1. Chris says

    She asked and freely elected to be a hate-filled bigot, we didn’t ask to be gay.

    As I always said, if these people a whining so much already, and constantly playing the victim card, I couldn’t imagine how they would be acting if they had to walk a mile in our shoes.

    Don’t complain about getting punched when you were the one who punched first.

  2. yuninv says

    Religion is a choice, and she chose to take the most hateful path. She’s the same type of person who whines how people don’t take personal responsibility, and then bitches when she’s required to do so.

  3. Countervail says

    Why do people sing that have no business singing? I mean take a lesson already. I don’t make a video being a bigoted Christianist. I would at least take catechism first before I did that. Word.

  4. Firestorm says

    “How dare you intolerate our intolerance!”

    If you actively pour your time, money and effort into preventing two consenting adults in love from engaging in the civil right of marriage, then yes, you are a bigot. No amount of denial or double-speak will change that fact.

  5. says

    “oh, you guys just like blacks and integration because you think it makes you COOL. i don’t care about being cool, i care about keeping america White”

    same thang.

    this lady just doomed her future. yes, beautiful and true, eventually it’ll be easier for gays to get married than for people like this to get jobs after their bigotries have been made public.

  6. Bill says

    Did she know what she was saying or was she just reading from a script on laptop that has a built-in web cam? Notice how she always seems to be looking at the same spot, maybe a bit off from the cam. Plus, she sounds like she is reading something – her voice is not natural.

    And if anything is an abomination, it is her singing at the start. It sounded like someone trying out for the Westburo Baptist Church choir.

  7. Just_a_guy says

    She’s a lying sack of… She blames gay people for straight people’s problems, demands that gay people should thus have less rights as subhumans. But the problem is she offers (and has) zero evidence. It’s senseless scapegoating. It’s a huge f ing lie to justify her kicking gay people in the jaw repeatedly as if it is HER god given civil right to do so. What a c. I sure hope even Scalia can crawl out of his prior bigoted legacy to see thru this unveiled scapegoating of gay people as subhuman punching bags for the ills of straight society. F anyone who thinks like that. Seriously.

    P.s. in casual thinking, I do enjoy the expletive; maybe bc I care? :-)

  8. Mary says

    OK, here comes ole “broken record Mary” – It isn’t wise to go after young people from the other side politically. This girl isn’t powerful. And opposing marriage equality makes her wrong, but not necessarily mean-spirited. A better response: “Miss Hoffman, you seem like a well-meaning person with an interest in the society you live in. We hope that one day you’ll see we’re also well-meaning and not out to destroy society. Have you ever met the members of a loving family with two gay parents? We can introduce you to some if you’d like.”

    Taking the high road prevents people like this girl from evoking sympathy. If she is still going to “hate” make it as HARD as possible for her.

  9. NE1 says

    @COUNTERVAIL as a singer I couldn’t help but notice it was very high school choir-ish, in which they probably tell you to snap your fingers to make up for the fact that you don’t have a full voice. I don’t need to snap my fingers..

  10. NE1 says

    @Mary, she’s not invoking any sympathy, she’s just out to enrage people with hypocrisy. all the anti gay bigots are congratulating her.. and i can answer your question, no, she has not met any gay families, and she never will.

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