Posts from March 2013

Gay Couples Challenge Utah Marriage Ban In Court


Overshadowed by this week's historic marriage equality Supreme Court hearings was a lawsuit filed several days ago by three gay and lesbian couples in the U.S. District in Utah which challenges that state's ban on same-sex marriage. The Daily…

Video: AFER’s Inside Look At Prop 8 SCOTUS Case


The American Foundation for Equal Rights has released a poignant behind-the-scenes video about the days before and after the Supreme Court's hearing on the Prop 8 case. Among those interviewed in this clip are of the several plaintiffs and their…

About: Steve Pep


Steve has contributed to various online publications both as a writer and editor. As one of the original editors of Queerty, he has covered all aspects of LGBT news since 2005. Steve has also worked on the online objectives for several organizations,…