Transgender Woman Banned from Idaho Grocery Store for Using Women’s Bathroom

Aly Robledo, a 25-year-old transgender woman in Lewiston, Idaho, was banned from a Rosauers grocery store after using the women's bathroom, the AP reports.

RobledoLewiston's KLEW adds:

Robledo was given a no trespass order Monday night shortly after exiting the Rosauer's grocery store location in Lewiston.

"A male subject who was using the female restroom, and that made some women customers uncomfortable because of the appearance that a male was using their restroom," said Lewiston Police Captain Roger Lanier.

"I really doubt that would be more socially acceptable than someone using the men's restroom," said Robledo.

Lanier told KLEW News that employees confronted Robledo, who explained she identifies herself as a transgendered woman who has gone through one phase of reconstructive surgery.

"The store employees didn't want any further problems, and they chose to exercise their right to trespass this individual from the business," said Lanier. "Anyone who owns or controls their property can make that decision."

"I think calling the police is not really sufficient and I think it's a waste of our tax payers' dollars," said Robledo.

The grocery store chain is refusing to comment: "The manager on duty Wednesday afternoon at Rosauer's chose not to comment. KLEW news attempted to get an official comment from the corporate offices of Rosauers, however our calls have not been returned over the period of two days."


  1. QJ201 says

    …because you know, some sick straight guy will put on women’s clothes and go into ladies’ rooms to assault women.

    stupid stupid stupid

  2. Michaelandfred says

    True or not, I’ve read, and have a cousin that lives in the town, that the complaint came because she was standing up to pee when using the stall. Women in the other stalls were noticing feet under the divider pointing in the wrong direction and thought there was a man in the ladies room, and spoke to the staff.

    That could just be made up. It’s a hick town. If it’s not, it seems some discretion could be used in an area where I’m guessing she already has a tough go with the locals. No need to bring extra drama to your life.

    No idea what is accurate, that just one account that I read.

  3. UFFDA says

    If Michaelandfred is right, throw “her” out. Actually, there’s no need for male and female restrooms to begin with. But until you don’t have a penis you’re a man.

  4. Benben says

    Idaho has no legal protections for LGBTQQA except in a few cities and towns. Lewiston is not one of them.

  5. Tom says

    I live right next door to Idaho, and its about as red as you can imagine. Glad I don’t live there. If I did, I would have left a long long time ago. Beautiful state but hard right politics.

  6. Mikah says

    Every place that has restrooms should have a gender-neutral restroom so that ignorant transphobic people can just shut up and keep it moving.

  7. Gigi says

    @Frank — Who says she peed standing up? Oh, right. The haters said that, therefore it must be true.

  8. Dana says


    There are no laws in Idaho regarding “LGBTQQA people” because there is no such thing as “LGBTQQA people.”

    You may think that you can string a bunch of letters together and create a “people,” but that doesn’t make it true in what we call reality. Gay, lesbian, and bisexual people are a distinct group bound by a common trait. The other letters in your bizarre alphabet soup are not.

    Also, you misspelled the word “in”.

  9. Wilberforce says

    Compared to being fired for being gay, or beaten, or yelled at on the street, this is nonsense.
    Trans people have made up this stupid bathroom issue, and it’s wasting our time.
    How about this? Use a stall in the correct bathroom without drawing attention to yourself. Don’t make a scene. And let us get on with real issues.

  10. mikep says

    So sad. In my opinion, the person in this photo is obviously identifying as a women. Haters gonna hate.

  11. Jack says

    Couldn’t care less about this story.

    What does this have to do with gay people?

    Why is Towleroad constantly trying to equate gay people with men who want to become women? Andy Towle seems to have an internalized homophobia problem.

  12. says

    as usual, cowardly trolls want to be free from discrimination and yet will join the ignorant bigots in….uh…discriminating against others. and supporting the prejudices against them.

    that lack of empathy and compassion will be your own undoing. if you’re a gay man and you dont’ support and champion equality for our trans brothers and sisters then you deserve every ounce of anti-gay discrimination and prejudice you experience in life, because clearly you’ve learned nothing at all from it.

    your refusal to empathize and listen to the very real concerns that affect our transitioned/transitioning brothers and sisters on a daily basis is sadly ironic: you want straight bigots to understand and have compasssion for youyou while you refuse to understand and have compassion for Someone Else.


    cheers to everyone who understands that we’re all in it together.

  13. Frank says

    @Gigi Three other reports prior to this all mentioned the fact that she peed standing up which is what disturbed the other women and lead to the complaint. I was not making it up out of thin air.

  14. says

    most of my straight female friends also pee “standing up” – aka, “The Hover”, when in public restrooms. because they’re disgusting. the restrooms, not my straight female friends.

    i don’t know what some of your cowardly trolls want: our trans brothers and sisters face daily discrimination for not “presenting” something that the simple-minded in society can easily label and box and understand at a first glance.

    not man enough to blend in? not woman enough to blend in? how about working harder to create a culture where “not blending in” is no longer met with disdain, hatred and prejudice, eh?

    is that what irks so many closeted male trolls on here? that trans people have the courage to go out and live each day in a way that “draws attention” to themselves, while you’re not strong enough to do the same?

    likely. people often hate in others what they can’t do for themselves.

  15. David Hearne says

    People need to grow up. A rapist isn’t going to pluck his eyebrows, put on a tube dress, and go into a ladies room as Cher or Divine. He’s going to go in there as a rapist.

    You notice that you never hear complaints about FTM or female cross dressers using mens rooms? This is some kind of twist on protecting the honor of women and it’s stupid.

    Grow up. What difference does it make which bathrooms people use?

  16. DB says

    Obviously, this has no relevance to gay people or civil rights on the basis of sexual orientation. My feeling is that people should always have to use the restroom of their biological sex at birth, regardless of whether they like cross-dressing. Just take off your wig and go to the bathroom that applies to the genitals with which you were born. This is just common sense.

  17. justaguy says

    @Kiwi… the posts above referenced reports that the person in question was peeing standing up like a male would, as in facing front. NOT doing the “hover” which would not have drawn attention. truthfulness of the report notwithstanding, the point was made that this person was not behaving as a “normal” female would in the stall, it raised some suspicions and a complaint was made.

    I guess the issue would be if one does not want to cause a freak out, one should conform to the gender one believes themselves to be and pass as.

  18. says

    justaguy, that was a lovely load of crap you posted. so thanks.

    up next: “if you don’t want to be gaybashed or discriminated against for being gay don’t let people know that you’re gay”

    freakin pathetic, you apologists are.

  19. DB says

    Only the most virulent homophobes would imply that transgender people have something in common with gay people. The main false stereotype of homophobes is that gay men are somehow less masculine than heterosexual men. Gay people do NOT have gender issues. This has been known scientifically since the early 1970’s. If a media organization associates people with gender problems with gay people, it could reinforce misconceptions about the nature of sexual orientation. This story should be perhaps on some sort of general minority issues website, but not on a gay site as it has no relevance to us.

  20. TheDrDonna says

    It’s funny, despite all the pissing and moaning from a broad variety of sockpuppets, the esteemed Mr. Towle still posts these stories. It’s almost as though he feels that trans folks deserve to be included under the umbrella, and should not be discriminated against…

  21. LovinMeHRS says

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  22. DB says

    For anyone who does not know the history of how transgender homophobes have hurt gay individuals and families and have blocked all major progress on gay civil rights, please read this article: . Due solely to the actions of transgender activists who blocked the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (which would have banned employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation), tens of millions of gay people (and heterosexual people) can (and often are) be discriminated against in hiring, firing, and promotion.

  23. Jack says


    That Crain piece is spot on. The trans activists hate it because it speaks the unvarnished truth.

    We have been transjacked. We could have had a productive alliance with trans groups on various issues, but that would not have been enough for trans activists. Allies are still independent of one another and can always act in their own best interests and say “no” when a request for help is unwise.

    But if you meld LGB and T together into one “people” – well, then the gays can never say no to any demand made by trans activists. And that is pretty much what they have done. That is why our gay orgs, funded and staffed entirely by gay people, take a suicidal position that no anti-discrimination law is preferable to one that doesn’t cover hetero crossdressers. It is a bizarre situation that emanates from the fraudulent construct of LGBT.

  24. MateoM says

    Bill Perdue, that group sounds pretty pathetic. Then again, you’re the one in charge, so that’s not surpassing. Your labor of hate will resemble you: vile and not worthy of sympathy.

  25. Bill Perdue says

    Little Kiwi, I am the Bill Perdue from FB. Please stop linking your nonsense to my FB account. I am pro-trans and pro-LGBTQ as anyone can see from by FB page. I don’t know why you are doing this but stop it now. If you don’t I am going to contact Andy Towle about getting you banned.

  26. andrew says

    The simple solution to these Rest Room issues is to establish single use Rest Rooms. The door can be locked from the inside when in use by a single person.

  27. says

    People need to get over the hard truth of the matter: Gender is in the eye of the beholder.

    FFS, nothing is immutable! Everything is in a constant state of decay, thermodynamics people. If at any time, psychologically, you decide that something is 100% true, you are deluding yourself.

  28. testington says

    wow bunch of haters here today. DB seriously, go screw yourself with a rusty chainsaw.

  29. Girlinacoma says

    i’m a lesbian and not even i want to have transwomen come into my bathroom. you are NOT biologically a woman and yes biological MALES make me uncomfortable

  30. CanadianSense says

    Take off your wig and use the bathroom corresponding to your sex at birth? Those who think this way should have your “human” card revoked. Who are you to judge what gender a person IDENTIFIES as? Some people are just just born with physical afflictions, or with the wrong gender. The sooner you come to terms with that, the better off humanity will be.

  31. TheDrDonna says

    @girlinacoma: How do you define “biological”? Be specific, please, because biology is a huge and complex area of study and cannot be simplified to one word.

  32. DB says

    If transgender activists had been around in the 1960’s, we would never have had the Civil Rights Act (one of the most important laws in American history). They would have insisted on adding ‘gender identity’ in addition to ‘race’ (just as they have done in adding ‘gender identity’ to ENDA which is supposed to focus on ‘sexual orientation’) and blocked all black civil rights bills as they have done with gay civil rights bills. Transgender people, by killing ENDA in 2006, 2007, and beyond, have harmed more gay people than the Family Research Council and other explicitly homophobic hate groups.

  33. DB says

    And the worst part is, those trans activists are openly trans and go on dates and make friends and I’m a gay man and I can’t do ANY of that! It’s just not fair! I hate transpeople because they’re more man than I’ll ever be, even the ones that are women! Oh how I hate them!

    I just hate them so much! Why? Because I’m a worthless sack of feces. That’s why.

  34. rjp3 says

    The transgender community is fighting a losing battle on this. They continue to want their feelings understood and concerns addressed – but show no care for the feelings or concerns of others who want and appreciate single sex bathrooms.

    If she still has a penis – use the men’s room. Or would that make her uncomfortable?

  35. DW says

    Gay man here, wholeheartedly supportive of our trans brothers and sisters. If some trans activists have seemed angry and “militant” over the years, so be it — gays have often been accused of the same as we have fought for the right to be who we know we are despite relentless hatred.

  36. JakeAZ says

    DB you’re an idiot. I am a gay transman. You telling me I don’t belong under your sacrosanct “real gay” umbrella?

    With my physical appearance (full beard, muscular-to-stocky stature, very low voice) if I were to use that rest room which is so “appropriate” for my genitals (!), I’d get thrown outta there so fast ….

    And and …! There was a man in the stall next to me in a men’s bathroom in a PUBLIC building who was peeing sitting down! As was I, of course.

    Get a clue, get a life.

  37. Chazwm says

    If you’re Femme and you like to pee standing up, CLAP YOUR HANDS!
    If you’re Butch and you like to pee sitting down, CLAP YOUR HANDS!
    If you get it doesn’t matter how you like your pee to splatter..