1. says

    Odd. Back in the UK is seen as a fun thing. Monty python anyone? Or how about the fact that the Commonwealth’s most famous Queen is a character performed by a heterosexual man?

    Those praying kids need a queens presence. Y’all have the zip and charisma of a mayo sandwich.

  2. Alejandro Rubio says

    I’m guessing these praying students have pretty unhappy, unhealthy home lives. Too bad they have to spread their messed up psyches.

  3. Jeff says

    It’s a lot like same sex marriage. You don’t want to marry someone of the same sex? Well, then, don’t do it.

    You don’t want to see a drag show? Then stay home or go out and have a nice bite to eat someplace.

  4. Michaelandfred says

    All they had to do was ask. 3am at any circuit party, thousands of us have tried to pray away the drag show. It NEVER works…

  5. Jay says

    These Catholics suck. Their attempt to hijack the Catholic faith on their narrow views is against natural law and goes against Christ himself.

  6. Jay says

    These Catholics suck. Their attempt to hijack the Catholic faith on their narrow views is against natural law and goes against Christ himself.

  7. s. says

    Perhaps, if they prayed for abundance at every level, for all beings, their time would be put to better use.

  8. One of the CA 36,000 says


    Or, as the chiron for the screencapture should read:

    “Prayer meeting for UCSD Last Unloved and Unf#ckable Virgins on Campus held outside of popular drag show”

  9. hugo says

    Yet, they allow themselves to be spiritually governed and indoctrinated by a bunch of guys in long skirts and kaftans?? With fabulous gold applique and fierce fuchsia capes!

  10. MArk says

    They’r extremists, not catholics, I’m gay and I dont go around bashing churches to pray agay the homophobia, yours is your and mine it’s mine capishe ?

  11. bruin says

    I saw the show. It was positive and really educational. Really surprised at how it turned out, really well done. Full house in the theatre. Not sure why there were protests. Glad the university gave permissions for the students to do this and Manila was amazing

  12. jjose712 says

    Drag queen shows are not an ideology, but an entertaining show made to have fun.

    But probably they are too brainwashed to realize it

  13. Interested Observer says

    None of those protesters had their prayerful hands properly folded. Where’s Sister Mary Martinetta to give their knuckles a sharp rap with her wooden ruler?

    What makes them think they can make up their own way of praying?

    An embarrassing failure of Catholic education. A public scandal.

  14. Bellah says

    Those drag shows are not so harmless. when transgender women are on the streets and those that attend drag shows think that it is perfectly ok to point and laugh and out them putting them in danger. when they are conflated with the transgender community which then makes them “entertainment”

  15. Pot Kettle Black says

    WTF is with that pudgy little heifer on the right showing pre-cleavage like the Whore of Babylon?

  16. Moz's says

    UGH there is a bible thumping catholic university just a hop, skip, and a jump down the road ( with a beautiful view of the ocean) for the crazy kidies. Why do they have to be at a secular school with their fairytale nuttery

  17. esperando says

    “while permitting the acceptance and promotion of an ideology that is in direct contradiction to the Catholic moral teaching and social tradition”

    I’m sorry, but after eight years of Catholic school, I was under the impression that dudes in dresses ran the church. Did I miss something?

  18. DesignerBobby says

    @ Bellah,
    forgive me but drag is an over the top exaggeration of the feminine if you are transgender you don’t usually look like your in drag with giant hair, flashy costumes, shaved eyebrows and elaborate eye make-up. If people can’t distinguish between the two that’s their fault not the drag queens or transgender folk. Just like with gays coming out the more exposure the better for all of us on the spectrum.

  19. Emmile says

    Catholic Church = Misogynist and antigay.

    Drag queen minstrel shows = Misogynist and antigay.

    Maybe they can both go away and allow gay people to live in dignity.

  20. Jack M says

    They should pray for the ability to exercise independent thinking rather than praying to God to make something they don’t like go away. God’s got better things to do than indulge these kiddies.

  21. Fenrox says

    I think the bad move here is simply publicizing the protest. Praying away an event sounds like a great idea! Much better than yelling or talking or stuff. Protesting is always, always ok.

  22. bobbyjoe says

    Phi Phi O’Hara is coming to our school soon. Could somebody please pray her away?

  23. john patrick says

    I noticed one of the Catholic protesters was showing a bit of cleavage as she prayed. Is that allowed on a Catholic campus?

    I guess the protesters of a fun drag show have nothing better to do with their lives than protest a show and pray the rosary in a public place.

  24. Fenrox says

    @Emmile, what shows are you watching? All the draag shows I have been to have been about fun and catty drag queens. They are perfect symbols of man’s distorted view of women, played as the trickster/jester. It’s as subversive as it gets. Heck, even the RuPaul show is subversive, all those people trying to be the best caricature of an ideal, it’s fun, everyone is having fun.

    Did you go to some horrible show?

  25. HirsuteHeuristics says

    ….and God answered by allowing the Supreme Drag Superstar show to go on, so of course this means that God doesn’t hate gays. I wonder if they got the updated memo?

  26. Carlos says

    …and of course, the dark haired guy praying in the back has to be hot! Frustrating!

  27. Tre says

    Assholes – I guess they also put on VCR tapes of The Milton Berle Show, Flip Wilson and Bugs Bunny and try to pray THAT away…

    The stupidity… IT BURNS !!!!

  28. mvecera says

    I don’t recall the fuss when Milton Berle and Flip Wilson did their drag shows… How old am I?

  29. Peter says

    To the praying folks, whether your god answers them or not, it is a win win. Should your desire come true in any form then god listened to our prayers. If your desire does not come true, we didn’t pray hard enough.

  30. Bill says

    Srta. Tirado needs to make one of those drag queens her very own fierce gay friend so she can be taught how to pluck those caterpillar eyebrows. She looks like Frida Kahlo. Oh, wait! Frida Kahlo was bisexual. Hmmm…..

  31. jaragon says

    How can a drag show be against her religion? And this woman made to college with out learning anything about the history of theater or Shakespeare?

  32. Feed Them 2 Da Lions says

    Half those Xtian woman in the video were wearing male clothing (pants/hoodies).

  33. Geoff says

    I laughed so hard (and so explosively) when I read the headline – something flew out of my nose and went under the refrigerator…which is down a long hall and around a corner…in my old apt. Hail, Mary…Louise!

  34. chris255 says

    For that little number they should have gone full Dr. Frank n Furter on them. I see you shiver with antici…….pation.

  35. Bill says

    Trying to “pray away the drag show” was undoubtedly a learning experience for them – they learned that it didn’t work.

  36. Geoff says

    It’s well-known: religionists have no sense of humor about life. It’s all fear and hatred – in that order. What an utter waste.

  37. SC David says

    “this group, some of which were students…”

    That about sums it up, doesn’t it? The protesters managed maybe three dozen folks—a fraction of whom were students—to do performance art in front of the TV cameras, opposing the performance art attended by hundreds inside.

    Just curious, but has the local church organized highly publicized prayer vigils about drinking on campus, or premarital sex, or believing in the earth being older than 10,000 years?

  38. Vince says

    didn’t a bunch of men in dresses just elect another man in a dress to lead the Catholic church?

  39. billmiller says

    Go to a quiet place and pray, do not be boastful, etc….maybe they could get together and pray away worldwide hate and distain for gays and other oppressed, despised people!

  40. Ianmck says

    I’m sure this has been said somewhere in the comments but my immediate thought was “Catholic Church = One Big Drag Show”.

  41. SoLeftImRight says

    I’m not sure I have ever seen the words “drag” and “ideology” in the same sentence. These poor children need to find their sense of humor and lighten up.

  42. Nino says

    Since when did prayer become a form of “protest”? I thought it was an act of devotion.

  43. H says

    Uh… THE MAIN CELEBRANT OF THE MASS DRESSES IN DRAG!!! Have they even SEEN the former pope in those fabulous red shoes?

    The prayer is not the bad thing here. Prayer is a good thing. If anything should be prayed for, it should be for these so-called Catho-centric students to open their minds and their eyes to see that the Creator in all infinite wisdom put us ALL here. I pray that these students snap out of their brainwashed state-as some have put correctly on here-and realize that they are “praying” for the values of their parents, not their own. THINK FOR YOURSELVES, KIDS.

  44. Walt says

    I hope they weren’t too disappointed that their prayer wasn’t the first one ever in the history of mankind to be answered. Maybe God was too busy helping the Muslims blow up something that day…..

  45. Pitt90 says

    And again, my decision not to take a faculty position at USD and stay at my current institution is reaffirmed. Thank you, God, for not letting me to go a place where your name is used repeatedly to justify the fear of others …

  46. andrew says

    These kids are getting another of life’s hard lessons. They have already discovered that there is no Santa, no Easter Bunny, no Tooth Fairy and now they will discover that there is no Heavenly Father who answers prayers. No creator, if there be one, of this billion gallaxy universe who is concerned with what happens on an insignificant planet in one of those billion gallaxies.

  47. Alex says

    Sadly, and I say this as a Latino (former Catholic) the greater the latino evangelical presence becomes in California the more you can expect of this. Tirado should know what discrimination is considering her background, and not use her religion as a means to discriminate against any demographic.

  48. Leo says

    This is why I can’t be friends with Catholic gays and Mormon gays. Just don’t do it. Trust me….their crazy creeps up and will eventually show itself.

  49. gleeindc says

    To alleviate their unhappy lives, they probably could use a little drag queen and drag king wardrobe advice

  50. mmike1969 says

    I’d tell these young and stupid people to try praying ignorance and bigotry away. That might work as well as trying to pray the gay away :p