Towleroad Talking Points: Dry Mouth Disaster



A look back at today's top stories


The fallout from DC Comics' decision to hire an anti-gay bigot to pen their latest comic book continues. Stores in Dallas and San Francisco have decided they will not stock the book and one Texas bookseller has gone public with his reasons why. In a thoughtful and profound speech, gay journalist and undocumented immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas testified at immigration reform hearings in DC today. It's difficult not to be moved by his words. 

Good news continues in Illinois where gay rights supporters are confident that the senate may approve same-sex marriage on Valentines Day. In response to the Westboro Baptist Church's decision to protest Vassar over supposed promotion of the "fag agenda", the school has promptly raised over $40,000. Nothing bands people together like hating the WBC. Also check out Rachel Maddow going to town on Republicans for their attempt to block benefits to gay military families




Despite an attempt to make fun of himself on Good Morning America, Marco Rubio's cotton mouth dilemma during his rebuttal to last night's State of the Union is likely not going away for a while. Ted Nugent was also not a fan of Obama's speech last night. And Anderson Cooper sat down today with Libby Phelps, who recently defected from the Westboro Baptist Church, and tried to get some insight on what it is like to grow up with so much hate



Hugh Jackman is likely riding high off his recent Oscar nomination but apparently those gay rumors are more damaging than he has been letting on. Matt Damon has decided he is swearing off pooping. And remember the little twins from Desperate Housewives? Well they got super hot and super jacked



Great news for Fire Island fans! The Pavilion nightclub is coming back to life!


  1. says

    When I was a kid,I’m 76… I recall listening to FDR’s Fireside Chats and State of the Union speeches on the radio(no TV back then) with my dad. My dad hated the Chicago Tribune for being anti-FDR, but read the paper for its sport pages. I recall listening to FDR and the next day in the Trib,on their back page where they had a a collection an up-to-date photographs from the prior day’s news. They featured a photo of FDR reaching for a glass of water without commenting on his speech.

    I almost find a similarity with much of the news media and spending too much time reporting news that is not news. Few media outlets hardly mentioned what Sen. Mark Rubio had said, and joked about his dry mouth and even his sweat. Mr. Rubio is an important spokes person representing the Republican Party. As an Independent Democrat I think it’s important to know what the opposition is thinking… and not make fun of a single moment in Mr. Rubio’s response.

  2. Kyle says

    @Jerry you are missing the point here. No one said it wasn’t important to know what the opposition is thinking. The fact is that Sen. Rubio has been highly against the idea that global warming exists for a while. He is just one voice of many different voices in the Republican party. It’s a matter of believing that the U.S.
    As Al Gore said, “Both of our major political parties [need] to operate on the basis of fact and not be told what’s acceptable to believe by big polluters.” Also, Rubio mentioned that “there are other countries with much higher pollution than the U.S., such as China”…well China is more than 4 times our size, so I don’t think that is the best benchmark to go by.