1. bandanajack says

    i’ve had moments like that. especially the ending. kinda took me back 50 years to the first time a man held me close dancing.

  2. JONES says

    Always agree to do it TWICE the first time.
    Guilt gets sent packing with the arrival of the next boner.

    Seriously though …
    Humans as sexual, non labeled beings. If only.

  3. Dback says

    Very polished little short. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was definitely hot and thought-provoking, i.e. lots of “straight” men will get off with another guy if there’s no one else around, but this radically proposes–a la “Brokeback Mountain”–that these guys are actually possibly falling in love with another man for the first time, and the sex is thus a natural outgrowth of how they feel about each other. (This thinking can be dangerous as a general rule, though: “Oh, he’s 99% straight, but I’M so powerful and attractive that I can ‘swing’ him over to the other side!”) I liked the way the ending implied that they’re about to do it again, and it’ll probably be even better.

    (Only question: if the younger Latino guy was getting dressed–as if to leave–why did the other guy say he invited him up to the apartment? The logic seemed a little off.)

  4. lessthan says

    Clothing can represent protection. We associate nudity with vulnerability, so putting on clothes distances us from that.

  5. Alan says

    Was it the make-up or lighting? The guy with the pendant looked very different in the flashbacks.

    An odd little story.

  6. Linkmaxbub says

    That might have been the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. So so close to my real life story. Wow!

  7. Anthony says

    This is my favorite short of all time . The timing and expressions of the actors are amazing. I was left with the wonder that there might be a chemistry between these two guys perhaps even beyond the script. Anyway, I would like to see more of Carlos F. Salas. What acting chops, and so easy on the eyes.

  8. Mike Ryan says

    Yes, this was a good short. Generally I find them boring or to far “out there” but this one was good, real, and the actors fit nicely with one another. Very believable.

  9. Randal Oulton says

    I saw this a year ago, it was really good. It reminded me of the groundbreaking film “Together Alone” by P.J. Castellaneta.

  10. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    The Secret Lore of Gardening by Graham Jackson (

    Masculine Yellow Men and Feminine Green Men
    Healing Masculinity Archetype

    “Love as something that blooms things”

    Yellow and Green not only fit together as a container to the contained, but also infiltrate each other’s domains. They ignite to flame up and deepen, spiraling to the heavens and plunging into the bowels of the earth. The movements are simultaneous. With artists, this green-yellow dialogue is a kind of mother tongue.

    What is important here is that the meeting of Yellow energy and Green energy is a must have ingredient for a deeply creative relationship to happen between masculine men and feminine men.

    The artist and the animal-keeper is a typical union of yellow and green, a marriage of creative imagination and instinct that invariably results in the birth of an offspring. This can take the form of socio-political changes or works of art. In the case of the latter, the collaboration may be either direct, such as composer and tenor. The other is indirect, where the sexual connection-exchange of the partners is enough to stimulate inspiration.

    The offspring can also appear as a manifestation of healing masculinity. This offspring is frequently symbolized by plants, fruit, and especially flowers, those staples of erotic communication. Just as the sky and earth combing to produce the flower or fruit, so Yellow Men and Green Men unite. Their creation manifested as a dazzling array of blossoms, from the simple and unpretentious to the mysterious and exotic.

    The linear yellow man is welcoming of the green as the pollinating principle to symbiotically ground his concepts. The cyclical green man is welcoming of the yellow’s eagle-eye insights to harmonize quality with existence.

    To sum things up, love as something that blooms things is a nice definition of the love the green-yellow union have for each other.

  11. steve says

    for me, this reminds me of when I’ve been with guys that you’d never guess were gay and just exude a really natural masculinity – it’s fun…definitely an excitement and allure there. although, I definitely like guys all over the masculine/feminine spectrum.

  12. Josh says

    Had a high school friend who confessed to me his super huge crush on a classmate (we went to an all-boys school). But he wasn’t attracted to any other guys. I knew it wasn’t purely physical (though that classmate of ours really was hot) since they’ve had deep conversations a few times prior. Maybe they had the same connection as these two guys did. Anyways, I kind of fell out of touch, but I do know both of them have serious relationships with girls now and are super straight. Though sometimes I still wonder if they tried anything…

  13. Boone68 says

    I loved this. It’s a great reminder of the fluidity of human sexuality and that we connect with certain people on different planes and that every once in a while, one of those connections blows our minds.

  14. Marc says

    Beautiful! Bravo to all involved in making this intimate and intelligent short. Human connection is an incredible thing.
    Thank you. :-)

  15. UFFDA says

    This is hopeless. I was squirming at the slobbering dinner table sounds before having to actually look at the dopes who were “in the next room.” And then endure their dialogue. It’s not all a bad idea, but most of it is. Brokeback Mountain did it so much better. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

  16. DC Arnold says

    Where is Morrissey so he can pen a sequel to “There is a Light…”

  17. Jim says

    OMG! I’m so glad I came out 36 years ago! Oh, and those clenched kisses, sorry. Maybe I’m cold hearted this morning, but I think this is just some frustrating, closeted wheel spinning. Seemed very High School to me.

  18. Fred says

    They made-out. The part where the guy says because they made out, he knows him better than anyone else in his life – that’s messed-up, delusional, and pretty “gay”.

    Just sayin’.

  19. Rick says

    Not sure what to make of this exactly. Assuming it was made by a gay filmmaker, it can be seen as just another variation on the fantasy so many gay men have of bedding a hot straight guy.

    I would therefore be more impressed if the filmmmaker was not gay, but was bi or “straight”. In that case, it would be yet another indicator of the sea-change I see taking place in the larger male culture, namely that “straight” men are more and more inclined to consider emotionally and even sexually intimate relationships with other men.

    The convergence of that trend with the trend among young gay men of rejecting the culture of effeminacy is what is really exciting about the direction the culture is taking today.

  20. says

    as a gay person who actually lives in the real world and is Out, I am happy to report that not only is the “culture of effeminacy” not even a real thing, but that younger LGBT people are growing up in a progressive culture where they don’t need to be anything other than themselves to be loved, embraced, accepted, welcomed and loved.

    know what younger gay people are rejecting? the idea that the only way they can be accepted as gay people is to adhere to a bigoted heterosexual man’s concept of “what makes an acceptable gay person”

    this is truth, and everyone who actually lives in the real world knows it.

  21. JONES says

    ‘rejecting the culture of effeminacy’

    Something for you to consider.
    What makes you think that you’re masculine enough? What scale is used to measure masculinity and who gets a say in it’s creation? In a group of lumberjacks you might not make the cut. How would that make you feel? That’s exactly what you’re doing here.

    Evey topic discussed on these boards resounds to you from the problems you have with effeminacy. Get some help and get over it.

  22. Rick says

    @JONES There are variations in masculinity, to be sure, but there is a certain baseline that virtually all straight men understand…..and that, actually, even most gay men understand.

    That baseline involves not being a physical coward, not mimicking the behavior of women–the way they walk, talk, etc., not referring to other men in the female vernacular (“she”, “girl”, “Miss_____”, “honey”, etc.).

    Effeminate gay men fall below that baseline; all other men are above it…..and the reason effeminate gay men fall below it is because they are behaving unnaturally, trying to be like something they are not (i.e. women)–and are doing so because of the psychological damage that has resulted from internalizing the societal notion that normal masculinity is incompatible with homosexuality.

    It really is not at all hard to understand; it really isn’t. And almost everybody understands it perfectly well…..

  23. says

    then prove your example by showing us all who you are, RICK.

    since you’re so strong and masc. after all, my apparently-Queeny @ss can do it. are you saying you’re less strong and masculine and empowered and tough than a wee thang like me? seems like it 😀

    don’t write your example, show it.

    so, will you?

    of course not.

    because you’re a wimp and a coward.

  24. UFFDA says

    KIWI is never more pathetic than when he’s attempting to attack his imperturbable superior, who is RICK. Talk about a barking chihuahua. It’s hilarious.

  25. says

    hey UFFDA, you know how sometimes you comment on my own blog? there’s this thing called an “IP address” that it leaves behind.

    just saying…..

    how about “you” and “rick” do what i said, show yourselves? right. you can’t. “both” of you.

    you can’t put a face to your comments. because you’re a wimp. and as long as you spew your cowardly nonsense, others will call it out.

    every day that you comment anonymously only proves me right. so thanks. feel free to hang yourself.

  26. JONES says

    ‘are doing so because of the psychological damage that has resulted from internalizing the societal notion that normal masculinity is incompatible with homosexuality.’

    I’ll say again. You have serious issues with effeminacy and need to get some help.

    No one here is demanding that you act effeminate. No one has demanded that you use any vernacular or slang speech that you’re uncomfortable with. No one has asked you to dress in women’s clothes or wear makeup. No one has asked you to change your perceived masculine behavior other than to stop denigrating other members of the LBGT community that in your mind don’t measure up to your ‘masculine’ scale. A man that is secure in his self image would never stoop to these levels of insult to bolster his own esteem.

    Your hatred of gender non conformity or effeminate behavior based on a ‘normal’ masculinity index is in the same league as hatred based on a religious standard.

  27. says

    JONES – “they” are angry because the gender-nonconformists that they’ve been conditioned to hate live Out Proud and empowered lives, and they’re still trembling in their closets. it’s textbook.

  28. paul says

    “never even crossed my mind, never ever…i’ve never had sex with a guy before, i’ve never wanted to have sex with a guy before”.

    they’re very appealing but that seems so implausible to me.

  29. says

    sexual attractions for “gay/bi” people don’t just occur out of thin air in adulthood, of course.

    they occur the same time that they do for heterosexuals. the whole “i never thought about it until now, i was never sexually turned on by a guy until now” is either some manifestation of a heterosexual’s misunderstanding(s) of sexuality and attraction, or the excuses still being trotted out by those who want to make it seem as if their orientation came as a “surprise” to them.

    i’m sure we’ve all met the gay guy who doesn’t want to cop to having been lying in the closet for years who pretends that he “felt straight” until…um…uh…waking up one day and feeling gay. or something.

    iit’s a story some guys tell before they’re ready to just admit that yeah, they’ve always had those attractions. it’s a lie people use to come across as “victims” of their own orientations, and thus can’t be judged negatively for it.

    oh well.

  30. trg says

    Interesting little film, if a bit talky/stagy.
    Am I the only one here who doesn’t find either of these guys particularly masculine? They seem kind of average in the dept, so it wasn’t particularly “surprising” they had this experience, but I guess that isn’t the point.

    I think they could have taken it another step further with some deeper dialog, but it’s ok for what it is.

    Btw, Soper what the hot guy here, not the other one.

  31. JONES says

    This short vignette took on a big topic.
    I’ve never doubted that sexuality is fluid and don’t believe its anywhere near as fixed in labels as we’re taught. Anybody, anywhere, anytime could present a sexual situation if the chemistry is there.

    The right mix of pheromones, intelligence, sexual attraction, lack of sex, liquid courage, an available bed
    and previously held boundaries will get crossed.

    The director deciding to show the ‘after the deed’ conversation is a good approach. And I kinda like that the dialogue between them is not always stream of thought and goes a bit scattered. That’s probably what would happen if they were even a bit freaked.

  32. UFFDA says

    RICK – of course I knew predictable LK would turn his tiny teeth on me but, like you I hope (and others I know), I never read him. His yellow fake name is like the warning colors of a viper.

  33. juan says

    why does everyone love this youtube short movies or gay tv series all the time! i mean really? the acting and script is horrible!!! if people say they relate to conversations like this what kind of world are they living in? where people stand in one position and have no inflection in their voice and never overlap voices and place their ‘ums’ and say their ‘darn’s with no emotion……jesus….horrible!

  34. Peter says

    Attractive guys, for sure, but this comes off like a corny porn script. Boring.

  35. Rick says

    @JONES You can spout all the gay activist PC rhetoric you want, but in the real world, you know perfectly well that effeminate gay men are, have always been, and always will be confined to the margins of society.

    They are psychologically damaged people and are rightly seen as such, by just about everybody….and they are not and never will be respected by other men, including myself. Your hilarious notion that people who do not consider their behavior normal “have something wrong with them”, while they–grown men referring to each other as “girls” and “she”–do not “have something wrong with them” is truly priceless and so delusional that only someone whose head is permanently buried in the pink ghetto could convince himself of.

    They are also not part of any “community” I identify with, any more than gender-confused freaks who wear panty hose and mascara and high heels and refer to themselves as “Patricia” or “Janice” are.

    And they do enormous damage to me and other men who are attracted to other men sexually by perpetuating the stereotype that homosexuality equates to a lack of masculinity, the primary reason that straight men don’t respect us.

    So neither I nor other men will show them respect or acceptance and they can either change their behavior or suffer the consequences that they always have…..and they will deserve those consequences richly, as far as I am concerned.

    The rest of us will increasingly find acceptance and common understanding with other men, regardless of sexual orientation.

  36. says

    and as before, RICK is too much of a cowardly wimp to be able to put a visible face to his comments.

    what does this prove? that’s he’s far less of a man than the sparkly gender-nonconformists he comes online to complain about, every day.

    i have a straight father and straight male friends who march with me and my LGBT brothers and sisters in pride every day. my straight father, a business professor, even wears his rainbow Equality bracelet every day, at work, as a show of solidarity.

    my point? that RICK’s is not only false, but pathetic.

    my visible truth proves his anonymous lies wrong.

    and it always will.

  37. Tyler says

    Uh, Rick, Kiwi has a point. Why don’t you show us who you are since you seem to think you’re the best representation of gays?

  38. JONES says

    Your willingness to throw anyone you consider less manly than yourself under the bus is shameful. I feel sorry for you. Your hatred for any fellow being that falls short of how you measure ‘masculinity’ will devour you.

    Why not start your own group/blog that asks for ‘manly men’ members only? Let me know how that works.

  39. Robert says

    Awful final song. But this was great. The best part is that people really slutshame guys for hooking up — but what they realize is that (as long as they’re being safe) you really can have intense, immediate connections with guys that can change your life. Why not just be open to it?

  40. Evan says

    Have always loved this short. There’s actually several cuts on Youtube, one of them a highly abbreviated “music video” that I haven’t been able to find today. A slightly different original cut with nudity and no reverse angle on Soper at the end is at:

    Spanish subbed BTW.I think the end “this feels nice” sequence works a bit better with the hold on Salas. But the shot of Soper is appreciated and, yes, makes you think they’re going to start making love again. Interesting that they don’t actually have sex, and that “making out” constitutes *The First Time*.

    Check out Blinn’s Triple Standard short for a take on gay self-loathing…

  41. Dback says

    Oh “Triple Standard”–that’s the one with the basketball players, right? Also very thought provoking, and very, VERY hot.

  42. stranded says

    I’ve been there, and I bet other people have too. That moment or connection with someone may pass us by quickly like a shooting star. Sometimes we’ve seized it, most times we’ve missed it.

    To quote the late great Aaron Swartz: “Having sex with someone shouldn’t require an identity crisis. “

  43. UFFDA says

    RICK – have you heard about gayboys (not a word on this site about them)?. Groups of gay guys in the big cities who eschew the stereotypes and the “culture of effeminancy” while doing guy stuff – sports, booze, hanging out in a masculine atmosphere. KIWI is their honorary entry rug. Look em up on line…lots of references.

  44. Tre says

    Dumb – no guys would talk this much about it. They’d do it, laugh it off and then do it again the next night.

  45. Dr Theopolis says

    I’ve seen this before. Feels like it might have already been on Towleroad? I watched it with the faint recollection that I’ve watched this exact short before. Is it just me?

  46. Steve says

    I love the video even more the second time, but the drama in the comments is engrossing. Your my hero Kiwi!