1. Gerry says

    This is the new NOM tactic… threatening violence. Let’s also not forget that NOM is just an arm of the Catholic Church… your tax deductible donations at work…

  2. SayTheTruth says

    And tomorrow they will find yet another lame excuse to make a riot. These people can not be bothered by marriage equality, obviously other things are boiling there and they found a useful catalyst. They will totally forget about marriage, even their own.

  3. Pete N SFO says

    I have a friend that lived in Lille and now back in Paris who says the protests have been hijacked by skinhead groups, etc, as a means of acting out and having a moment in the sun.

    I’ve heard interviews on BBC where French people use the “kids need mother & fathers” line. As in the USA, the interviewer always forgets to say that procreation isn’t a requirement of marriage.

    Anyone else have friends we can ask what’s really going on in Paris?

  4. jamal49 says

    I’m sure NOM and FRC and AFA were just salivating at the thought of doing the same thing here. Except, they’re too cowardly to do so. A friend told me that much of the incitement to violence was from Muslim groups around France who are virulently anti-gay.

  5. Mikah says

    Well,so much for the whole “what would jesus do” thing.Religious tyranny is dying,and behaving like a stampede of wild animals is all they can do.

  6. Mikah says

    Well,so much for the whole “what would jesus do” thing.Religious tyranny is dying,and behaving like a stampede of wild animals is all they can do.

  7. StevyD says

    Maybe if they had just overturned the tables of the money lenders, but no, just like cutting off the ear of one of the Roman Soldiers, these acts will be displeasing to their God, which I doubt they really believe in due to their violent and very unchristian actions.

  8. Francis #1 says

    Such a disappointment, what we’ve been seeing from France. The majority of citizens are against equal adoption. I think the adoption issue is what’s the biggest drama and it’s led to marriage equality support dropping from the high-60s to 58.

    NOM has blood on their hands. The Catholic church has turned this into a “gays are going after your kids” argument and it’s obviously worked with some of the populous. Happy that the country has equality and French gays should celebrate as if this hate isn’t occurring. As scary as it is, we must assert ourselves in society if we’re to truly gain acceptance.

  9. simon says

    Unfortunately there is still a large group of disaffected youths living in those miserable housing projects in France. There were riots in 2005. It is just a time bomb ready to explode. This is just an excuse.

  10. tinkerbelle says

    I’ve been watching the news here (in France), this is not getting the play as I’m seeing it above here. According to friends in Paris, the number of protesters is pathetically (in a good way) small, and the protests are just a final desperate attempt at making some noise. Also the protests have more to do about being against François Hollande and are using the gay marriage vote symbolically, as one of many things they have against the president. This said, that doesn’t make the situation any better, but the bill is passed, that’s what’s important. But I agree with the first post, the hypocrisy of so-called French intellectual and moral superiority—liberté, fraternité, égalité, as usual just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo.

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