1. Tom in Long Beach says

    Bake the Cake and give the money to a homeless ministry, poor families or, a women’s shelter, that would be a real Christian, not a moralistic grand stander! Wish the video would have shown the “Ace of cake” also / instead.

  2. Howard says

    “…this man has wrapped up his hatred in the cloak of religion.”

    I’ve never heard this sentiment stated more succinctly or more effectively. Bravo.

  3. Howard says

    How is selling a cake to the general public a religious practice protected under the constitution? Maybe some of the legal types here on Towleroad can comment.

  4. Kaderade says

    I’m with Tom in Long Beach. The guy should have bitten the bullet, made the cake and donated the profits if he didnt feel right accepting money from The Gays. He chose douchery and the easiest publicity stunt ever, in stead. Way to buy into the act Fake News.

  5. Cheryl says

    “…Goldman is offering to bake a cake for the lesbian…” Can’t we just have “a cake for the woman” or “the customer” or something? Isn’t this sort of labeling simply more of what’s wrong?

  6. luminum says

    “…offering to bake a cake for the lesbian…”

    We’ve established that she is a lesbian. Can we now refer to her as a woman? Or by name, maybe?

    – A Gay

  7. unruly says

    From Yelp’s Sweet Cakes by Melissa (where they are getting slaughtered)
    “I could not be more impressed! I emphasized that my cake better be EXTRA white, and boy was it! The replacement of the birthday candles with little flaming crosses shows a truly Christian decorator’s touch that causes me to fondly remember the days of my youth, when we’d all gather behind the barn for a cross burning. Sweet cakes! Sweet memories!”

  8. HUH says

    UNRULY – there were a lot more, but Yelp is deleting them (I understand why). One person called them “discrimicakes”. LOL

  9. Robert says

    “Wait — I can do something, there’s injustice involving a cake!”

    Okay, I love this guy even more now. Alright, Duff!

  10. says

    Duff knows how to grow a business!!

    I wish great success for EVERY organization that steps in to take care of gay couples who’ve been rejected by other vendors.

  11. Mary says

    For Goldman to offer to bake the brides a cake free of charge is a wonderful way to show the “Sweet Cakes” owners that it’s time to join the 21st century. Now the “Sweet cakes” company has a bad reputation, the gay couple will have their cake, and bakers everywhere (especially future bakers) will learn that tolerance pays off. Far better than suing. Confront a negative with a positive.

  12. Truth says

    Why do Christians lie so much today, Roger Mahony of the Catholic Church lied about hiding pedophile priest. Some even lie about being a Christian. What is going on with these dishonest Christians? Why are they telling so many lies today? The Bible says do not lie, why are they violating the Bible?

  13. Bob says

    “there’s injustice involving a cake!”. Too funny. If it were a line in a movie we would all be saying it for years!!

  14. Tom B. says

    “There’s injustice involving a cake!” “Quickly Frosted Wonder, to the Cake Cave!” *danananananananana – Duffman!* 😀

  15. johnny says

    Love how this turned around.

    So, instead of the hateful cake shop getting great publicity, they got lousy PR.

    And Ace of Cakes Star gets to be a huge hero.

    This should be an object lesson for all idiot bigots out there refusing to do anything for gay customers.