1. Michaelandfred says

    They’ve become some bad, groan worthy reality show. “The Freaks of Westboro.” I won’t even bother reading or watching. The only relevance they have is pushing conservatives quicker to our side to distance themselves from this idiot brand of hate and ignorance.

  2. Lars says

    I remember him from the BBC documentary a few years back. I know this goes without saying, since we’re talking about WBC here, but he’s off his nut. He’s a convert to the group. Doesn’t have the ‘brainwashed-from-birth’ explanation.

  3. Yeek says

    Weirdly I respect this guy more than the “love the sinner, hate the sin” crowd. He honestly doesn’t believe that God loves everybody and is pretty arbitrary about who He picks to love and hate, help and destroy. Most Christians I know could never bear to accept that premise, but once you do all, the stuff in Bible seems a lot more consistent.

  4. a taxpayer says

    Is there ultimately any difference among these folks, listed in alphabetical order?

    Brian Brown
    Steve Drain (the guy in this video)
    Maggie Gallagher
    Peter LaBarbera
    Diana Medley

    They ALL think homosexuality is a sin. Steve Drain is just the most direct, and intellectually consistent.

    (By the way Steve presently doesn’t speak to his daughter Lauren because she left his church.)

  5. andrew says

    The collection of myths, bloody made up history and vile moral imperitives, tied together with reams of contradictions known as the bible is the source of much of the evil in Western Civilization.

  6. Joe says

    Hey! This guy is trying to steal Azalea whosherface’s thunder. That’s not very nice, dude. She only gets one shot a year, and you’re ruining it! That’s not very Christian is what I would say, but I just bit my tongue accidentally and that -tian part is hard to say. :(

  7. Onnyjay says

    Logic? No. Idiocy, Yes. These people are demented and require strong meds, confinement and media blackout. Who needs to know what nonsense those morons are currently emitting?

  8. me_in_pdx says

    Ughh I feel so sorry for this sorry piece of human life. If he thinks that hate is not a sin, think again. I am pretty sure God will send haters to HELL. I guess since I will be there because I am a FAG then I will see you there as well. Just be prepared because what will wait for you is not pretty. At least I know where I am going, therefore I am not delusional whereas him is totally in that delusional world. In the meantime I will enjoy life, hey you only live once!

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