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Lee Daniels' 'The Butler' Gets a Trailer: VIDEO


Last September Oprah published this photo to her Instagram account from the set of The Butler, which she was filming at the time. With her are the film's director Lee Daniels (Precious), Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan, and Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan.

The film is based on the life of Eugene Allen who served eight presidents as the head butler at the White House from 1952-1986, and the trailer has just been released.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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French Anti-Gay Activist Poster Depicting Justice Minister Christiane Taubira as Gorilla Causes Viral Outrage


French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, the main sponsor of France's marriage equality bill, has been the main target of the anti-gay Manif Pour Tous activists over the past months. But they have inspired outrage and anger with a viral image posted to Twitter this week, which depicted the French-Guiana-born official as a gorilla, Euronews reports:

The picture, posted on Monday night, was retweeted and commented massively by anti-gay rights activists and by both outraged anti- and pro-same sex marriage activists.

Among the reactions, one user notes “[The anti-same sex marriage crowd] go from presumed homophobes to proven racists.” One same-sex marriage opponent tweeted: “You are completely discrediting the Manif Pour Tous with this horrible image!” Defenders of the poster said it was supposed to be humoristic and ironic and that the monster refers to a “monument of American cinema, the devastating [King Kong]” and the “destruction” the bill will bring to the families.

On Tuesday morning, the owner of the Twitter account where the picture was initially posted deleted it, before explaining: “I confirm that I acted on my own, without racist intention. Sorry if it has hurt. I withdraw the picture but it is a misunderstanding. I used an already existing monster picture.” To make further amends, he then retweeted a message from an official anti-same-sex marriage organisation stating “The only poster for the May 26 demo is this one.”

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94 Faith Leaders Announce Support for Marriage Equality in New Mexico

This morning ACLU New Mexico and Equality New Mexico released a statement of support for marriage equality signed by 94 interfaith religious leaders as part of a public education campaign:

NewmexicoWe, the undersigned clergy and religious leaders from across New Mexico, draw upon our moral convictions and our personal faith to support the freedom to marry in our state.

We are leaders of various faith communities, who have lived and ministered closely with thousands of families through all of life’s glory, tragedy, and tedium. Some of these families are headed by same-sex couples. They, like many of us, enjoy the holidays with aunts and cousins, struggle to meet the mortgage, and fret over children who aren’t doing well in school.

These families are our neighbors, our co-workers, our friends and our peers. As people of faith and as New Mexicans, we believe in loving our neighbors, and treating one another as we would like to be treated—with dignity and respect. This means recognizing the love and commitment of lesbian and gay couples through marriage.

Entering into a committed, loving relationship is one of life’s most sacred and holy gifts. Marriage means responsibility and hard work, but it also brings life-changing protections for a family. Those of us who are married often take for granted the fact that we will not be questioned when we go to the hospital to visit our spouse; that no one can step between a mother and her children; that if death comes suddenly and we are unprepared, our spouse or children will not be denied inheritance in those mournful hours. Most heterosexual couples wouldn’t want to be denied these joys and protections that come with marriage, and when they think about it, they wouldn’t want to deny that to anyone else, either.

We recognize that there are a diversity of views in the faith community, and respect the right of religious groups to refuse to officiate or bless marriages for lesbian or gay couples. Indeed, not everyone in our congregations or denominations agrees with this viewpoint. By the same token, we support civil marriage fairness as an issue of religious freedom, for a denial of civil recognition dishonors the religious convictions of those communities and clergy who do officiate, and bless, marriages for same-sex couples.

Our religious principles are grounded in a love and acceptance of all people, and we believe deeply that means embracing marriage between same-sex couples.

New Mexico has a long history of valuing and protecting the humanity and dignity of every person. It is time to extend this tradition to families that include same-sex couples.

A list of the leaders signing the statement can be found here.

Santa Fe recently approved a resolution supporting marriage equality and urging clerks to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

The vote came after a March declaration by Mayor David Coss that same-sex marriage is legal in the state, an opinion backed by the City Attorney. At that time, Coss announced that the resolution voted on last night would be introduced.

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James Franco Gets Married to a Man: VIDEO


As do Andy Samberg, Ed Norton, and Zach Galifianakis.


It all goes down in a music video from Samberg's troup The Lonely Island, which is set up as a sit-down talk show interview between Franco and Galifianakis cut together with a Spring Breakers-style booze and beach fest.

It's much harder to explain than to actually watch it, but here are the wedding photos.

Check out the video, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Orcas Chasing a Speedboat: VIDEO


A totally killer whale encounter off La Paz, Mexico.


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Right-Wing Blowhard 'Coach Dave' Outraged at Obama for Phoning Up That Sodomite Jason Collins: VIDEO


Right-wing blowhard 'Coach Dave' Daubenmire, who made headlines in the 90's and was sued by the ACLU for mixing prayers with his football coaching, went off on Jason Collins this week and the nation's reaction to the story, Right Wing Watch reports:

Screeched Daubenmire:

"It's all part of the queering of America that is going on, folks, and it's happening because men like you and men like me are letting it go on and won't stand up and push back and say anything about it."

He added:

"I'm one of the few guys that you'll be able to turn on to the camera and hear him say that homosexuality is an abomination. I don't hate homosexuals. I hate homosexual behavior...and I'm not afraid to say it. ... It's all an attempt to destroy the family. That's all it's about. Can you believe the media what they did to this guy when he comes out - the President of the United States calls him and tells him he's proud of him. He's proud of a man who does what? Has buttsex with other men! I know that's rough, but that's what they do."


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