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Here is Beyoncé's Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show: VIDEO


Beyoncé and her LED stage dazzled halftime at Super Bowl XLVII, where she was joined by Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child.


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  1. Meh.

    Posted by: Mikey | Feb 3, 2013 8:45:04 PM

  2. Awesome show.

    Posted by: Craig | Feb 3, 2013 8:47:02 PM

  3. Eh, she's a good performer, with a decent voice, but i never understood her appeal. Too many people be acting like she's a God.

    Posted by: Emmy | Feb 3, 2013 8:49:48 PM

  4. I thought it was good. Much better than Madonna's.

    Posted by: Kahoko | Feb 3, 2013 9:00:44 PM

  5. Yes, she's very talented, but in terms of staging, surprisingly flat. Say what you will about Madonna, but at least she used the entire stadium and had multiple eye levels. This was the equivalent of standing in the same place center stage for the whole thing. She deserved better.

    Posted by: jj | Feb 3, 2013 9:01:55 PM

  6. I'm so gay I've been watching CNN's docu-bio of Gloria Steinem instead.

    I love her!

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Feb 3, 2013 9:02:34 PM

  7. Had goosebumps all over. What a halftime performance!

    Posted by: Peter Pan | Feb 3, 2013 9:04:38 PM

  8. It was nice to see Kelly and whatshername.

    Posted by: Mikey | Feb 3, 2013 9:06:05 PM

  9. Yawn - Beyonce was horrible. She definitely did not sing "absolutely live" as she promised the other day. Epic fail, Beyonce.

    Posted by: stephen lucas | Feb 3, 2013 9:10:29 PM

  10. It was a messy production. And why does dance have to be so rough and ugly nowadays??

    Anyway, I'm sure Beyonce' lip synched at least a great majority of that performance.
    I agree wit ... MEH! :P

    Posted by: Beyotché | Feb 3, 2013 9:21:19 PM

  11. Well, I can now say that I am old enough to think the half-time show was a bunch of noise and ridiculous flashy effects.

    Oh, and get off my lawn.

    Posted by: yuninv | Feb 3, 2013 9:21:44 PM

  12. @ Stephen Lucas:

    Actually,the biggest epic fail here is you my friend.

    And that has nothing to do with Beyonce in any way whatsoever. A few decent Towleroad readers (not that there's many of them) can read between those lines.

    Posted by: Audi-owner | Feb 3, 2013 9:24:01 PM

  13. Well, when she can't resort to lip-synching, she hardly sings. 80% of the vocals during the "show" were backing tracks. Oh, she made sure she gave shout-outs to the crowd so we all knew her mic was on. And she warbled during the DsC reunion. But come on, pop acts are not about live singing. Their performances are about theatricality not music. If they truly had to sing while dancing up a storm, all we would hear is panting. From what I saw, all that was missing was a brass pole.

    Posted by: Bollux | Feb 3, 2013 9:32:13 PM

  14. Many of us gays (at all different events) have been texting that WE LOVED IT. She rocked. Perfect, clean staging. Exciting concert-style performance. No messy outfit changes or odd transitions. HOT! Better than Madge, even though I am loathe to admit it.
    And the game is super exciting too!

    Posted by: shane | Feb 3, 2013 9:51:09 PM

  15. Beyonce is all hair, knee-high boots...and nothing else. Like a bad drag show, except I've heard better at drag shows.

    And she definitely did NOT sing "absolutely live" as promised. She's a fake.

    Posted by: stephen lucas | Feb 3, 2013 9:56:08 PM

  16. I am sooo bored sitting here watching the Halftime show. They have this scary thunder thighed chick tromp and scream amid flashing lights for more time than it took the first half to be played. They need to keep the half time to the alloted 15 minutes. Nobody in their right mind wants to watch more of the loud mouthed screamers than they have to. Its as bad as those grammy,CMA, emmy, golden globe, Toni, Oscar, VMA blah blah blah aint we special shows that seem to go on and on forever.

    Posted by: Dan | Feb 3, 2013 10:03:05 PM

  17. Bitches, please! There is no harder working popformer on a 21st century stage. Mama brings it. Also , Colin Kaepernick!!!!

    Posted by: Giovanni | Feb 3, 2013 10:03:23 PM

  18. Darling, if it squawks and can't sing, it's a fake. Beyonce is a fake.

    Posted by: stephen lucas | Feb 3, 2013 10:06:43 PM

  19. I agree with you Emmy. Why does everyone act like she's God? She's so overexposed.

    Posted by: Sick of her | Feb 3, 2013 10:06:51 PM

  20. you want live singing go see a lounge act........

    Posted by: steve | Feb 3, 2013 10:11:08 PM

  21. Steve,

    Beyonce promised at her press conference the other day that she would be singing "absolutely live" in her Superbowl half-time show. By most accounts, she did not do that.

    Her own words should be used against her.

    Posted by: stephen lucas | Feb 3, 2013 10:28:47 PM

  22. Total disappointment... barely any vocals. set list was boring and didnt give her much to work with. She drowned out the other members of destiny's child. Single ladies is repetitive and played out and she ended like she was hella tired

    Posted by: Donnie | Feb 3, 2013 10:38:21 PM

  23. When will you people get laid and stop being so miserable

    Posted by: Summer | Feb 3, 2013 10:38:59 PM

  24. When will you people get laid and stop being so miserable

    Posted by: Summer | Feb 3, 2013 10:39:00 PM

  25. And she did sing live! but she also had the track playing behind her because she decided to gyrate and dance all over the place and she couldn't hold her breath

    Posted by: Donnie | Feb 3, 2013 10:39:34 PM

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