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Astronaut Chris Hadfield Puts on His 'Space Jammies', Shows How They Sleep at the ISS: VIDEO


Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, last seen here demonstrating how tears do not fall from your eye in space but instead stick to your face like a big glob, puts on his "space jammies" in a new video and reveals how they sleep on the International Space Station.


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Four Teens Beat Calgary Woman While Shouting Anti-Gay Slurs


An attack on a 17-year-old lesbian in Calgary, Canada is being investigated as a hate crime, CTV reports:

The 17-year-old lesbian was jumped late Thursday night, shortly after getting off a transit bus near her home.

The victim says a group of four teenagers attacked her, punching and kicking her several times, while using homophobic slurs.

She says one of the attackers recorded the beating on his phone.

“(I’m) pretty shaken up, it's hard not to be scared,” says the victim.  “This is my neighborhood and I’ve always felt safe in it and now I don't. I've had people throw things at me and play ‘pick on the lesbian on the bus’, and put gum in my hair but nobody has physically assaulted me until now.”

The victim says she has a black eye swollen so tight she can hardly open it, a split lip, her mouth and forehead are cut open.

Watch a video report on the attack HERE.

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California Vintner Creates 'Same-Sex Meritage' Wine to Benefit Marriage Equality: VIDEO


California vintners Matt Gold and Josh Stein created 'Same Sex Meritage' wine and teamed up with Cellar Angels, which pairs its wineselling with donations to worthy causes.

Says founder Matt Gold:

In September 2012, I was introduced to a very talented winemaker with a big heart, Josh Stein of Stein Family Wines, about a matter unrelated to Same Sex Meritage. The conversation arrived at a juncture where it made sense for me to bring up my failed pipe dream. I explained the concept and my vision for Same Sex Meritage to Josh and he loved the idea. Within ten minutes of meeting, we had decided to create this wine as 50/50 partners and we’ve accomplished a lot since that first conversation. We haven’t singlehandedly overturned DOMA, but we write checks every month to the amazing advocacy group Freedom to Marry. As the official partner of Same Sex Meritage and the other wines we will be releasing in Summer 2013, Freedom To Marry receives $1 from every bottle we sell. It’s the only check we look forward to writing. With the support of progressive folks who want equal marriage rights for all, we hope the amount on those checks grows every single month.

Watch an interview with the vintners, AFTER THE JUMP...


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World's Tallest Building Burj Khalifa Creaks During Wind Storm: VIDEO


The uploader, an inhabitant of Dubai's massive Burj Khalifa tower, writes:

This almost spooky noise occurred for a few minutes during the strongest winds. As much as people like to think large skyscrapers rock back and forth a lot and make you sea sick - you actually couldn't feel a thing. Only this calm peaceful noise of the tower handling the winds.

Peaceful? Eh. Eerie? Definitely.

Watch and listen, AFTER THE JUMP...

(via gizmodo)

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70 Anti-Gay Marriage Protesters Arrested in Paris for Trying to Set Up Campsite Outside National Assembly


French police today arrested approximately 70 anti-gay activists today as they tried to set up camp outside the National Assembly in advance of a final April 23 vote on marriage equality, Reuters reports:

Around 70 people were arrested early on Monday and placed in custody after they tried to set up a campsite outside the National Assembly, the lower house of parliament, near the banks of the Seine river, a police official said.

Another 19 protesters were stopped by police for identity checks late on Sunday as they waited for Interior Minister Manuel Valls to leave a concert hall in the capital.

Violent rhetoric by anti-gay groups is being ratcheted up in advance of the vote, with one anti-gay leader declaring blood would be spilled should the legislature vote for equality.

The April 23 date is a new one, weeks earlier than initially planned.

Watch a Christian World News report on the marriage debate in France, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Tom Cruise Plays Egg Roulette with Jimmy Fallon, Loses: VIDEO


The yolk was on Tom Cruise Friday night in a game of roulette with Jimmy Fallon. Twice.



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