Pro Wrestler Jay Briscoe Says He’ll ‘F**king Shoot’ Anyone Who Tells His Kid Gay Marriage Is Okay


Pro wrestler Jay Briscoe, who currently wrestles with Ring of Honor, Combat Zone Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Guerilla, and is the current Ring of Honor Chammpion with his brother Mark Briscoe, made some disgusting comments on Twitter yesterday morning following the passage of marriage equality in Delaware.

Said Briscoe: "The Delaware Senate passed a bill yesterday that allows same sex couples to get married. If that makes you happy, then congratulations!!!!! … try and teach my kids that there's nothing wrong with that and I'll f**king shoot you"

Briscoe's Twitter account is offline as of this moment but I screencapped the tweets last night (below).

And he's being blasted by a couple of sports writers, like Matt Bishop:

If a WWE wrestler made these statements, it would probably be pretty close to the end for them. Luckily for Briscoe, ROH is so far under the radar that he'll likely skate on these statements.

And Keith Harris at SB Nation:

However, even if he wasn't the Ring of Honor World Champion, Jay Briscoe's latest homophobic outburst on Twitter should not only embarrass ROH management, but also the whole wrestling industry. It's one thing to politely disagree with gay marriage, quite another to say that you would commit acts of violence on anyone who teaches your children that it's OK.

This is much worse than TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray recently using gay slurs to trash talk a ringside fan. Ray was a heel who went too far in his attempts to generate heat whilst in the zone performing. It was a dumb move, but at least he and Dixie Carter quickly apologized for his indiscretion.



  1. Audi-owner says

    I ought to shoot this f***king animal right in the balls for making such an asinine/hateful statement. This world has enough anti-gay bigoted morons running ragged in this country,we don’t need anymore of these inbred knuckle-dragging apes to produce more of them.

  2. Chadd says

    He has effectively told his kids that he won’t love them “no matter what”. It doesn’t even matter if his kids are straight as an arrow, they now know that their father’s love and acceptance is conditional.

  3. Greg says

    ROH is owned by conservative station group Sinclair Broadcast Group. The own TV stations in small to mid-sized markets and were the only broadcast group to air the hit piece on John Kerry during the 2004 election. So Briscoe has no fear of ROH management for his stupid remarks.

  4. says

    well, as Chadd pointed out, his kids don’t need to be gay for them to know that their father’s “love” for them is conditional and thus WEAK.

    he just basically said that they’re only loved on the condition that they be straight. even to a straight kid that’s a massive insult.

  5. greg says

    You know what they say, “the ones most outspoken against it are the ones most likely to be it.” Come on out of the closet, Jay Briscoe!

  6. digs says

    A hot muscular athlete who wrestles other hot men onto a mat drenched in sweat… whats more GAY than that? Closets are for clothes, Briscoe, just deal with it…

  7. HadenoughBS says

    Ignorance is bountiful within this low-life group of “pro” wrestlers. It’s so sad their stupidity probably is being passed along to their offspring.

  8. EchtKultig says

    Since the Delaware legislature has essentially just said “gay marriage is OK”, couldn’t this be construed as a threat again them?
    BTW agree with what Greg said.

  9. Craig says


    “Why is it that the hunky ones are also the most homophobic ones? Sigh….”
    “A hot muscular athlete who wrestles other hot men…”

    You’re never going to find comments like these one a story about a black homophobe. You get more racism than anything.

  10. Caliban says

    OK, so a guy who “competes” in a fake sport* while prancing around in front of a mostly male audience in his man-panties is a homophobe? Methinks he doth protest too much.

    (*While professional wrestling does require athleticism the matches are fixed and rehearsed to support a dramatic narrative. Usually it’s some sort of macho morality play, basically soap operas for slack-jaws.)

  11. SadakoMoose says

    Ok, so for a few of you commenters I just wanna make one thing very clear: the opinion of Jay Briscoe does not represent the vast majority of pro wrestlers. To even consider becoming involved in pro wrestling in the first place, one has to be pretty open minded.
    Because here’s what you get if you’re an adult man admitting that you like pro wrestling:

    “Oh so you enjoy rolling around with oiled dudes? What are you, gay?”
    “Why couldn’t you do something that isn’t so faggy and fake, like MMA?”
    “I always knew you were lower class, but I didn’t know you were a faggot.”

    I get really sick of this kind of talk.
    Something to understand about Jay Briscoe, and his brother Mark, is that they broke into the business illegally. Specifically, they had their mom lie to wrestling promoters and tell them that they were 18, when they were actually 16. They come LITERALLY from a trailer park, and are missing teeth for a reason.

    I know that there are a lot of people with a really outdated and over simplified stereotypes about pro wrestling, and it makes me furious to see wrestlers out there actually helping confirm these stereotypes.
    I just want people to know that this does not represent the current state of the sport, and that most pro wrestlers currently in the business do not believe in being homophobic.

  12. Francis #1 says

    He sounds and seems like the type of guy who would commit a hate crime. People like him are dangerous. Men like him are why that although things are getting better, hate crimes against our community are as high as ever. He needs to be indefinitely suspended if not kicked out altogether.

  13. says

    I just sent a note to their executive producer, who is someone I knew somewhat in the 80s. We’ll see if I get a response. I noted that this will not be good for business and he needed to get in front of this.

  14. Michael says

    Does anyone know how to contact his kids because I would love to see this f*cker try.

    And, yes, he looks like he would bend over for anyone with a two dollar bill.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    @ Craig:

    Thank you. Yes, the regular bigoted b.tches would have posted by now if the anti-Gay statement were from a Black person. And that’s why I respond to their comments with sarcasm and ridicule. Then they accuse you of defending the homophobe. I’d like to kill the homophobe and their racist homo azzes also.

  16. Charles says

    I find it funny that a person that rolls around almost naked with other men, that are also a pair of shorts away from being naked, is so homophobic. Pro wrestling is soft core gay porn to me. Maybe he does protest too much!

  17. Rowan says


    True. SO true.

    Even when the black guy is goodlooking. It’s like when Kobe sent a positive message towards gay rights and commenters on here were still insulting for saying ‘fag’ at a fan 3 years ago!??

  18. mickyflip says

    Oh please. This coming from someone who competes in a sport based on choreographed stunts?? Which really isn’t a sport considering it’s all acting. Not to mention is now shown on the SyFy Channel on Friday nights which drives me up the wall since it’s NOT science fiction!! But I guess considering it’s not a real sport then it would make some sense.

  19. Anonymous says

    From Ring Of Honor:

    “Jay Briscoe would like to again express his sincerest apologies and regrets to all, especially his young fans, for his recent hateful twitter comment. Ring of Honor has insisted that Jay also make a public apology at the Ring of Honor event this Saturday night. Jay will address the public during the event.

    In addition to this apology, Ring of Honor and Jay have agreed that he will donate his full pay from the next two Ring of Honor events to the Partners Against Hate charitable organization. Partners Against Hate was created to help prevent, deter, and reduce juvenile hate-related behavior.”

  20. trent says

    What an idiot will we ever get past this kind of hate rid in society. I hope that his kid isn’t gay, if he is I feel really sorry having a dad like that. Does this guy really think saying that makes him look cool or tough, all it really did was make him look like a huge idiot. It’s 2013 PEOPLE!!!!

  21. beef says

    woa woa woa hadenoughbs… don’t start ripping on wrestlers as a whole. there are plenty extremely intelligent wrestlers out there. sure theres a few morons, but several are college educated, well to do people.

  22. Mo says

    As SadakoMoose stated above The Briscoe Brothers run around the ring with a Confederate Flag and their whole careers have been about being “Hicks” because they really are hicks.

    They don’t represent WWE or TNA, the only real players in wrestling. When WWE announcer Michael Cole wrote something homophobic on Twitter last year he was forced to take sensitivity training. Likewise with TNA and Bully Ray, they were quick to respond with a condemnation. One of WWE’s biggest stars CM Punk (just as ‘tatted up and rough looking as Briscoe) was lauded on this very website for standing up for Gay Marriage awhile back.

    ROH has released 2 statements now (if the one posted above in the comments is real) condemning Briscoe’s words and his Twitter has been deleted. ROH is pretty much Bush League wrestling, although it’s funny because I read WWE was looking at bringing Jay and his brother in down the road. Wonder if those plans changed? So donating his next two paydays to an Ally Cherity will probably be like $500. Even for their world champion!

    On a personal note, my partner and I volunteer for a local wrestling fed who treat us with nothing but respect from the owner down to the wrestlers. It’s 2013 all over people! Even in wrestling!

  23. Larry says

    I personally dont give a f*** what u wanna do with your life!!!!!!!! and on that same token if he wants to teach his kids that then he has every right!!!! equality goes both ways u ignorant f**ks

  24. Pig says

    In 2011, Briscoe also wrote an anti-gay tweet: “Damn there’s a lot of f*gs out in New York today #WhatTheF*ck.”

    Any apology he gives is useless and meaningless and would only be because he’s forced to, not because he’s sincere.

    This pig should rot in hell.

  25. Dan Cobb says

    Does anyone care what opinion the lowest form of human life holds? I know I don’t. Hell, if this guys opinions ruled the earth we’d still be killing prey with spears and stones and grunting.

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