1. Greg says

    I feel old saying this, but, what’s the point? I am definitely missing something. Though I’ll take the guy in the orange towel or purple underwear… or both.

  2. EchtKultig says

    LOL Benjamin.
    So many memes, so little time. I feel like I spend 1/2 my free time on youtube but no, I hadn’t heard of this one. Thank God for Towleroad, I guess. When it comes to shirtless guys, though, nothing has replaced the je ne sais quoi of Leisure Dive.

  3. Seattle Mike says

    Only glanced at a few of these, but boy howdy does the guy in the purple boxer briefs in 6.5 have a huge package, or what? He seems very excited to be doing that video.

  4. David Hearne says

    For some time now, like three decades, we have seen largely straight guys coming up with new ways to dance with each other without being thought queer. Break dancing led to dance offs, and then we have straight guy heavy metal dancing with invisible guitars and drums, then mosh pits and hip hop dancing.

    It’s nice that they are working their way up to being able to dance with each other. They clearly don’t completely get the straight female and gay male thing of touching friends in romantic and nonsexual ways.

  5. David Hearne says

    If straight guys keep evolving on dancing with each other, they might one day arrive at the hula. As much fun as it is to watch some buff Hawaiian guys doing hula (traditionally a male dance) it wouldn’t suck to see some of Ralph Lauren’s wet dreams hula dancing.

  6. jaragon says

    Some of the clips were truly surrealistic-others just plain sexy- but hey any song that compels cute young men to strip to their underwear is a good thing…( and who knows where it might lead!)

  7. Randy says

    “And finally, two quite work-unfriendly versions, HERE,HERE, and HERE.”

    The third (of two?) HERE items has been deleted because YouTube claims it’s nude or sexual, continuing its promotion of prudery instead of letting adults choose what is appropriate for ourselves to see.

    It’s apparently called “√ Naked Harlem Shake”, but who created it, and what content does it contain? Sometimes the owner will upload their content onto more trustworthy services.

  8. Stefan says

    @PHIL–Thank you! It is not the Harlem Shake, AT ALL. I learned the real one from my college suite mate who was showing me various hip hop dance moves (gosh he was cute…). It’s more of an upper body shimmy thing, not a hip thrust, crazy ass thing. I’m sure there are plenty of “how to” videos that show the real thing.

    Seriously, guys, just call it a “big happy bromantic hip thrusting naked dance orgy.” It’s okay. You can still keep your “vajayjay love” merit badge.

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