1. Patric says

    She is indeed vile but, just to be clear, she is the “moderate” in the field of announced candidates for the Republican nomination for this seat.

    Tom, the sad thing is that I suspect that we will see that she, or one of the even more right-wing contenders for this seat, is not too extreme for Georgia.

  2. Lars says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the same crackpot who got Susan G. Komen in so much trouble, but forcing them to disassociate from Planned Parenthood?

    This race is scary because, given that this is Georgia, whoever gets the GOP nomination is a pretty good shot to end up in the Senate. Indiana and Missouri were anomalies last year, aided by high Democratic turnout for Obama. Whereas Georgia is much more likely to look like a Ted Cruz situation in Texas. A chill literally just went up my spine as I typed those words. God help us.

  3. Chadd says

    Whoever wins the Senate seat from Georgia will be a white, anti-gay Republican. As liberal as Atlanta is, it is not enough to offset the rest of the state.

  4. robroy says

    Indiana and Missouri were not helped by turnout for Obama. The R’s suffered from tea party candidates who were marginal at best and then proceeded to redefine rape. McCaskill’s campaign actually all but publically
    funded her opponent because they knew he was a special breed of toxic, stupid and loud.

    Does anyone else remember 2002 when Chambliss was considered far right? And now he is almost too moderate to win in Georgia. WTF???

  5. says

    I keep wondering how folks like this can even get elected, then I remember that there was that county in Georgia that had its first racially-integrated prom, ever, just a few weeks ago.

    it’s like some sci-fi novel where there’s a bubble-shield over some town that keeps it trapped in the 1950s.

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