Posts from March 17, 2013

Scott Walker Sees GOP Far Removed From Reality: VIDEO


David Gregory and the Meet the Press round table today spent some time discussing Ohio Sen. Rob Portman’s announcement that he’s bucking Republican Party policy and supports marriage equality. One of the MTP guests, GOP Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, w…

Frank Bruni To Pope Francis: Stop Talking About Sex


Like many people, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni sees the ascension of Jorge Mario Bergoglio from simply Argentine cardinal to Pope Francis as a time for the church to transition as well. The church has become too mired in sexual policing, some…

Watch Boy Scout Madonna Introduce Anderson Cooper: VIDEO


Now that we’ve had time to savor Anderson Cooper’s speech from last night’s GLAAD Media Awards, here is video of Madonna introducing him. Dressed as a Boy Scout, the pop singer dropped not rhymes or tracks but admonishment and shame for those pockets…