1. GB says

    They can called it “homophobia” and still get a good night’s sleep. Maybe the gay bulldozer needs a few minor repairs. Were drinking our own KoolAid. This is still a tough fight and not everyone is on the same page. These changes will happen.

  2. Tyler says

    We all know that this is a “poison pill” amendment to the bill. All those pushing for its inclusion need to realize that poison can be dangerous. Good luck.

  3. says

    Sen. Leahy, who I’m proud to have as my VT Senator, has truly evolved on LGBT issues over the years, and his advocacy on behalf of binational same-sex couples has been exemplary. Obviously, any reasonable LGBT-friendly legislation faces major/impossible hurdles (mostly from one party) to become reality in this Congress, but it is important to have this on the table, and we’ll also see where we are after the Windsor case is decided.

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