While Tim Tebow is struggling to find an NFL team that is willing to sign him, he is apparently having no problem booking speaking gigs as the Jets’ backup quarterback is scheduled to address a Texas megachurch whose pastor is notorious for extremist statements about Roman Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, gays and lesbians and President Obama."

RoadGLAAD hits CBS show Mike & Molly for anti-trans "shemale" jokes: "What's worse, in this instance, it's the show's main character that is making the jokes.  Rather than coming from a secondary character the audience already recognizes as ignorant and bigoted (such as Joyce's boyfriend Vince), in this case it's Mike himself."

RoadFootballer Colin Kazim-Richards seen hurling homophobic insults at fans. Officials: “We will be investigating this fully and will be taking statements and looking through camera footage. Whether you are on the pitch or in the stands, Sussex Police takes any allegations of homophobic language or gestures seriously.”

RoadALERT: Miss Piggy getting married.

RoadRyan Gosling goes out for lunch, looks hot while doing so.

CarmoucheRoadOut MMA Liz Carmouche to fight for first UFC women's title. "Four days after her birthday, she will make history as she fights for the bantamweight (135 pounds) title in the first female mixed martial arts match in UFC history."

RoadBill Cunningham's big gay heart.

RoadNOM's Jennifer Roback Morse claims anti-discrimination laws promote the gay agenda: "Once a person is in the workplace, then they use their position of authority to steer the whole organization towards the larger objectives of the gay lobby which is not limited to making their company and their employer as successful as possible in the marketplace. You know?"

RoadCopper Hills High School says gay students can receive singing Valentines after issuing fliers reading "Sorry, no same-sex delivery."

RoadRep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS): 70% of Americans oppose marriage equality and Obama wants to destroy the family. "This President has a radical social agenda and the media will probably give him a pass when instead of talking about the fact that mom and dad don’t have a job we’re going to talk about how to destroy the family and replace it with his view of a radical new social agenda."

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