1. says

    I’ve played! So much fun! For me, it’s all about the wig action while fighting. And you can also add your own face. I had to stop that… The beard was just too much for me.

  2. Homo Genius says

    simply dont get pretending to be women. can drag just be retired with pet rocks and mood rings as a relic of by gone era.

    I mean really. Seen one guy with press on nails and too much eye shadow seen them all.

  3. Tyson says

    Homo Genius, I’m pretty sure one could fill a bottomless pit with everything that you “don’t get”.

    It’s as if you come on here everyday to show how stupid you are.

  4. QJ201 says

    @ Mr. Genius

    I simply don’t get gay men who do to other gay men when straight society does to us…run around playing the “appropriate behavior police.

  5. e.c. says

    Homo Idiot, “drag” isn’t a quaint invention of the 70’s, it has existed since the beginning of human history when men first got up to act out stories and someone needed to play the girl. There are still many places and cultures where the art of gender illusion is highly regarded and respected.

  6. Fenrox says

    @Genius, yeah, you don’t get it. Do you realize that you don’t get it? That the misunderstanding is yours, that all judgements you make in relation to the topic are in limbo until your DO understand it.

    Here is some help for when you do decide to be less of an idiot (Sorry couldn’t think of another name for someone that doesn’t understand things).

    1 – They are not dressing up as women, they are dressing up as drag queens.

    2 – You should see some more drag queens because while they are all the same genre of thing (human in clothing), they are not alike.

  7. MaddM@ says

    Agreed, drag is a part of queer culture and if you don’t get it that’s ok but why be hostile? It is many things to many people much like if you said “sculpting” or “chamber music,” and much the same if it isn’t hurting you what’s the big friggin deal?

    The reason I think there’s so much free-floating hostility against it is that on a certain level it’s playing in femininity in a patriarchal society that makes people very uncomfortable.

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