1. Fenrox says

    Pretty white people, with PROBLEMS. It’s no the outs (Which is also a PWPWP show, but god aren’t they all? When will Aaron McGruder do a gay webseries!?!?!) but didn’t this get a logo show treatment? Hopefully they refine their characters to really make them pop on screen, that’s really all the outs had for it, normative character acting with great timing.

  2. supafly says

    Love this show. Every episode gets better and better! Can’t wait to see episode 6 today!

  3. Jim says

    This show is right up my alley. The actors are all really great, the writing is sharp and subtle but has real twists and turns. I’m glad to see Logo putting out quality gay stories.

  4. Fenrox says

    I really wish the cal character would get murdered or beaten up forever. He is easily the worst character I have ever seen. What a wimpy anti-dude, I would hate for anyone to try and emulate his actions.

  5. CH says

    I absolutely love this show!!! Can’t wait to see the new episode later today!!!

  6. Mike Ryan says

    Not impressed. I must live in a different gay world even though I live in the heart of San Francisco. Little, if any, that you see in this series goes on in real life. Perhaps fantasy gay life but not real life.

    I’ll pass.

  7. jen says

    wonderful writing, terrific guest stars, stellar acting! Eps 4 & 5 have been my favorite, really looking forward to Ep6.

  8. Fenrox says

    @Jim, that was a joke. Nobody is going to emulate a webseries. I do hate cal though, he is the worst character. Maybe it’s because I am the least jealous person ever and he is an entitled, petulant child steeped in jealousy.

    And OMG Jim, calm down, way to mis-attribute everything I say to the entire gay community at large, thanks for that, it’s entirely the direction I was going for. You sound like a petulant man-child like cal, you must love this series!

  9. jjose712 says

    I loved the first two episodes, unfortunately now is geoblocked so i can’t watch it.

    It’s nice when a show about gays cast gay actors

  10. RONTEX says

    As mentioned up thread, this is no “The Outs” but still, I think it’s getting better. Episodes 4 and 5 were much better than the first ones but are the writers serious about the Gallery owner hitting on Hipster dude? That is some wishful thinking going on there.

  11. Bran says

    I don’t get the hype. The characters’ motivations make no sense at all. We get it, it’s a show about infidelity.

    Does anyone else think the dude just wrote the web series so he’d get to make out with these actors?

  12. Fenrox says

    @Bran, if he did… I really can’t blame him, that sounds AWESOME.

    @RONTEX, Right? That boss is a total fantasy, akin to a flying pig ruining the shot. I guess it’s getting better, it was darker this time and I like that.

  13. SayTheTruth says

    It must be in the really far east side, because it can’t be watched outside the States.