Man Charged in NYC Gay Strangling Murder

A man has been charged in one of the four recent murders of gay men in NYC, the NY Daily News reports:

CrownThe victim, Joseph Benzinger, 54, of Middle Village, was found with a shirt wrapped around his neck Saturday night in a room at the Crown Motor Inn on Queens Boulevard.

Lleuyel Garcia of Manhattan was charged early Thursday with his murder and robbery.

Benzinger and Garcia had a sexual relationship prior to the killing, cops said.

A police source said Garcia stole the victim's wallet and cell phone and that detectives use cell phone records to track the suspect down. Garcia implicated himself in the crime by admitting he was at the motel, the source said.

Community leaders this week expressed concern about the series of killings and urged gay men to use caution when meeting people online.


  1. Moz's says

    sounds a little less like murder and little more like kinky sex gone bad = manslaughter

    “had a sexual relationship prior to”
    “a shirt wrapped around his neck ”
    “a room at the Crown Motor Inn”

    its a regrettable assault on reality/truth that family and officials aren’t truthful in labeling breath control kink gone bad and instead label as suicides or murders. Many supposed suicides of guys hanging themselves are less suicides and more auto erotic asphyxiation gone bad

  2. chris says

    if it were just kinky sex gone wrong, why the missing wallet and cellphone? Stolen items imply a motive and intent to kill… therefore murder.

  3. rick scatorum says

    For chrissakes, do we have such little self regard that we’ll risk strangulation for an orgasm?

  4. doug says

    um. @moz’s. did you read the part about the robbery? or are you the new breath control spokesmodel? seriously.

  5. ratbastard says

    Mr. Benzinger, 54, white, was a sanitation worker

    Mr. Garcia,23, most likely Dominican or Dominican descent if he lives in Inwood – Hamilton Heights. This is Manhattan’s Dominican ghetto so-to-speak. Lots of open air drug dealing, loud music, low rents, subsidized and public housing.

    Do the math.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    @”Do the math.”

    The math is easy, Rat. Rough Trade cost money and they are dangerous. I learned that over 20 years ago. I’m still here…some would say, unfortunately.