1. Alan says

    The male-male kiss looks decidedly less erotic than the female-female one. The men have their mouths closed.

    It’s typical of the homophobic double standard of Time magazine and other liberal media publications. According to liberals, girl-girl is hot but guy-guy is gross. Liberals are the enemy, guys.

  2. rise says

    Alan is correct. Libs have a homophobic double standard. In all adult movies, lesbianism is included amongst hetero activity. Male-male sex is usually completely forbidden in the same movies.

    Libs stink. They’re frauds. Lesbians are the enemy.

  3. Francis says

    Actually, the ladies are doing the “soap opera” kiss where the lips are centered above and below the actual mouth opening. The men, however, have their lips actually touching and centered correctly – if somewhat in a chaste manner.

  4. says


    hilarious, too, that our resident conservative troll is now suggesting that it’s, uh, conservatives that are wholly supportive of gay male couples. or something. that’s pretty gosh darn funny :)

  5. rise says


    I’m glad you noticed Time magazine’s double standard. Time magazine is extremely homophobic towards male-male sexuality, less so towards female-female. In fact, all liberals are like this.

  6. ripper says

    TIME’s U.S. print circulation has stabilized at about 3 million, making it one of the top publications still in circulation. And that doesn’t even begin to take in account the millions who read TIME online, where this same cover story is currently the lead.

    Yeh, no one reads TIME.

    Your homophobia is (once again) showing, Ratbastard. Keep trying to downplay anything that shows positive gay representation.

  7. rise says

    Time magazine has a homophobic double standard that is typical of libs. The differing treatments of these same-sex kisses proves it. To libs, girl-girl is “hot” . Libs suck and so do the lesbians who exploit this double standard.

  8. Armando Sanchez says

    This is all great and everything, but, seriously, why do all four people have to be white? They couldn’t find a gay person of color or a white person who would kiss one? This is basically saying, “Congratulations, white gay folk, you can get married now.”

  9. says

    dear liberal-hating gay male conservatives, why not share a photo of yourselves kissing your partners/boyfriends while being surrounded by your awesome and supportive non-gay conservative allies?



  10. CD says

    It’s great that Time magazine says marriage equality is all but a certainty; what isn’t so great is their decision to sexualize it for their cover image. It just feels to be sending the wrong message to the general public. While there is a minority that will be against the images, they tend to be the most vocal.

  11. ratbastard says


    TIME is he last man standing. It has really no competition at least in print format, especially now that Newsweek is history.


    TIME is trying to be edgy. Nothing wrong with that, but how does it make me ‘homophobic’ to point out marketing strategies?

  12. says

    people need to be “shocked” by images of same-sex kissing and affection until they’re not shocked anymore.

    we live in a world that cheers a man for carrying a gun and freaks out when they see him kiss another man.

    it’s embarrassing.

  13. ripper says

    A kiss is sexual?

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If only I got sex every time my husband and I kiss.

    I didn’t think the comments on this site could get any more retarded than the drivel Ratbastard posts, but that certainly takes it.

  14. MateoM says

    Ripper, thank you for pointing out that rise and alan are just aliases of the same stupid troll that frequents Towleroad on the daily. Same tired anti-liberal rant he/she/it posts under several aliases. It’s so tired.

  15. Lalala says

    Oh yes, those sneaky liberals! They really hate the gays…. they just SAY they don’t in things like the Democrat Party Platform paragraph below. It’s really a long con…

    “We support marriage equality and support the movement to secure equal treatment under law for same-sex couples. We also support the freedom of churches and religious entities to decide how to administer marriage as a religious sacrament without government interference.”

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