1. Mick says

    Well, I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t really understand the story being told here. One second the kid is embarrassed about being caught dancing and the next he’s pirouetting down the hall? What changed?

    And what’s up the with girl? The teacher drove her home and the problem is solved? I don’t get it.

    I like the song though.

  2. Tie says

    He wasn’t embarrassed being caught dancing. He came out and saw them watching the video of him dancing because the recorded him practicing. He decided the hell with it and he showed them his true talent.

    We don’t know what happened with the girl. For her it may be a step in the right direction know she has someone who cares. It looks like she lost a parent and isn’t coping to well.

  3. Junior says

    As a kid whas indeed bullied to the point of changing towns, this video and entire message REALLY touched me. Thank you so much for sharing it. Actually brightened my day that there are people who care.