1. Michael Heynz says

    MORE PLEASE!!! Girl just do Tina drag when you do this and you will make so much money!
    You got it going on!!!

  2. HirsuteHeuristics says

    Would rather see this gal on RuPauls Drag Race instead of toxic Roxxxy Andrews.

  3. QJ201 says


    it’s shame that Logo won’t cough up the song rights $$$ so the girls can sing live or actually lip sync to their usual routines.

    But it is $$$$$. The best footage from years and years of Wigstock couldn’t be used because publishers would NOT give the rights (homophobes) or asked for WAY too much money.

  4. MichaelJ says

    I’m sorry, but having once seen Tina Turner perform “Proud Mary” live, I am totally not impressed. Being a brash diva demanding attention is not the same thing as having talent. On both the slow and fast takes parts of the song’s verse, there was nothing interesting in her singing, other than the one gimmick — the switch to the bass to cover what Ike Turner used to sing. And the dances moves, which amounted to a whole lot of hand flailing and booty shaking were ridiculous, particularly since she nearly fell over.

    But OMG, I so want to have a three-some with the two male judges.

  5. TampaZeke says

    Brilliant! I’m ready to move to New Zealand. They’re just OOOOZING Fabulousness these days!

  6. will says

    This is tiring. The drag queen is overdoing her camp, the audience is overdoing its laughter (I suspect the audience is being augmented with a screaming laugh track). Nothing is real here and it’s hard to see any authentic talent through all the peals of yanked laughter, the trumped-up reaction of the judges, and the fractured cutting.

  7. Mary says

    Didn’t Lou Reed have a song “Halloween Parade” where he spoke of a “downtown fairy” (HIS term, not mine.) who was “singing out “Proud mary” as she cruises Christopher Street?

  8. Chadd says

    Who cares if she can sing, that was the most entertaining thing I have seen in a long while! Good luck!

  9. JONES says

    I agree with TampaZeke … New Zealand WOW!

    And …

    She looked like she SOOOO was there to have fun, which she and everyone else did.

  10. says

    That was fun!! And not too bad vocally. Would have liked to see her perform the whole number.

    I thought she was gonna go over backwards on those heels though… lol.

  11. Christopher Bennett says

    I think I love Ashley Tonga! And did you see her family backstage, supporting her? I know I am jealous of the love surrounding Ashley!

  12. jct says

    She identifies as “drag queen” in the clip, but tongan culture has the concept of fakafefine – a third gender, which I wonder if is more appropriate.

  13. Hank says

    Drag supahstar potential… IF she can get a distinctive look going that matches and expresses the personality. She needs a look that instantly gets the same roar from the audience that her words and attitude do.

  14. tristram says

    Is Stan gay? I always thought he might be, and after seeing how uncomfortable he was – his fake ‘amazed’ reactions – I’m now sure he is. Maybe in light of recent events in NZ it’s time to come out?