Legislation to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy to Be Introduced Today in New York

New York state senators Mcihael Gianaris and Deborah Glick are planning to introduce legislation to ban gay conversion therapy, the HuffPost reports:

NyNew York's legislation, which will be introduced on Friday, is modeled after a new California law that bans licensed therapists from using the practice, sometimes called conversion therapy or sexual orientation change efforts, on minors. California's bill, the first of its kind, was signed into law last fall and is currently on hold while a federal appeals court considers two lawsuits alleging an unconstitutional violation of free speech and parental rights.


  1. Audi-owner says

    New York is a *BLUE* state. I’d like to believe such legislation would pass here but New York as odd politics and we do have our own segment of batshit crazy neocons,so can’t assume anything. Even still,you couldn’t pay me enough money to move anywhere else in this country outside of the New York City/New Jersey metropolitan area,unless it’s upstate or somewhere else in the northeastern/new england region (except New Hampshire).

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