Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) is ‘Evolving’ on Gay Marriage

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) is "evolving" on the subject of gay marriage, or, as Jeremy Hooper puts it, is "totally going to support equality once polls tell her she can comfortably do so…"

MurkowskiThe HuffPost reports:

"The term 'evolving view' has been perhaps overused, but I think it is an appropriate term for me to use," she said in an address at the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce, according to the Chugiak-Eagle River Star.

Murkowski elaborated on her stance to Alaska Public Radio. "I think you are seeing a change in attitude, change in tolerance, I guess, and an acceptance that what marriage should truly be about is a lasting, loving, committed relationship with respect to the individual," she said. Her comments came on the same day as the Supreme Court heard arguments challenging the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Who will be the next Republican to make the leap? Guesses, anyone?


  1. Terry says

    Next Republican? I live in Illinois, and one of my Senators is Mark Kirk. He hasn’t seemed to be in the insane Rand Paul/Ted Cruz wing of the Republican Party. Kirk is for civil unions, and he supported repeal of DADT. I wish he would come out in favor of marriage equality.

  2. Brian says

    This seems like a big deal. It’s one thing for blue state republicans to get on the bandwagon, but for a republican to get ahead of both the official party line and voters in red state Alaska seems like a pretty brave move.

  3. Patric says

    I wouldn’t necessarily count on the useless Susan Collins, darling of the Log Cabin crowd (who erroneously proclaim her the champion of DADT repeal despite the fact that she’d voted to filibuster repeal on multiple occasions during 2010). Like her former colleague Olympia Snowe, she is scared to death of the active Tea Party wing of the Maine Republican Party, which seized the Governor’s mansion in 2010, and has refused to endorse either marriage equality in her state or repeal of DOMA. Her position might be tolerable if we were talking about North Carolina or Missouri or Louisiana but Maine deserves a true progressive in that seat and she’s shown time and again, on issue after issue from gay rights to health insurance reform, that she is no progressive and is only even arguably a “moderate.” Personally, if what it takes to dislodge her from that seat next year is a successful primary challenge by a right-winger, I’d welcome it (as unlikely as that probably is).

  4. Patric says

    There’s nothing brave about this, Brian. Alaska is a red state but, while there is a significant culturally conservative minority there, large portions of the Republican base are more libertarian in nature. If you look at analyses such as Nate Silver’s, you’ll see that Alaska is reasonably high up the list in terms of support for marriage equality. As significantly, she won her last election with tons of cross-over support from Dems and virtually no support from cultural conservatives, who all voted for Joe Miller.

  5. says

    I remember going to a play in the early 60s with my Sister-in-Law , and when it ended,I asked her what she thought about it? She said she’ll have to read the reviews first. Many Republicans seem to be saying the same thing. However, in most cases… it has to do with their next election. Even President Obama evolved… however I believe he honestly has changed. In the case of most if not all Republicans, when they do… it hypocracy talking!

  6. Brian says


    Maybe brave is too strong a word, but the national republican party is still officially, strongly against gay marriage, Alaska is a republican stronghold, support for gay marriage in the state is only 43% and undoubtedly much lower in the republican party there.

    I think the “not brave” part isn’t that she’s from Alaska, it’s that she didn’t endorse gay marriage outright, just signalled it’s coming.

  7. graphicjack says

    So evolving really means… I support it, but I’m too scared to say that outright because I’m not sure if my vocal support will cost me too many votes the next election cycle. I know it’s what Obama said as well, so I am as frustrated with this hedging coming from the left as well as from the right, but I don’t call it brave to say, “I’m evolving”. If anything, it’s saying, “I’m afraid to voice my real opinion.” Explain how is that brave, exactly?

  8. Owen says

    @Patric I wouldn’t cite Nate Silver’s model as a true reflection of public opinion. It’s mostly based on conjecture rather than true polling aggregation, so it’s bound to have some error.

  9. northalabama says

    please, let’s lighten up on those willing to support gay marriage. i fully understand the headline and the feelings that only when it became convenient the statement was made.

    we don’t want to discourage anyone who is in support of this cause from speaking up. it can’t be wrong not to show support, and then wrong when you do. that’s ridiculous.

  10. chicagoan says

    Funny how when a republican is evolving on the issue, they’re just “holding out” until it’s the popular thing to do.

    But when Obama supported marriage equality, then came out against it for his Senate/Presidential run, and then began evolving again and came out right when support of it was juuuust crossing the 50% mark, that’s perfectly fine!

    Some of y’all are so blinded by labels (Dem and GOP) it’s truly amazing.

  11. Mic says

    They are only “coming around” for one reason; The Conservative supreme court justices need “proof” that gays are NOT politically disenfranchised…across the broad political spectrum.

    This new ‘revelation’ allows Scalia, Alito and Thomas the ability to convince Kennedy and Roberts that DOMA/PROP 8 don’t need to be struck down in teir courts because…The winds are changing on Gay Rights so our nation should let the political process drag on and on, case by case, dollar by dollar It is callous and disengenious to think that these ‘converted republicans’ actually have Gay Rights in mind. Appeasing Scalia and Thomas (and Rove I bet)’s desire to contine to discriminate is te real reason why these republcans have massively, suddenly changed their view.
    Make no doubt. These turn-coats are just that. And what they have planned for people like us…is far, far from Equality.

  12. Ken says

    Let’s just remember that Murkowski is already hated by the right wing of her party. In her last election she lost the GOP primary to an ultra conservative tea party guy but won as an independent write in candidate in the general. So, it’s not that big a political risk, her support is from moderates and independents, that’s who she needs to appeal to.

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