1. Jere says

    I wonder why it took Branson 3 years to fulfill his obligation after losing the bet. In any case, it certainly seems like he was being a poor sport about it with the whole dumping of the tray on Fernandes. he may have thought it was a hilarious joke, but it certainly doesn’t seem that Fernandes took it that way.

  2. matt says

    fun! branson likes doing drag. when virgin america launched its service from boston logan to west coast destinations in 2009, he exited the plane (coming from SFO, arriving at BOS) in full drag as well, only to be greeted by a phalanx of reporters in attendance for a press conference.

  3. darkorient says

    I don’t know why he waited about 2 years, but according to my friend who was on that flight, he was being a good sport and was very friendly to everyone.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    Interesting that two Hetero-men bet each other in a wager about drag. Not drinking, not fighting, not running, not cards, not money, but Drag!

  5. TeeGee says

    As I continue to see these pictures of Richard Branson dressed “in drag” because he lost a bet, all I can think of is Madonna’s song, “What it Feels Like for a Girl”, that starts with a woman saying, “for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, because you think being a girl is degrading.” I wouldn’t call Branson’s costume “drag” – I’d call it insulting. Real drag, I think, celebrates women’s power and beauty. That was just sad. I’m surprised someone like him would do that.

  6. mani says

    According to him, it took him 3 years because he broke his leg and the royal British wedding.

  7. AngelaChanning says

    TeeGee, take a deep breath and stop clutching your pearls. Charity bets are usually just light hearted fun. Branson is an ally to the LGBT community and te bet Schlick is not mean spirited.