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Self-Professed Golden Girls Fight DOMA: VIDEO


As part of their ongoing effort to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act and prevent bi-national same-sex couples from being split apart by the federal government, the team at The DOMA Project and the DeVote Campaign recent caught up with "golden girls" Judy and Karin, just one of the thousands of same-sex bi-national couples who are told they're not equal to heterosexuals and therefore not worthy of the same rights.

Watch Judy and Karin tell their heartbreaking story AFTER THE JUMP.

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News: Robbie Rogers, Nate Silver, Meteor, Joan Rivers

1NewsIcon Nate Silver and Politico reporter Ken Vogel got into a Twitter war over the use of "clarification" versus "correction."

Robbie1NewsIcon The New York Times found wide support for recently out soccer player Robbie Rogers: "Rogers was similarly embraced throughout the soccer community. Numerous players took to social media to support him, including Eddie Pope, a former United States defender, who wrote on Twitter, 'Brave men like you will make it so that one day there is no need for an announcement.' Benny Feilhaber, who played with Rogers on the 2008 United States Olympic team, wrote to Rogers on Twitter that he was 'proud to call you my friend.'"

1NewsIcon "Are gay-centered churches relevant anymore?"

1NewsIcon Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean team up for "Brimmer."

1NewsIcon Andrew Keegan and his face are all over the place.

1NewsIcon Richard Socarides on why the Justice Department will likely take a strong stand for marriage equality before the Supreme Court starts hearing cases: "If it doesn't, the Court will wonder why [President Obama] is reluctant to back up his policy ideas with legal arguments to match. It will likely send a message that the President questions whether the country is ready for gay marriage, and send a signal that a more cautious approach by the Court is acceptable to the White House."

MeteorR1NewsIcon The post-meteor clean-up begins in Russia: "Gov. Mikhail Yurevich on Saturday said that damage from the high-altitude explosion -believed to have been as powerful as 20 Hiroshima bombs — is estimated at 1 billion rubles ($33 million). He promised to have all the broken windows replaced within a week. But that is a long wait in a frigid region. The midday temperature in Chelyabinsk was 10 F..."

1NewsIcon Joan Rivers tells Jimmy Fallon that Abraham Lincoln was gay.

1NewsIcon Four gay men stranded with 4,000 others on the Carnival cruise adrift in the Gulf of Mexico have made it back home to Dallas.

1NewsIcon Blue Ivy looks a lot like mother Beyonce.

1NewsIcon Anti-gay Boy Scout protesters sure know how to exploit children.

1NewsIcon I literally gasped: Texas and Maine lawmakers want to include gun training in high school curricula.

1NewsIcon Meanwhile, in Washington State, authorities say two-fifth grade kids brought a knife and a gun to school to kill one of their classmates.

1NewsIcon Remember Pepsi AM?

1NewsIcon Hoping to counter Indiana school teacher Diana Medley's anti-gay hate, a coalition of parents, students and activists are telling LGBT teens "You Have a Purpose."

1NewsIcon Sarah Michelle Gellar, a gay favorite since her Buffy days, will co-star alongside Robin Williams on a new CBS sitcom.

Dogfriends11NewsIcon Dogs can distinguish their species from other critters. "For the study, a team of French researchers put nine pet dogs in front of two side-by-side computer screens that showed images of faces. In each pair of pictures, one showed a dog's face (various breeds and cross-breeds were featured) and the other showed non-dog animals, including cows, horses, cats, birds and humans... Over the course of dozens of trials, the dogs showed a preference for the dog faces, and they seemed to lump all dogs into the same category, regardless of whether they were looking at a Chihuahua or a mastiff, the researchers said."

1NewsIcon From The Guardian: "The number of gay and bisexual men contracting HIV rose over the past 20 years because of an increase in numbers having unprotected sex, researchers have found. The number of UK men who have sex with men and having intercourse without a condom rose by 26% between 1990 and 2010, the study by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and University College London showed."

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$30,000+ More For The Trevor Project From Vassar Students


In addition to the more than $40,000 Vassar's LGBT-friendly community has raised for the Trevor Project after the hideously hateful Westboro Baptist Church's announced it would picket the "Ivy League whorehouse," neither of which Vassar is, the school's campus has helped raise another $30,000 for the project, an organization that works to stop suicide and contributing factors scuh as anti-gay bullying and rejection.

Combined, students at and alumni from Vassar, which by complete coincidence happens to be where Andy, theater critic Naveen Kumar and I all attended, have helped raised $76,957 for The Trevor Project, according to the Poughkeepsie Journal.

So, thanks Westboro! Your hate is quite an inspiration for love.

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5 Charged In Oregon For Beating Man They Lured To Park

6a00d8341c730253ef017d40f41e4c970c-300wiFive Oregon teenagers were arrested early Friday morning after allegedly luring a gay man to a public park and then beating and robbing him.

According to police, a 24-year old man drove to Vance Park in Gresham, Oregon, thinking he was meeting another man, but instead he found five masked and armed teenagers who beat and robbed him.

The teens, four boys aged 16 to 19 and a girl, 14, are being charged with robbery, assault and intimidation, and the victim's recovering from minor injuries.

Describing the attack, the victim told Portland's KGW, "When I saw the gun I thought I was going to be dead and that’' why I did everything that I could to give them what they wanted."

"I hope they learn their lesson," he said. "I feel bad for their parents but they need to learn from their mistakes and take the punishment that they get."

The attacks comes just days after activists in Oregon announced a new push to legalize same-sex marriage there.

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CPAC Still Won't Let GOProud Play With The Right Wing Big Boys


Should the gay conservative group GOProud stop trying to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference, or does their continued rejection from the annual right wing event, and executive director Jimmy LaSalvia's promotion of this rejection, help their cause?

Or do these dust-ups end up hurting their cause, serving as yet another reminder to voters that the Republican base still rejects LGBT people as a whole, even their fellow conservatives?

(Via Joe.My.God.)

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Ghanaian Musician Wants 'Romantic Date' With Homophobic Peer

WanlovGhanaian musician Wanlov the Kubolor did something pretty remarkable on Valentine's Day, something many musicians wouldn't do even here in the relatively more gay-friendly States.

In a country where gay sex remains illegal, Wanlov told a radio host, "Gays are cool and not people who are out to rape you or anything." The remark was directed at Blakk Rasta, another Ghanaian musician with a history of gay bashing.

For Valentine's Day, Wanlov said, "God should turn me into a gay so that I can go on a romantic date with Blakk Rasta."

"I want this wish because I want Blakk Rasta to know that gays are cool and not people who are out to rape you or anything," he said. "I only want to be gay and achieve that dream with Blakk Rasta and no one. After the date, then I will want God to make me straight again." It's not the most positive endorsement for gay love I've heard, but definitely worth a shout out.

Unfortunately, Blakk Rasta's set in his way. According to him, his Rastafarian beliefs prohibit him from even entertaining the idea of liking gay people.

"I am a Rastaman and we do not take gay relationships lightly," he said after Wanlov made his comment. "It is not as if we do not know that gays have their basic human rights, but we do not support what they do, as in having sexual intercourse with a person of same sex."

He went on, "It is not that we are saying they should be beaten up, but we say it is an abominable act and we do not want to associate with it. So for Wanlov to say that about me, I am sure he was having a big joke or something. But if he is serious, then I am sorry because he would get disappointed. It won't happen."

Wanlov, I'm sure, could do far better.

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