Illinois GOP Chair Pat Brady, Targeted for Support of Gay Marriage, Resigns

Illinois Republican Chair Pat Brady resigned today following months of controversy over his support for same-sex marriage.

BradySaid Brady in January:

"Giving gay and lesbian couples the freedom to get married honors the best conservative principles. It strengthens families and reinforces a key Republican value – that the law should treat all citizens equally."

A marriage equality bill is still pending in the Illinois House and lawmakers are expected to vote on it before the end of May.

In March, Republican leaders had planned a meeting in which they were going to discuss firing Brady for his remarks but the meeting was canceled because of dissonance within the party. They met again in April, when apparently Brady's fate was sealed and a succession process was put in place, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Brady said he made the endorsement personally, not as Republican chairman, but conservatives in the top echelon of the GOP party quickly complained.
Though Brady survived immediate attempts to dump him, a meeting of the Republican State Central Committee in Tinley Park last month made clear his fate. GOP leaders agreed to put together a succession plan, allowing Brady, of St. Charles, an exit strategy that made clear his days were numbered as they began a search for a new chairman.


  1. John in Houston says

    And this is the direct result of courting the fringe, extremist vote. If you don’t toe the party line on every single thing, if you even think about moving a little to the center, you’re labeled a RINO and kicked right the eff out.

  2. MaryM says

    The self destruction of the Republican Party is a pleasure to watch.

    All that will left of them is a pack of religious extremists – a christian taliban.

    Let’s raise a glass to the death of the Republican Party

  3. Phil Collins says

    I don’t care whether same-sex marriage is legal. Since Oct. 2009, I’ve hoped that Pat Brady would resign. I know a conservative Republican, who ran for state rep. We thought that the state party chairman would be neutral, before the primary, but Brady endorsed the most liberal Republican in that race.

    The next chairman should be a conservative who has been a county party chairman and an elected official. A few good choices are State Rep. Jo Ann Osmond, of Lake Co.; William LeFew, of McHenry Co.; and William Keck, of Kane Co.

  4. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    Not content to simply become irrelevant over time, they’ve put it on a fast track. Then they’ll blame it on George Soros paying illegal immigrant to stuff ballot boxes or some such nonsense that never happens.

  5. northalabama says

    it’s interesting to watch the implosion. if members of the republican party hadn’t been so hateful and malicious towards gays, it also might be sad.

    their strategy, eliminate anyone with a different opinion on any issue, is a losing one, as they will soon discover, hopefully when it’s too late. i wonder how few will be left?

  6. kdknyc says

    As a Democrat, I still feel that it is rather unfortunate for our country that moderate republicans are being cast out of the party. Substantive discussion with different intelligent points of view is a good way to solve the problems we have in this country. Sadly the republicans don’t want to be part of this discussion–they want to tack further right, thinking this will “work”.

    But I’ll watch with amusement while they destroy themselves. One hopes that they don’t destroy the country first–they seem to have that take-no-prisoners attitude.

  7. Francis #1 says

    Yes, it’s good that the Republican party is imploding. But this can’t be a good omen for marriage equality in Illinois if Pat Brady was chased out. Still, with Chris Kluwe yesterday and now Pat Brady today, we’ve seen men take the ultimate price in defending us. Thank you to Former Chairman Brady for speaking out in support with the community and our rights.

  8. Kyle says

    So, where are the pro-gay activists in Illinois? The antigay forces just had massive rallies in Illinois and are on the move literally pinning down state House members. Where in the world are the pro-gay forces? Why are they not on the streets marching and engaging legislators?

  9. Michael says

    I am really bothered by his saying he made the statement “personally” and not as leader of the party. Really? So, if the party wants to be in favor of something despicable and ignorant, you’ll be supportive of that, but not personally in favor of ignorance and bigotry? How do you keep that separate? Why do you belong to a party that doesn’t fit your “personal” ethics? Explain that to me. I’m listening. Actually, don’t. It would be just reinforce your ignorance as you try to make yourself feel better about you.

  10. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    @Kyle – Literally pinning down? Literally? Are there any pictures?

  11. john patrick says

    Kyle, we have been making phone calls, lining up allies, contacting our legislators, lobbying, and doing lots of things. We have not been on the sidelines or missing in action. We have been working on this issue for years. By the way, I’m not sure where these massive rallies of antigay forces that you refer to have taken place.

  12. Tom says

    Proof once again the GOP is way behind where the majority of Americans are currently at.

  13. Lars says

    Speaking as a progressive Democrat, the GOP’s swerve toward the extreme Right is simply bad for the country even if it is good for Dems in the short term. Rachel Maddow has articulated this much better than I possibly could here, but in a nutshell: The health of our democracy depends on two viable parties that compete for votes.

    The presence of a strong center-Left party and a strong center-Right party helps foster civic debate, which is essential for the wellbeing of our country. But our current system, with extremist primary systems (granted, a bigger problem on the Right than the Left), is completely contrary to that interest. This should concern us all :-(

  14. Lars says

    @Kyle, first of all, to borrow a phrase: Misuse of Literally makes us Figuratively insane.

    But more importantly: there WERE pro-equality rallies. Just take a look at the video on Towleroad, with all the pride flags in the background! NOM didn’t cover them, but that doesn’t mean they did not exist.

  15. Caliban says

    The GOP is on a path of self-destruction and yes it’s their own fault. Events like this demonstrate they are insisting on ideological “purity” from all their members, but it’s a narrow Christian Right ideology that excludes moderates on any issue. Even their great “hero” Ronald Reagan would be too liberal for them now, not reactionary enough. They have ceased to deal with reality as it actually exists and are promoting what is basically theocracy.

    The only way I see forward for them from here is a schism in the party, with the (R)Jesustan folks splitting off to drool and rant to their heart’s content.

    And for the record, Brady’s capitulation to those forces by backtracking his statements as personal instead of political was a pretty chicken-sh!t thing to do. If he had stood up for his beliefs he might have rallied other socially moderate Republicans behind him and become a leader. Now he’s just another has-been.

  16. mike/ says

    i would bet this is the work of the creepy Mr. Oberweis who hasn’t been able to buy himself an election for years; he immediately made comments about Brady after what he gave his support. sorry, he is really creepy when you look at him.