1. TANK says

    Okay, even though some of the bitter, middle-aged queens around here are going to get upset, Tank has to keep it real. You bitches who are criticizing this guy would be all over him like a bad rash if he just gave you an ounce of encouragement. Yeah, he doesn’t seem very bright, he’s not very articulate, and he’s probably got some bigoted views, but I still think a lot of you wouldn’t mind banging this big, manly dude! I’m just trying to keep it real, guys!

  2. Brian says

    I’ve watched this three times and I don’t understand it at all. It was like he has Tourette’s, as the swears coming out of his mouth were totally random and unrelated to what’s going on around him. And he continued to say something else I couldn’t hear while his co-anchor was trying to plow through the broadcast. Maybe he was rehearsing a list of words he shouldn’t say?

    Anyway, all is forgiven as he redeemed himself with his impromptu bio: “I’m used to being from the east coast”

  3. NewMarc says

    I’m not american so maybe I’m wrong but did he used the word “gay” as to mean “stupid”? Why nobody seems to be upset about that? It seems to me this is the most homophobic thing possible. Maybe it’s because my knowledge of English is limited but i don’t get why this is not a big deal, I mean not only in this instance. Sorry for my english.

  4. kenneth says

    The guy is so nervous he can’t even say his own name. He can’t even say where he is from. You can imagine the show producers yelling in his ear and her ear too. He saw a long confusing name and exclaimed the f bomb…the real issue is his diction and pronunciation for a news professional. All around, he needs work

  5. Chris says

    Poor dumb thing, God love him. I hope he doesn’t lose his job over this, but if he does, hey, look at the bright side. He’ll have a really funny story to share with his new co-workers over at the Fargo Piggly-Wiggly.

  6. Mitch says

    What’s to be upset about here? First day job jitters gone totally bad. And few among us haven’t let out a few four letter words. A suspension seems like overkill. I’d bet he learned a valuable lesson – and is pretty unlikely to do it again.

  7. David Hearne says

    Nat – In the first place, North Dakota has something like 75,000 nonwhite people (give or take depending upon whether you are using “caucasian” or some BS definition of “white people”) . In the second place, I don’t know why you would think that A.J. Clemente is not caucasian. Do you also consider Mel Martinez, Columba Bush, and Marco Rubio to be nonwhite? Finally, exactly why would it be a shame if these were indeed nonwhite people and the only nonwhite people in North Dakota? You talk like a fool.

  8. CAnaivePete says

    Ok. This is both funny and stupid. But it is not mean. The guy is just a beginner. On his first day. One would think all of you started out fully competent, mistake-free. This station, like others around the country, is where those starting out cut their teeth. I believe him when he says he will try to learn from this, and maybe he will, assuming he ever gets the chance.

  9. Lukas says

    Seems like a nice enough guy…and the blunder with the microphone being on or off is a minor thing…I get he was just frustrated with what he had to read….however once he started talking I thought is there a gumball in his mouth….he hardly moves his lips and does not announciate clearly…did not understand him at all…so the question is…who put him in that place to begin with….that is the person at fault here..

  10. Lars says

    Upon reviewing….the guy just looks super, super nervous. He was paranoid that he would trip over the marathoner’s name, and it was all downhill from there.

    Feel bad for him.

  11. Tony says

    And to think people have been making fun of Ryan Locthe’s interview skills! All joking aside…I’ve worked in local TV and this stuff happens all the time. Smaller stations are understaffed and the anchor people (and production staff) are green most of the time. I’ll give him a pass on this one.

  12. TantumErgo says

    Putting his comments aside, he is just a lousy newscaster. Clearly, this is not an occupation he is suited for. What was station management in North Dakota thinking of when they brought him in and hired him….diversity, maybe? Well, they are not very good at it.

  13. Interested Observer says

    Note to on-air commentators: Always read your copy before going on. Even “pros” have stumbled over a name, but without the color commentary, haha.

    If things don’t work out in North Dakota, I’m sure there’s a place for him at Fox News.

  14. Caliban says

    You can tell he’s nervous as hell and reading over his script, trying to get the names right so he won’t stumble when it’s time for him to speak. What’s odd is that he’s looking down and practicing his script after the newscast has clearly started! Did he think the camera was ONLY going to be on her?

    Poor guy. No harm, no foul really, but he really needs more practice, better direction, and some enunciation lessons.

  15. says

    I feel for the guy. First day on the anchor job, moved half-way across the country to be there. He was nervous, struggling so hard to be perfect. My heart goes out to him.

    I sent an email to the general manager at the station hoping he gives AJ a break.

    The only thing he did wrong was to get so focused on trying to pronounce “Tsegaye Kebede” that he was a bit oblivious to everything else going on.

  16. KT says

    I feel bad for the poor guy – it reminds me of the scene in Broadcast News where Albert Brooks takes over the weekend anchor desk and sweats out a storm. Glad he clarified the “gay” comment and it definitely makes sense. Unfortunately trying to pronounce the runner’s name tripped him up. Hopefully the station gives him a second chance. Almost all the Facebook comments are supportive of him. However, if he screws up again then give him the heave ho.

  17. Clyde says

    I buy his explanation. Its his first show, of course he is rehearsing his script and an African name would send most of us into “repeat until correct” mode. Hell, even the top anchors mess up foreign names (remember the Icelandic volcano?). I just find it funny he was so clueless that the show was starting.


  18. Inis says

    I feel bad for the guy, mostly because he is “used to living on the East coast” and now he’s stuck in North Dakota. Gotta be a culture shock there.

  19. Nat says

    Wow, I don’t know what happened to my original reply to David but here’s how it went:

    I am Asian/Pac and live in a diverse urban metropolis that I love.

    I have encountered experiences in the south and midwest where Asians like me (Brown) simply do not exist and I have had to endure weird stares, uncomfortable gawks, and annoying questions like “What the hell are you?” since I do not look Black or Latino.

    And where you got “shame” from, I have no idea. I just feel sad that they probably have to endure that crap all the time.

    For the record, I don’t think Rubio is white and I do not know the ither two you mentioned.

    Assuming stuff makes you an ass.

  20. David Hearne says

    Derrick – Good luck with that Trayvon. BTW, FLorida is 80% caucasian and gets new ones every year. Howbeit shortly I will no longer live in Florida. I am moving to California, a county which has less than 1% negroes. I know you delight in blacks having destroyed major sections of major cities, but you do know that you won’t be allowed to do that forever, right? We’ll put an end to welfare and you’ll have to work to survive.

  21. ratbastard says


    And Japan is 99% Japanese. They like it that way. The Chinese like China to be for Chinese, Koreans Korea, Jamaica for Jamaicans. There are cities in the U.S. that are OVERWHELMINGLY black, or have huge black populations [or Hispanic] even though black folks make up only 13% of the U.S. population. What’s the big deal or ‘shame’ of North Dakota being overwhelmingly white? Or Vermont for that matter.

    And yes, Spain, Portugal,Italy,Greece are white, European countries. The descendants of immigrants from said countries are white, unless they intermarried/bred with another so-called race, like Mestizo Indians from Latin America, or with folks of African or Asian descent.

  22. ratbastard says


    Guess what? I’ve been to Japan and Korea. Guess what? I got stared at ALL THE TIME. Because I’m ‘white’ with funny color hair and eyes [to some Asians at least]. People didn’t mean any harm, they’re just basically provincial hicks. Asians don’t celebrate diversity. But being stared at for non-Asians in Asia is a fact of life.

  23. CVP says

    The GM and news director of this station should both be fired. Neither knows nothing re. hiring on-air talent. Apparently, the pickings are very slim in ND if they have to hire from so far outside like WV. Watch the mea culpa follow-up by her with the weather guy. More awfulness. Just tragic.

  24. Critifur says

    Is this NBC affiliate run by the local high school? Van Tieu sound awful as well. Maybe I CAN still make it as a news reader, but I wouldn’t want to live in the Dakotas.

  25. David Hearne says

    Nat – You said “it’s sad” . “It’s sad that” and “it’s a shame that” both mean “it’s regrettable” in ENGLISH. Learn English, it will be useful to you.

  26. David Hearne says

    Nat – The South is the origin of a disproportionate percentage of the American military. The American military are perhaps the most give to miscegenation of any group of Americans. In short, the South is crawling with Orientals, Amerasians, Vietnamese, and Filipinos. No one ever looked at you and asked “What the hell are you?”

  27. anon says

    Most reporters swear worse than drunken sailors, so this is hardly a shock. It’s also true that ND is the least visited state in the nation, so my guess is that it’s normally very dull.

  28. Gregor says

    I’m not sure why he was so concerned about pronouncing the name correctly. It’s North Dakota — if he mis-pronounces it, how will anyone know? Or, if they do, I can’t imagine anyone will care that much. I live in Atlanta — a MAJOR market, and broadcasters mis-pronounce things all the time. Big deal!!!! Lame excuse.

  29. Bob says

    @Nat — “Lol, kind of sad that they are probably the only non-white people in all of ND.”

    Ehrrr, Nat: did they finally kill off the rest of the Indians while I was not looking?

  30. albertam says

    in other words it never happen, let it slide and get on with the day…hey its on live TV news how the hell could he not know his microphone was one when he blurted out the those hateful and hurtful words. his sorry homophobic comeback is all just a slap to the face apology. he should be fired but then again he would known as the news idiot who said.

  31. rd says

    This is so sad… We just watched a young man ‘blow’ a chance at a career! What are we focused on? The CHANCE that he MAY have said the word gay… I listened to the tape and I can’t tell what he was saying, but in today’s politically correct climate, the poor guy has to do damage control and worry about if he’s offended our community instead of bemoaning the fact that he was nervous, said “f**king sh*t” under his breath and lost his job. Then ( in order to keep stereotypes strong) all we can do is discuss how hot he is… I’m sickened..

  32. rd says

    Oh… And @ TANK… I’m a ‘Bitter old Queen’ who is in his 50’s and the thought of sex with this young man never occurred to me… Like you, just ‘keeping it real’.

  33. tiko says

    I do feel bad for the guy. Big deal – we all screw upon our first day and this is a freaking affiliate in N.D. where the reporters are paid around $22K/year if lucky. It takes a lot to pick up and go to podunk USA and leave it all behind to follow your dream. But yes, both he and co-anchor are pathetic, wooden and disconnected.

  34. Charles says

    Peopke who claim thwy are ‘shocked’ by profanity in this day and age are gigantic lying hypocrites and I nobody cares about your stupid kids’ delicate little ears either.

  35. Lynn says

    To me it sounds like the first word was “damn” and gay is not a swear word. If he said “fag” it would have been in poor taste but it does not sound like that word at all.

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