1. daftpunkdavid says

    note that it still will not be a done deal after today’s vote; the constitutional council has to voice its opinion (upon appeal by some lawmakers) on the constitutionality of the law or of parts of the law. should take less than 1 month. fingers crossed.

  2. Paul R says

    And sang from Phantom of the Opera to prove their straight creds. What a joke. I hope that a gay guy among them tricked them into looking so stupid. And gagged so that we didn’t have to hear their stupid comments. Tired. They were probably paid.

    Also, they’re all men. Oh that’s right. Women usually care a lot less.

  3. james says

    Has Brian Brown or whoever is leading the French chapter of NOM condemned the threats and violence of the anti protests? I didn’t think so. The overly dramatic aspects I don’t mind, but the threats and violence I do.

  4. scott says

    @Paul R, forgive me if I am wrong, but I grew up memorizing Phantom and whatever they’re singing in’t from Phantom- it’s a nationalistic song.

    To me, this is scary and very troubling. These are young guys! now, there are young, college-age guys here in the US who don’t like gays and who would do things to show their displeasure with marriage equality laws, but… in France? A very Catholic country, yes, but very much less Catholic than even the US.

    Can’t help but feel the Socialist party hasn’t done the groundwork of convincing more of the populace- and the same might go for the gay community there as well. Maybe they should’ve spent more time advertising and debating and convincing people, instead of rushing right into it….. yes, I believe in marriage equality- I think it was always right, but if gay people feel and are less safe there because of this- how does that help? Would it have hurt to have spent more time debating and convincing more people?

  5. Michaelandfred says

    There has always been a large-ish far right party in France. The polar opposite of the current ruling party. Neo nazis, fascist thugs, ultra religious extremists, etc. Usually they are out bashing the ethnic minorities…. That they have managed to gather the catholics and rural farmers is no surprise. Demonstrations in France are a dime a dozen and on any given week Paris will be closed down by tractors, cows, mothers with baby buggies, pet owners, hair dressers….. The French protest like we watch reality tv.

    Today they will vote and the country will move on.

  6. ratbastard says


    Most American Catholics are not hardcore. Most hardcore Catholics in the U.S. are new immigrants especially from Latin America. And many of those folks actually abandon the Catholic church for evangelical Protestant denominations because they don’t think Catholics are hardcore enough.

    Why would it surprise people there are ‘conservatives’ in France or anywhere else in Europe? Or that there are genuine far right people? Of course there are. I think some people, both American and European, get confused because they don’t fully understand the political system and how laws get passed and governments function in their respective countries. Simply put, it’s easier due to the way political systems are set up, to get stuff like gay marriage passed into law in European countries than in the U.S. European countries tend to be for one thing highly centralized compared to the U.S., which is geographically, culturally, and population-wise, far larger and more diverse. The national governments in Europe tend to have more power over the whole nation compared to the federal government in the U.S., which shares power with individual state governments. The U.S. is a more complicated set-up

    Much of this is actually about the opposition political parties in France busting Francois Hollande’s balls. They know he’s down, with very low popularity ratings, and smell blood.

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