Illinois Lawmaker Says Gays are ‘Disordered’ and ‘Trying to ‘Weasel Way Into Acceptability’ – AUDIO


Illinois Rep. Jeanne Ives (R) spoke with the Catholic Conference of Illinois in a radio interview and laid out the reasons why she's not going to vote for marriage equality.

Because gays have "disordered relationships" and "they’re trying to weasel their way into acceptability" so they can influence children in schools.

Said Ives:

"They're trying to redefine marriage. It's a completely disordered relationship and when you have a disordered relationship, you don’t ever get order out of that. So I’m more than happy to take a 'no' vote on the issue of homosexual marriage."

She added:

"I'm more than happy to stand up and take a courageous vote here on this issue because it's the right thing to do. Essentially what they’re trying to do is not just redefine marriage, they’re trying to redefine society. They’re trying to weasel their way into acceptability so that they can then start to push their agenda down into the schools, because this gives them some sort of legitimacy. And we can’t allow that to happen. The rights to marriage, it's really a natural right.  It’s the natural right of the child to be with both parents, either in an adoptive nature or in a biological nature. To not have a mother and a father is really a disordered state for a child to grow up in and it really makes that child an object of desire rather than the result of a matrimony."

Meanwhile, Capitol Fax is reporting that marriage equality is still 12 votes shy of having the votes to pass. And a vote could come any day now.

While we're not sure you're going to convince a wingnut like Ives you can still call your lawmakers, Illinoisans. And find out how to do so HERE.


  1. Bob says

    Probably 1000 times more kids lack a 2 parent home in Chicago alone, than all kids in Gay families combined. But then, lots of those are Black people, who do not count as human to her, any more than Gays do.

  2. Chadd says

    Ives should do some research on George Wallace so she can see what it is like to be immortal on the wrong side of history. The future will not be kind to Ms Ives and it won’t be because of that hairdo.

  3. Bernie says

    and talking about disordered and re-writing …this nut job is claiming that having a mother and father is a natural right……her jibber makes absolutely no sense

  4. Bernie says

    and talking about disordered and re-writing …this nut job is claiming that having a mother and father is a natural right……her jibber makes absolutely no sense

  5. says

    Yeah, we all know where she got that word “disordered”….from that toad of an ex Nazi who has just resigned.
    I guess the Church has given a voice to the closet bigots and phobes….. well done, followers of Jesus and successor of St. Peter….you have let slip the dogs of prejudice.

  6. Thomas says

    I bet I could catalog about two hundred things she does a day that violate the natural order. Starting with that hair.

    I do hope that when she’s Governor she enforces the right of children to have two opposite sex parents by requiring that single people marry. Should be fun.

  7. Sargon Bighorn says

    I don’t want her acceptance, so get lost. I’m not weaseling my way into anything, I’m DEMANDING equality as I’m expected to pay the same taxes and obey the same laws, I demand the same civil rights. And what’s the last fall back for the bigot? THINK OF THE CHILDREN! Well times are changing and you will be recorded as the bigot you are Rep. Ives.

  8. bandanajack says

    anything i could say about her appearance suggesting that there may be some secret same sex longings in her closet might be seen as stereotyping and reductionist, but tammy baldwin has a more feminine appearance than this beauty. IF she went to college, i hope someone is interviewing her roommates, or the other members of her field hockey team. she had to play field hockey or softball, didn’t she?

    and WEASEL my way to acceptability? oh HELL no. dynamite is more like it.

  9. David Hearne says

    @ Bob – You almost had it right. The correct take is, “But those are black people and a politician can’t point to them as the reason he opposes gay rights.”

    One can reasonable suspect that the black civil rights movement is a major reason why gay rights meets with such resistance. Go to any conservative bulletin board and the complaints about gay rights are based in an expectation of hiring quotas, affirmative action, and cause hearings every time a gay person is fired or gets his feelings hurt on the job.

    You can’t convince me that racial desegregation of the military wasn’t a major reason for hostility towards the end of discrimination against gay people. That and the fear that we would take over or already have.

  10. says

    It’s interesting how many times she mentioned ‘disordered’ and how she emphasized this label.

    It’s really nothing more than projection. SHE is disordered. It’s pathological narcissist, psychopaths and sociopaths that speak this way about others. They love to project onto others, strip away their rights, create fear and hysteria, and financially and socially destroy and harm.

    Anyone who advocates for these things, is truly ‘disordered’ and we have a ton of these human units in government, unfortunately.

  11. Michaelandfred says

    Seriously, all joking aside, how are these idiots getting elected? Were politicians always this stupid and we’re just now being made aware of it, or are we looking at a whole new level of ignorance?

  12. stranded says

    Pedo press reports closeted homophobe distracted by weasels taking over their schools. Irony not her only victim. News of her secrets imminent.

  13. Janice says

    Nothing like a closet-case member of the Church-of-Child-Rape-Cover-Ups trying to impose her self-righteous morality on the rest of society. Laughable.
    (Speaking of laughable… She needs to befriend some gays to give her some hair advice!)

  14. Charles Walker says

    I don’t know why this woman thinks only heterosexual parents can raise a child. As long as their parents love them and take good care of them, they won’t care if the parents are straight, gay or whatever. Children need a safe, supportive, loving enviroment to become the best adults they can be and gay parents can do that just as well as straight ones. Maybe better.

  15. J says

    I do not like the words that she uses but in many ways I find the content acceptable. She is entitled to her opinion. Marriage is a natural and religious construct. There should be equal rights, that does not have to mean marriage.

  16. Sargon Bighorn says

    J, huh? how would one grant equal civil marriage rights with out using the word and so that EVERYONE understood that ALL the same rights are conferred? Remember, the word “marriage” is in legal documents, you can’t go back and change ALL the legal documents to have two or more words describing THE SAME THING. So, what word would you use that is equal to marriage to grant equal marriage rights? What word is that? Civil Unions are not equal, Domestic Partnership is not equal. What work equals “marriage” in it’s meanings and legal content?

  17. Spite says

    If it’s only 12 votes away let it happen. Why force or “weasel” people into deciding the outcome? Because you are trying to get marriage any way you can. It’s obvious at this point. It’s not about marriage it’s about spite.

  18. candideinnc says

    What amazes me is that this vain, clueless, vapid and bigoted woman thinks she is entitled to be a judge of me or my partner or our lives. I would be shocked if she has a GED. My cat’s litter box is less offensive than this witch.

  19. Jake says

    Let’s make her gay – like us. Then she would have to be evil. Why use gay women against us? Not everyone is a closet case. It’s the first impulse to make an adversary gay. That means you’re all F-ed up.

  20. EchtKultig says

    Jake – you are well intentioned, but you haven’t lived enough. (probably) Most people who make a point of being publicly anti-gay are using their positions to beard for them. Not all of them, but most of them. I can’t tell you how many Baptists and Fundies I’ve met who scream closet case in every aspect of their personae. The only way they can cope with the lie they live is to hate people who are living the truth. The whole reason many cafeteria Catholics won’t adopt their elders’ anti-gay hysteria is that they realize that they didn’t choose their sexuality, and, obviously most gay people didn’t choose theirs either.

  21. EchtKultig says

    And, in fact, I’d argue that with politicians and ministers, there’s a perverse kind of “therapeutic incentive.” (Perverse means willfully wrong, not necessarily the more extreme perverted. Though in the grand scheme of things, fostering hate is both.) They are partly driven to become politicians to destroy the very thing they long to destroy in themselves.

  22. says

    Straight people redefined marriage long before we got near it, and she–duh–has no rational reasoning, just pure bigotry. When the Constitution is on your side, you don’t have to “weasel.” History will decide who the real weasels are, and one will have a blond shag with bangs and an unnatural interest in depriving others of civil liberties.

    And, yes, accusing openly gay people of being disordered while speaking with a Catholic Conference is ironic beyond words.

  23. pedro says

    Using gay accusations to insult homophobes is the height of internalised homophobia…but it is interesting to read the stereotypical lesbian insults that so many of you guys are dishing out. Inreresting but pathetic.

  24. says

    Even though she says reprehensible language we should limit our use of the word c***. Women including lesbians and straight female allies get repulsed by us using it.

    Primary her in 2014. Register more voters in her district against her. Make her spend more money to run next term.

  25. bkmn says

    Enjoy your time on the throne honey, cause the last days were your best.

    Disordered? Is there anything more disordered than posing for a GlamourShots pic?

  26. EchtKultig says

    “Even though she says reprehensible language we should limit our use of the word c***. Women including lesbians and straight female allies get repulsed by us using it.”

    This I agree with.

  27. Bob says

    I AM TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY WE NEED TO SEE EVERY WING NUT ENEMY ON TOWLE — at a certain point, knowing there is opposition and having how important the opposing persons are put into perspective is better for my sanity than listening to trash from yet another wing nut with one vote in a legislature or the paid head of another small bigoted lobby.
    I think I need to save getting upset for the folks who are a real threat.

  28. johnny says

    What really bothers me:

    I’ve been out for almost 35 years. I’ve known hundreds of gay people of all kinds (mean, nice, butch, fey, pervy, straight-laced, you name it).

    Not ONCE have I ever heard ANY one of them talk about influencing children or trying to get our “agenda” (whatever that is) into schools.

    Not once.

    Why do these ‘phobes keep hanging out that straw man, over and over and over when everyone knows it’s total B.S.???

  29. David Hearne says

    Would you all please grow up and think before you write? You are equating unattractiveness with being gay. You are saying that because this woman looks a certain way, then she must be a lesbian. You are saying that because she hates gay people she must be gay. Are you serious? Who is the real enemy here?

    By your logic, David Duke is black. Well he isn’t. And being the Grand Imperial Wizard of the KKK wouldn’t suggest that he is. Being a right wing anti-gay dingbat doesn’t mean that Michelle Bachman is gay either.

    Look at what you have said. Did anyone accuse Michele Bachmann of being a lesbian? I can’t recall them doing that. But they did accuse her husband. Why?

    Kiwi is here always accusing people of internalized homophobia, well the whole “anti-gay = gay” presumption/projection is gay people using gay words in the pejorative. Stop it.

  30. says

    she really wants at least one of her young relatives to commit suicide, eh?

    Hi, folks – being anti-gay won’t make your family “immune” from having gay children.

    what would they rather do? walk their child down the aisle in a same-sex wedding, or be their own child’s pallbearer?

  31. Dan B says

    “… it really makes that child an object of desire rather than the result of a matrimony.”

    WOW, this speaks volumes about this woman’s screwed-up belief system. Heaven forbid anyone raise children because they actually WANT to rather than raising children born as a result of the Catholic Church’s prohibition on birth control! She must be so bitter about being an unwanted baby that she wants every other baby in the world to be unwanted.

  32. Dan B says


    While it is good advice to save your anger for where & when it’s useful, it’s also important that there be a media record of these peoples’ words and deeds. Some of them will be hindered from doing further damage by having the spotlight shine on them. Others, sadly, may get far in their ambitions, and when they do, it will be important that someone remembers who they stepped on to climb the ladder of success.

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