1. Patrick says

    oh how i wish i could cry!!! thyroid hormonal problems + sinus duct problems= inability to cry like a normal person. I tear up yes, but i can’t cry thus leaving me with huge migraines when ever my body needs to let out a good emotionally charged cry.

  2. Joshua says

    i cry too much. sometimes i think i could be an actor. just by thinking of something personal in my life that makes me sad and the water works start. it’s only a curse when you work in the IT field.

  3. Marc says

    Patrick, I’ve never heard of anyone who couldn’t cry. That sounds…. awful. Has this been a problem your whole life, or did it happen sometime in your lifetime? And if so, was there some sort of event you think may be linked? How interesting…. but, I feel your pain.
    Poor thing….

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