1. Randy says

    Not even close.

    They are not including briefs files AGAINST us. I don’t see WBC’s brief, or Becket Fund’s brief in that list.

    AND they don’t even include all briefs filed FOR us. For example, they omit this one, on our side:

    The repeated omission of this group’s brief (in both Prop 8 and DOMA cases) is disturbing. What other groups have been similarly omitted like this?

  2. Emmy says

    I don’t think so. I think they’ll only read the brief from the Obama Admin.

  3. patrick says

    Agreed! Where are the briefs from the other side? Talk about preaching to the choir. We need to know our enemies’ arguments. Sheesh.

  4. Dennis says

    Gee, not one single brief from any “transgender” organization. We have briefs from straight football players and historians and sociologists, but not one brief from a gang that claims to be one “people” with LGBs. So much for “we all stand together” and all that crap. LGBT is about trans activists hijacking the LGB movement. They couldn’t give a rat’s ass about marriage equality or about us as people. Many of them oppose marriage equality, and that includes the first trans celebrity, Renee Richards.

  5. rjp3 says

    The T are now suggesting the GLB be removed and it become all about Gender up front === a strange lot in that “movement” to be sure. Because they do not believe in Gender as a fixed issue – I honestly do not believe they accept the concept of homosexuality or bisexuality as to them “gender” is fluid and they do not want the concept of sex = male or female =to be allowed. (This IS the position of the hard core gender activists)

  6. Randy says

    I’m shocked by the American Jewish Committee’s brief, which basically argues for a broad religious exemption to marriage equality, claiming to find a moral equivalence between marriage equality and bigotry.

    They ask the Supreme Court to address issues not before it (by directing lower courts to address the issue which also isn’t before them in this case either) pre-emptively, granting to religious bigots new rights that they do not have already under the federal or state constitutions, so that they don’t ever have to serve gay or lesbian spouses (e.g. an individual may ban gay wedding receptions, or a social work student at a state university may be permitted to devalue gay marriages, adoption agencies may exclude gay married couples, and charities may pretend their employees’ spouses don’t exist … etc). They demand these exemptions, even though they were apparently unnecessary for mixed-race marriages, and mixed-religion marriages, and re-marriages, which have been viewed as invalid by certain religions with similar ferocity. They seek a tiered system of marriages, where popular “traditional” marriages get wide support, and less popular same-sex marriages see wide discrimination by religious organizations AND individuals, with the government unable to protect same-sex spouses.

    This brief more properly belongs with the likes of Becket Fund and WBC, not in San Francisco’s collection.

    San Francisco promotes this brief, and yet avoids being associated with the humanists, who provided full support for us in their brief, while also debunking these nonsense claims of AJC. As their brief puts it “when religious believers enter into commerce, they must comply with the law and cannot justify law-breaking that infringes the legal rights of others by claiming some special religious privilege.”