1. Cal says

    “…for all I know, there are still people, today, who are living lives burdened by not being able to reveal who they really are…”

    I appreciate the sentiment, but saying “for all I know” as if it’s some abstract thing that may or may not be happening is kind of weird.

    Nonethless, he’s doing the right thing so I’ll give a pass.

  2. lee says

    wow people just take the support we need people like this man because guess what money talks in this country and it rather that money and those who own it on our side

  3. anon says

    GS may be corrupt as a bank, but they definitely don’t discriminate against minorities. This probably goes back to their founding as a refuge for Jewish MBA’s that couldn’t otherwise get a job on Wall St.

  4. Audi-owner says

    @ Lee:

    You know these queens are NEVER satisfied with anything in their pathetic miserable and most likely,lonely lives. OC and Ratbastard (what an appropriate name) are living proof of that.

  5. ratbastard says


    1) Actually, you’re right as far as Blankfein is concerned. It’s good he’s supporting gays and should be thanked for it. I actually do appreciate him for doing it.

    2) I am a nice guy in person, am not lonely and live a full-filling life. I just randomly picked the name ‘ratbastard’.

    3) Why ‘Audi-Owner’? It sounds phuking pretentious. Just saying.

    4) Mr. Blankfein and Goldman Sachs are not doing ‘God’s Work’.

  6. Ursula says

    This man only sees the money he can make in any situation. Not interested in where he stands on the issue of full gay equality. Think of all the suffering he has caused. Influential or not the man is awfulness.

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