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Minnesota House Passes Marriage Equality in 75-59 Vote!


Minnesota's House has approved marriage equality after three hours of debate in a vote of 75-59!

The bill now goes to the state Senate for consideration. Minnesota is poised to be the FIRST midwestern legislature to approve marriage equality! Iowa's marriage equality law was ushered in by the state Supreme Court.

It's rather an insane turn of events for a state which just six months ago was waging a furious (and unsuccessful) campaign to amend the state's constitution to ban same-sex marriage.

Though no Republicans had said they were 'yes' votes beforehand, four of them — David FitzSimmons of Albertville, Pat Garofalo of Farmington, Andrea Kieffer of Woodbury and Jenifer Loon of Eden Prairie — voted with the Democrats.  Democrats Sawatzky and Fritz voted no.

The Star Tribune reports:

Debate in the House got underway in the early afternoon, as thousands of supporters and opponents gathered outside the chamber. House Democratic leaders and the bill's supporters were confident it would pass. If it passes Monday in the Senate, Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton could be sign it into law by early next week and make Minnesota the 12th U.S. state to legalize gay marriage.

"My family knew firsthand that same sex couples pay our taxes, we vote, we serve in the military, we take care of our kids and our elders and we run businesses in Minnesota," said the bill's sponsor, Rep. Karen Clark, a Minneapolis Democrat who is gay. "... Same-sex couples should be treated fairly under the law, including the freedom to marry the person we love."

Opponents argued the bill would alter a centuries-old conception of marriage and leave those people opposed for religious reasons tarred as bigots.


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News: Boy George, Tel Aviv, The Abbey, Nintendo, David Bowie

RoadBoy George to perform greatest hits in Cannes.

DarbyRoadGay couple celebrates 54th anniversary.

RoadVideo: 105-year-old attributes long life to love of bacon.

RoadCNN fail: Nancy Grace and Ashley Banfield talk "via satellite" from the same parking lot.

RoadMichelangelo Signorile on the first AIDS generation: "So many had seen their lives transformed by AIDS activism, fighting on the front lines and changing the world, only to see the world move on once the most horrible part of the epidemic had passed, as they tried to put their lives back together."

RoadMadonna's MDNA tour to air on EPIX next month.

RoadGay man running for mayor of Tel Aviv: "Knesset Member Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz) on Monday announced his intention to run in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipal elections, due to take place on October 22. Horowitz, a second-term MK and former journalist for Channel 10 News, will be challenging former Labor member Ron Huldai, who has served as Tel Aviv’s mayor since 1998. If he wins, Horowitz (49) would be Tel Aviv’s first openly gay mayor, and the first in any Israeli city."

RoadTom Daley hits the practice pool.

HauptmanRoadGay campaign manager has had enough and is not going to take it anymore.

RoadSlain gay Mississippi mayoral candidate Marco McMillian's family demands answers: "McMillian's parents are planning a news conference Thursday with the National Black Justice Coalition and the law firm of Parks & Crump."

RoadReport: Nintendo "correcting bug" that allows gay marriage in recently released Tomodachi Collection: New Life.

RoadAs we predicted, Bill Donohue took the bait, rips Bowie video: "David Bowie is back, but hopefully not for long. The switch-hitting, bisexual, senior citizen from London has resurfaced, this time playing a Jesus-like character who hangs out in a nightclub dump frequented by priests, cardinals and half-naked women."

RoadZac Efron lays in Dave Franco's lap, works out with giant balls.

EnnisRoadABC News producer comes out as transgender. GLAAD: "Now, there is some shock value in this story, but it has nothing to do with Ennis or her gender identity; it has to do with the New York Post's respectful coverage of her transition and the support she's received."

RoadEric Cantor rips the media for ignoring Republicans: "The media has done a great job of sort of shoving us in the corner..."

RoadDavid Cooley, owner of L.A.'s Abbey Nightclub and Restaurant, is opening a companion business almost next door: "According to a press release received this afternoon, Cooley has taken over 10,000 square feet of retail space at 8936 Santa Monica Boulevard to develop a new restaurant and bar concept. 'Cooley is working with his management team at The Abbey to develop a restaurant and bar, designed to compliment The Abbey, making use of indoor and outdoor space facing both the world-famous Santa Monica Boulevard and the recently re-developed West Hollywood Park,' says the release. 'The new space will integrate a 3,000-square-foot patio overlooking Santa Monica Boulevard and a large terrace overlooking the West Hollywood Park.'"

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Was Your Coming Out Like This? - VIDEO


An animation based on the London-based artist Hamish Steele's own experience.


(via newnownext)

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Watch LIVE: Minnesota House Vote on Marriage Equality


UPDATE: The House has approved the bill in a 75-59 vote!

The Minnesota House of Representatives is set to vote on marriage equality starting at 12 pm (1 pm ET) today. If the bill is passed by the House, the Senate could get it as early as this weekend.

MinnesotaWatch it LIVE here (opens in new window), AFTER THE JUMP...

Security has been heightened at the Capitol:

State lawmakers have been advised that 30 to 40 additional uniformed officers will be on hand to maintain a safe environment during debate Thursday. Thousands of people are expected to be on the Capitol grounds while the House weighs the gay marriage bill. Signs posted at entrances warn that the building will be closed to new visitors upon hitting capacity. A state security official says that will be determined on the size and tenor of the crowd.

Read our latest updates on the bill HERE and HERE.

Watch it LIVE here (opens in new window), AFTER THE JUMP...

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If the video isn't working you can try watching LIVE here. And the Star Tribune will be running a livestream as well.

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Why Does Music Move Us? — VIDEO


Why did we evolve to get moved by music? Because we move, physically.

PBS' resident smartypants Joe Hanson explains, AFTER THE JUMP...

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AFA Spokeshater Bryan Fischer Won't Say If He's Had a Gay Impulse: AUDIO


American Family Association spokeshater Bryan Fischer, who has made a career out of bashing gays, won't say if he's ever had a gay impulse in a hilarious grilling from Alan Colmes, via Right Wing Watch.

Listen below:

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