1. says

    “Who is Azealia Banks, why is she notable and why is she being interviewed about slurs? Some context would help this article greatly.” I agree. Who is she? I have never heard of her before…perhaps she is being so controversial in order to get noticed.

  2. arrant says

    “Everything I do must be for my own benefit and I think everyone else should be that way.”

    What exquisite irony that Ayn Rand reincarnated as a D-list black pop star.

  3. Ninong says

    In order to be considered an icon, I think it’s first necessary that people know who you are. Apparently this woman’s main claim to fame is that she engaged in a Twitter war with Perez Hilton during which she called him “a messy faggot.”

    She has since explained that her definition of faggot is any male who acts like a female. She also claims to be bisexual.

    I don’t think getting in a Twitter war with anyone makes you an icon, but maybe Ms Banks has her own definition of that word, too.

  4. steve says

    compare an early interview with Madonna and this interview – the lack of charisma is…rather apparent. I will do my best to not judge this 21 year old. I don’t think being narcissistic is going to help (or has helped) her creative process.

  5. says

    Wasn’t her debut set to drop last fall? When your album keeps getting delayed, eventually it’ll never get released. (See Nicole Sherzinger and Willow Smith for examples).

    Oh well – nothing of value will be lost.

  6. says

    You guys are SOOO threatened by this. She is an awesome lady, has some killer skills in music and is GREAT at trolling you guys. Not all of us want the same thing, some of us like our tricksters with some oomph.

    Now here is in my opinion, the real deal: Is her personal view on the use of a word reason enough to hate her so much? Why do you hate things sooo easily? Why are you such a jaded loser?

    Seems like most of you don’t listen to her, continue to do that, she has no impact on your world, if you think she does YOU ARE DELUSIONAL.

  7. testington says

    “And up next the hit song by Azealia Banks” said no DJ ever. Seriously, I’ve never heard her songs on the radio and only know her from reading article about her saying things like fagot on twitter.

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