National Republicans Dump Mark Sanford

Following reports that his ex-wife caught him trespassing, the NRCC has cut ties with former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who is running for a special 1st District Congressional seat, Politico reports:

SanfordBlindsided by news that Sanford’s ex-wife has accused him of trespassing and concluding he has no plausible path to victory, the National Republican Congressional Committee has decided not to spend more money on Sanford’s behalf ahead of the May 7 special election.

“Mark Sanford has proven he knows what it takes to win elections. At this time, the NRCC will not be engaged in this special election,” said Andrea Bozek, an NRCC spokeswoman.


  1. Alex Parrish says

    Another Republican Sleezeball with mental issues. This doesn’t mean, of course, that the Republicans in S. C. won’t elect him anyway…

  2. Hey Darlin' says

    Mark Sanford has definately proven many things, most of which discredit him as a person fit to hold any type of position in judgement or guidance of others.

  3. princely54 says

    If the people of SC weren’t sufficiently turned off when it was shown he pilfered money to fund his trips to see his gf in South America, why would this turn them off?? In their minds, it’s HIS house anyway (even if its not) and he’s still the MAN of the family (even if he’s not).

    I have NO faith in the people of SC to do the right thing and reject this mess of a man.

  4. Geoff says

    No. He thinks he knows how to lie, cheat and steal. Does all three very badly. The GOP would really love him were he good at it. Please. They have no use for an amateur!

  5. Moz's says

    so knowing he was a sleazeball they supported him because winning is the only thing that matters to repubs

    when it becomes obvious his sleazyness will ensure a loss they dump him and call him a sleazy snake

    the “moral majority” repubs sure are not moral

  6. Sam says

    Come on SC, I want to see Lulu be interviewed by his brother on his “Better Know a District” segment.

  7. Interested Observer says

    He’s running against Colbert’s sister. I wonder if she has gained a lot of contributions because of her brother’s fame.

    On the other hand Sanford is so typical of Republican candidates, an empty suit. They believe incompetence is preferable in high office so that government can’t function. You know, take their guns away and all.

  8. SC David says

    Maybe it’s a guy thing. He has to stop by now and then, pee on the bushes to leave his mark. Keep in mind the claims of repeated trespassing, not just the Feb 3 incident (Jenny filed a complaint with the court the very next day). Mark must show cause why he should not be held in contempt, because the divorce decree specified that neither side would have access to the other’s home.

    Colbert Busch has not discussed Sanford’s personal life, and has had no attack ads. She continues to run an upbeat campaign emphasizing herself as a pro-business single mom who empathizes with the average person and wants to help create jobs. She has criticized Obama spending. There have been plenty of attack ads by Sanford’s campaign against Colbert Busch. It would be an interesting time to have a mysterious third party start an anonymous attack ad series against Sanford, but nothing like that has come from Colbert Busch so far.

    As to contributions, Colbert Busch has done some out-of-town fundraisers that were not well publicized here. Her brother came to town for one event that cost $1000 for a meet and greet. She has not had a highly visible campaign locally; perhaps she’s keeping her powder dry for the last 3 weeks.

    I wouldn’t rule out Sanford. He’s never lost an election. He has a dangerous political machine. I mentioned this in a previous comment, but even his campaign signs look astroturfed–they’re plywood, crookedly spray-painted with the expression “SANFORD SAVES TAX $.” They look like something that would be leaned against a trailer in the country to announce pet chickens for sale.

  9. Moz's says

    But SC David

    his “…never lost an election. He has a dangerous political machine…” was from when the ex wife ran his campaigns

    Thus why he asked her to run this campaign , which she refused to do.

    It looks more and more like the ex was the brains and he an idiot

  10. jakeinlove says

    “Mark Sanford has proven he knows what it takes to win elections.”

    Even the RNC’s statement reeks of how they operate. Do they just try to ‘win’ elections or are they actually trying to do what’s right for America?

  11. MIke says

    Yesterday I wrote about the body language of his son on the “Victory platform” when Sanford was nominated and his mistress showed up on stage and how sad that boy’s look made me.

    Today I read that the ex-Mrs. Sanford said that was the first time that her sons ever had met the woman in person.

    I mean, how low can you go as a father.

  12. says

    @SC David: “but even his campaign signs look astroturfed–they’re plywood, crookedly spray-painted with the expression ‘SANFORD SAVES TAX $.’ They look like something that would be leaned against a trailer in the country to announce pet chickens for sale.” haha awesome analogy…yet he keeps winning. What do the people of South Carolina see in him?

  13. SC David says

    @ Moz’s 5:24:54 PM
    Let’s hope you’re right. Sanford was undefeated (4-0 in elections) without scandal, with Jenny. Now he’s traded in the smart, successful and well-educated wife for the hot, exotic, Argentinean TV anchor with big boobs. Does that matter? Colbert Busch supposedly started out ahead, then more recently was trailing, and I’ve seen no polls since this current trespassing scandal broke. Ask me again in 3 weeks!

    As for now, the only political parallel I can think of is the 2004 Republican Senate campaign in Illinois. The implosion (also due to a sex scandal) of the leading Republican candidate, Jack Ryan, meant that the novice Democratic candidate beat Alan Keyes 70-30 statewide to become Senator Barack Obama. Let’s hope Colbert Busch can manage at least 51% in a gerrymandered, conservative district.

  14. SC David says

    @Mike 6:36:52PM

    I totally agree re the “Victory platform” photograph. You may not have seen my response in the previous thread, but to my eye that “Surprise! We won and look who it is” image could have been a poster for a Tennessee Williams play.

  15. SC David says


    The Politico story says that as the Republican outside national Democrats began pouring money into the race:

    “On Tuesday, House Majority PAC, a Democratic outside group, started running a TV ad hammering Sanford for spending taxpayer money to fund his trips to Argentina (The former governor later reimbursed the state for the trips). An official with the group said it was spending in the mid six-figures to run the ad.”

    Wow–are the Democrats actually playing to win? I haven’t seen that commercial yet. Ground signs seem at least 2:1 for Sanford, the TV ads roughly equal.

  16. SC David says

    @MuscleModelBlog 9:09:30 PM

    You asked what South Carolinians see in Mark Sanford. I’ve pulled for you below some supporter quotes from on his Facebook post where he released his 2-paragraph response to the trespassing allegations. The post currently has over 7000 likes.

    TL:DR–Mark’s frugal, we’re misogynistic, the Dems are worse.

    Here are some of his Facebook supporter quotes:

    “we are not the judge”

    “The timing of this is just so that it looks like your former wife chose this time to cost you the election. I’m sorry that you have such a vindictive and bitter ex.”

    “To all the liberals on here, you go ahead and vote for a woman who has run a thousand commercials saying, ‘I won’t take any money from lobbyists, I will not vote along any party line, and I only want the best for you. I hope none of you work for Boeing, Why don’t you all just move back North where these things are accepted. Nothing he has done holds a candle to what Clinton did. If she had been a year younger, it would have been statutory rape. But to you liberals, that is acceptable.”

    “Why is everyone always for the wife”

    “I guess it was ok to forgive Clinton and not Sanford. You have my vote Mark!”

    “You are a true gentleman Mark that did as a lot of others have done, made a choice that effected [sic] your marriage. You demonstrate class and honesty. You have my vote. You were a great govenor and have a bright political future.”

    “Mr. Sanford will win this election because of his fiscal prudence, and his ‘run’ won’t stop here! ”

    “Cheating has nothing to do with how he performs in office and by the way he is very frugal with money if u knew anything about Mark. And by the way they never found where he misappropriated any tax payers funds. Watch the news.”

    “Mark, you always looked out for the well being of those you represented in SC. We are all human, we make mistakes. Its how we get back up that proves our character. Its easy for people to sharpshoot you when in truth, they all have skeletons. You have the support of everyone I know in Columbia. ”

    “This should be a non-story. The GOP Establishment’s decision to pull ads from Mark’s campaign is traitorous to our cause…this should be the story. Time for the Tea Party to rise up…I support Mark!”

    “Well, Christ himself taught us to grant forgiveness. And I’m not second guessing Him. Anger will only eat you up and consume you. Judge the man by the job he does. He has settled his past with Jenny and both have moved on. Let him do the job and help SC prosper. Anger and vindictiveness do nothing.”

  17. SC David says

    UPDATE 2:

    OK, to finish this up–

    The local weekly alternative paper (Charleston City Paper) has an excellent summary timeline, including links to the leaked court complaint and divorce documents:

    Here is the “victory party” photo Mike and I were talking about, showing Sanford being “surprised” onstage by his girlfriend/mistress/fiancée, with his two youngest sons meeting her for the first time:

    And here is a link to the commercial that the national Dems are running with an estimated $500K buy, attacking Sanford for being censured by House Republicans:

    Local wits are now attaching “NO TRESPASSING” signs on the Sanford campaign signs. Wish I’d thought of that!