Tampa Bay Lightning Would Suppport An Openly Gay Teammate

The Tampa Bay Times reports that, according to a survey of players, the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team would support an openly gay teammate.

StevensA couple of examples of supportive comments made by the 22 members of the NHL team who responded to the survey:

Center Steven Stamkos: "Not everyone has to agree with it, but if someone in our locker room you were a friend with would come out, for me, personally, I wouldn't have a problem with it. He's still a teammate. He still has your back on the ice. That's just the way it is."

Right Wing Teddy Purcell: "We're a team, a family. We don't look at anybody different like that. Everybody is different. Some guys like cars; some like trucks. You don't really care. As long as he's a good team guy and helps us win, we'll take anybody."

23 of the team's players were involved in the survey but one was not available to respond.

Retired Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has also expressed his strong support for gay players. He tweeted:

“…I've never understood this 'issue' with gay players? Who cares? I know I played with some, their sexual orientation never had much to … To do with how they hit with RISP, or pitched in late and close situations, why the hell would what they do in the bedroom ever matter?”


  1. jason says

    How refreshing to hear some common sense! Sure beats anything from the homophobic San Francisco 49 ers.

  2. MikeInQueens says

    Great comments and point of view all around. The problem with the idiots on SF’s team and the NFL in general is not whether an openly gay player can play the sport, it’s that he’s always gonna check out their “junk” or their backsides in the shower.

    Some men of color but homophobic straight men in general, shall we say, really are hung up on men checking out their butts.

    One of my very best friends ever (straight, African-American) would not allow his doctor to check his prostrate as part of the usual check-up for men over 50. Sadly, he did develop prostrate cancer, which might have been caught early had my friend allowed that basic exam to be done. But he was hung up on a male doctor sticking his finger in his rectum. Seriously. We argued about that a lot. There are other ways to detect cancer, but with the prostate, if it’s swollen it’s a good sign something’s not right. Blood tests don’t necessarily detect it in its initial stages. He passed away about two years ago.

    All this is probably stupid to write about, but I guess I’m trying to say is that some men (straight men, whatever race) think that gay men only think about straight men’s butts or some such nonsense and don’t understand that gay athletes are like straight athletes: they want to win and they want to be the best. As with anything else, being gay is more about being human and less about obsessing about skank, NFL players like the two SF imbeciles.

  3. Andy says

    All of this is speculation until major league TEAM SPORTS figures, or even one single CURRENTLY PLAYING team sports figure, actually comes out. Then lets talk about it.


    Why Andy? Once that person does come out, the b*itchy queens on here still won’t be happy. They will say “why did he wait so long” and “it’s not really courageous to come out when you are a rich sports figure”, etc, etc. They hound people to come out, then when he/she does they criticize, b*tch, whine, then criticize b*tch, wine and criticize, b*tch, whine like a bunch of high schoolers. They’ve done it before, they’ll do it again.

  5. daws says

    It’s great to hear support like this but I did get a chuckle out of his trucks and cars analogy. Straight men lol.

  6. Foursixty says

    @ Ghosts glad someone else also sees the whiny politi-tards on here for what they really are.

    Whenever I read about a gay bashing I always hope its someone like these whiny nellies – whose attitute probably brought it on themselves.


    Nah Little Kiwi. You see, unlike some of the bitter people on this board, I don’t need to hound some star to come out and then rip them to shreds after they do to make me feel better about myself. I came out in the early 2000’s. Been there, done that, but thanks for assuming though!

    Most every celebrity who has come out recently, hell even the kid who did it at a school assembly, have been ripped apart by the mean girls on this site when they do. You hound these stars to come out so they can be an example for those younger people struggling with coming out, but read the comment sections on the Towleroad stories of those who did and the postings are so mean spirited, rude, petty and sad. How does that give any incentive for anyone to come out?