1. Bill says

    @D.R.H.: If those popping sounds were bullets (Aron claimed the sound might have been from some sort of “stun grenade,” whatever that is), it would seem like overkill given that the culprit was apparently barely able to move due to being shot several hours earlier. Possibly the police didn’t know the extent of his injuries or even that he had been shot.

  2. ratbastard says

    Guns scare me so much!!!! Make them disappear!!! Knives too!!!! They’re so sharp and scary!!! Broken vodka bottle scare me,too! You can knock someones eye out with a broken vodka bottle, or cut an artery!!! BAN VODKA BOTTLE NOW! FOR THE CHILDREN!

  3. Billy says

    @Bill: i’m still unclear on what exactly these sounds were. it seems like auto or semi auto gunfire to me; some redditors suggested maybe rubber bullets. i was mesmerized and watching this live, and reading live blogs from police scanners (on reddit). this scene happened just as the police discovered he was in the boat. the police then surrounded him. (it would be another hour or so for cnn to catch up; but at least one of the local boston station was down the street from the boat incident and more informed)
    they threw non-lethal stun grenades in/near the boat to stun the suspect. those are designed to disorient by temporarily blinding a suspect; they’re also kind of loud so the suspect has temporary hearing issues. the stun grenades happened a bit later, and are not rapid fire. they were a handful of pops (maybe one or 3 thrown at a time, with noticeable delays between a collection).
    the cops decided, it seemed, to not jump in after the stunners, because the suspect might have been holding a final bomb, or might’ve tried to blow up the boats fuel tank. he eventually talked with negotiators and surrendered.

  4. matt says

    The sound is from several officers discharging their service rifles at the same time. Definitely not automatic fire. I’ve shot my own AR enough to recognize that sound.

  5. AriesMatt says

    The stun bombs are actually called flash bangs – for a light flash so intense it temporarily blinds the person and the bang so loud it makes them temporarily deaf. This was discussed in depth on CNN last night with a former CIA agent, who has actually experienced it himself, which is a training requirement. FYI.

  6. denizo says

    Seriously, they’re flash bangs. This was explicitly confirmed. If people can be so incoherent and confused about something which was already verified, it’s no wonder the country is in a state of complete confusion about basically everything. The internet: it’s not a replacement for thinking.

  7. Chuckles says

    Right!!!! Still not updated though we know it was not a firefight. It was all about super loud noise and all generated by the police. The guy didn’t stir. Then they approached with a megaphone and managed to rouse him and after 25 minutes talked him into surrendering.

    I realize not everyone is paying as much attention as those of us who live here, but Towleroad should do better. Misinformation serves no one.

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