1. MaryM says

    Until Bill Clinton apologises for signing that brutally bigoted DOMA into law and until it has been repealed, then the Clintons are no friends of the LGBT community.

    They are subject to the same conditions as Ken Mehlman.

    Forgiveness will only be forthcoming once the massive damage they have inflicted on the LGBT community has been undone.

  2. David Hearne says

    I spent a lot of time and money supporting Hillary Clinton in the primary against Obama. She sold out. Meanwhile, I completely missed her positions on gun control. As she has no respect for the Constitution I cannot support her any longer. I would prefer that she retire now.

  3. melvin says

    Politicians are weathervanes, not activists or philosophers or movement leaders. It isn’t worth all this angst over their opinions. They will come around in due time.

  4. Michael Bedwell says

    When Jonathan Capehart apologizes for having his head up Obama’s ass for the last several years DEFENDING him REGARDLESS of what he did such as NEEDLESSLY shitcanning some 700 more gays before Congress repealed DADT…THEN he can talk. As for DOMA, sure Clinton could and should have SYMBOLICALLY refused to sign it but it would STILL have become law when the gay-panicked Congress overrode his veto. But the stupidiest thing people forget is that the federal government NEVER recognized gay relationships BEFORE it…all DOMA did was codify what had been the practice throughout our history, and likely STILL would be without enough votes in Congress even in 2013 to force them to do otherwise even were there no DOMA. But this is the way the Gay Herd runs today: Bill is always Satan, and Barack is always Saint.

  5. brenda says

    why the media insist on a one sided view on lgbt. I have not heard anything in the media about how sinful and criminal this behavior is. It’s almost as if the media is in support of the lgbt and no one else has a voice. Everything is gay in the media… Is it because of the president…we know he is gay and that is the reason why he support same sex marriages. Have we become a nation were the scum rises to the top…and everybody is blinded…..Our creator said it is a sin… is a sin against God…take off the blinders people and stand….stop being lead by man into the pits of hell….

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